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Frankenstein: Personification of the Prometheus Myth and Science


Exactly how does the subtitle “The Modern Prometheus” help Shelley in explaining the underlying significance of her tale?

Mary Shelley’s job Frankenstein is a symbolic depiction of the questions as well as concerns she, as well as her contemporaries, shared relating to the developments of scientific research in the 19th century (Britton, 2-3). In order for Shelley to fully communicate her view regarding the threats of scientific goal, she utilizes the myth of Prometheus and also uses it as a subtitle to Monster. In doing this Shelley proactively, yet subtly, urges the visitor to draw comparisons between Prometheus as well as Frankenstein, aiding them in fully involving recognize the implications of Monster’s activities, and exactly how he embodies Shelley’s caution concerning an over-emphasis on the worth of science in culture.

Situated in both Roman and also Greek mythology, Prometheus is attributed with the production of man, and also later for taking fire from the paradises in order to supply guy with warmth and also the ability to prepare food (Pontikis, 1-3). Prometheus’ passion leads him on a trip to better the lives of the males he has developed as well as loves, but in doing so he resists Zeus’ commands as well as is subsequently seriously punished for his actions by being chained to a rock. When analyzed in this context, Prometheus can be a fitting symbol for Victor Frankenstein.

Monster’s aspiration to present life onto a non-living object became the sole driving force in his life. He was lured by the belief that “a new varieties will certainly bless me as its designer as well as source” (Norton, 933) whilst ironically disregarding the reality relationships with those who enjoyed him very much. Like Prometheus, this decision to defy the natural legislation of the world left Monster a tormented and also busted male, symbolizing Shelley’s problem regarding the consequences of a deified method to science. Frankenstein and Prometheus, although both relatively acting in a benevolent fashion, were in reality providing a distorted true blessing. Fire in Prometheus’ instance can be utilized for both good and also wicked, as well as alike Monster’s capability to bestow life on motionless items results in wicked, which can be observed in the devastating acts of the daemon, along with his very own egocentric activities as well as cold treatment towards his production.

The repercussions of Frankenstein and also Prometheus’ activities leave them both suffering. In the Prometheus misconception, the lead character is penalized for his actions by Zeus as well as the development of Pandora is effected by Zeus as a means to punish both man and also their maker Prometheus. Pandora is provided a box from Zeus and also instructed not to open it. Yet she is so overcome with inquisitiveness that she too defies Zeus’ commands and also upon opening package releases the evils of the world to torment the human race (Pontikis, 4). It is via this tale that the term “Pandora’s Box” came into existence. This is an intriguing example when put on Monster’s actions of stimulating his daemon. He as well opens up a “Pandora’s Box” which presents upon him effects he is not prepared or furnished to deal with. This seems a solid hidden motif in Shelley’s book. She is concerned concerning the impetuous wish of people to acquire supreme power.

This desire is still present on the planet today; as a matter of fact one could suggest it exists on an also larger scale because the inception of genetic modification as well as its branch sciences. This can be one reason that Shelley’s novel still takes pleasure in appeal today; it motivates a challenging inquiry concerning humanity’s need to reach god-like condition, as well as it presents our cumulative societal duty for the education and learning of both the here and now and future generations regarding the dangers of such aspiration. If we pertain to the failure of Monster as a warning, then it is clear that any type of attempt to create life beyond the natural controling laws of the globe would be nothing greater than a selfish action unhinged from moral and social responsibilities.

One more point which the subtitle The Modern Prometheus serves to highlight manage the role of ladies in society. As mentioned, Prometheus is considered the maker of guy in Roman as well as Greek mythology. He is not, however directly attributed with the production of females; this was an act instituted by Zeus by way of a punishment to Prometheus for his love of his development (guy) (Pontikis, 3-4). It is interesting to note that females were developed for the purpose of punishment and except happiness or companionship in the old mythologies.

The myth of Prometheus depicts ladies in a negative style. Until the creation of the lovely yet troublesome Pandora, there is no mortal female even existing in the tale. This is one more interesting insinuation of the Prometheus misconception when contexualised to the tale of Monster. Every one of the females in the Monster unique involved an unfortunate fatality: Monster’s mom dies prior to the animation of his daemon; Elizabeth is orphaned complying with the fatality of her mother in giving birth; Justine, the registered nurse of young William, is wrongfully founded guilty for his murder and executed; as well as Elizabeth herself is ultimately killed just prior to consummating her marital relationship to Monster on their wedding celebration evening (Norton, 905-1033).

Following Frankenstein’s prompt being rejected of his production, it becomes apparent that the daemon is destined to be not just motherless, however partnerless also. The ill-fatedness of women characters in the novel can likely have actually been deliberately implanted by Shelley as a means of talking about the function of females in culture at the time, however furthermore, it could have been a straight representation of the lack of a strong female good example in her very own life and also the sense of abandonment it stimulated (Literary Encyclopedia, 3). The ideology of the second recommendation is present in the desire Monster has complying with the production of his beast. He explains an experience with Elizabeth where whilst he is kissing her she changes right into the corpse of his dead mommy (Norton, 935) These recommendations to females, as well as the absence of any kind of audio male-female connections is a vital facet of Shelley’s tale.

Mary Shelley provides an engaging representation of Victor Frankenstein as a modern Prometheus. His ambitions as well as activities may be much less noble than those of Prometheus, yet the outcomes of their efforts to usurp the all-natural order of the world by stimulating “lifeless clay” (Norton, 933) provokes comparable outcomes. Monster personifies the self-glorification so characteristic of today’s culture, an attribute he certainly represented in Shelley’s culture as well.

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