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Grace in A Good Man is Hard to Find


Grace in An Excellent Male is Tough to Find

Grace is defined as, in a Christian belief, the complimentary and unmerited favor of God. Flannery O’Connor utilizes particular moments and characters throughout the story intended to reveal grace as it is provided to specific characters. In “A Great Male is Hard to Discover,” I argue that the author, Flannery O’Connor particularly utilizes grace as a style in order to demonstrate how disaster and death was an outcome of her own selfish actions, and then the changes that took place providing the granny grace. The granny is a huge character and plays a huge function in the story. Her character isn’t the very best.

She lies, she’s manipulative, self-centered, judgemental, and, above all, a hypocrite. She portrays herself as being a woman and attempts to hold herself that method, however is constantly opposing herself. “Aren’t you ashamed,” the grandma asks her niece June Star after she rudely insults Red Sam, owner of Red Sammy’s Barbeque” (Lauter 2570). She goes on to apologize to Red Sam and makes a remark about how individuals nowadays aren’t as good as they utilize to be. The granny clearly understands right from wrong and tried to inform June Star that what she stated was not all right.

However, the granny clearly experiences no individual dishonor at all when she specifies, “Oh look at the adorable little pickaninny! Would not that make a picture, now? … Little niggers in the country don’t have things like we do. If I could paint, I ‘d paint that image,” (Lauter 2570). Every little thing she does, every action she does is self-centered with an ulterior intention for getting her own method, and it does not matter who she has to manipulate in order to do that. For example, when they are on their way to Florida the grandmother asks to stop by a home she had actually known long earlier.

When Bailey, her son, says no she goes on to get the children included. She explains a surprise treasure in a secret panel in your home, and since of that the children threw a tantrum up until Bailey altered his mind. The grandma lies to the children in order to get her way. Just like us, the granny is consumed or surpassed by sin, and is totally undeserving of the grace she got at the end. Although the grandmas actions are in no other way righteous, the very same ‘gift of grace’ is used to us as it is to her. The present of grace is implied to simple us and cause us to stop our spinning cycle of sin.

Every issue that seems to come into the family’s path is in some methods a result of the grandma’s selfishness. It all starts when she selfishly techniques Bailey into taking that roadway to your home she was dying to see. O’Connor states, “She understood that Bailey would not be willing to lost whenever taking a look at an old home, however the more she discussed it, the more she wished to see it” (Lauter 2572). So in order to encourage him she makes up a story about a surprise panel, “not informing the reality, but wishing that she were,” finally persuading Bailey to take her there (Lauter 2572).

Throughout their experience, the feline that the grandma smuggled into the vehicle jumps out of her bag which causes Bailey to lose control and have a mishap. This shows the granny’s continuation of having to have her own method, and isn’t afraid to lie and manipulate whoever it is in order to attain that objective. Although the scene of the story is now set for disaster for the whole household, it is also leading to the supreme present of grace. After ensuring everyone was okay after the crash, help appears.

3 men in an automobile pull up really slowly to the scene of the mishap and offer their services. Immediately, the grandma notices that a person of the males look really familiar to her, and then it strikes her, and the grandmother yelled, “You’re the Misfit … I recognized you at once,” to which he responds, “It would have been better for all of you, lady if you had not recognized me” (Lauter 2574/5). Instead of asking for him to conserve her family she selfishly cries out, “You wouldn’t shoot a lady, would you?” (Lauter 2575).

In order to encourage him what he is doing is incorrect, the grandmother continues to interrogate him on his spirituality and suggests prayer as a technique for his redemption. She ends up learning more and more about the Misfit and his past, since of the stories he is telling her, and classifies him as ‘a great man’. The sensation of the discussion now shifts from the grandmother trying to save her own life, not the life of her family, to a genuine interest in the guy standing in front of her. She can see right through him. Right through is dreadful look and actions, she see’s his heart.

This is when the grandma receives her minute of grace when she states, “Why you’re one of my infants. You are among my own kids!” as she reaches out and touches his shoulder. Shocked or frightened by her gentle and warming touch the Misfit jumps back and shoots the grandmother 3 times in the chest. This is an excellent example of how O’Connor uses grace under pressure. The grandmother winds up ending up being the ultimate vibrant character. She altered from being an extremely judgemental and superficial female into a really thoughtful and merciful one.

Her objective and goal started off being utilized for selfish reasons, however that ends up leading to a spiritual victory as she accepts the gift of grace, and after that attempted to share that same present with the Misfit. When the misfit states, “She would have been an excellent female if it had actually been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life” (Lauter 2578). The only time she was a good woman was in an extreme situation, under pressure. O’Connor is just proving the theme grace under pressure. The granny, at the beginning of the story, calls Red Sammy ‘a great man’ due to the fact that of the things they concurred with.

Likewise, at the end of the story, she calls the Misfit ‘a good man’ since in a way she is able to see into his heart and soul and can see redemption or redemption. This is a fine example of how O’Connor demonstrates the grandmother’s transformation from beginning to end, which ultimately prepared her for grace she received. Although the grandma’s self-centered actions caused the accident which led to the death of her and her family, it was with grace that she was finally able to comprehend and see plainly where her heart was.

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