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Great Gatsby as an Example of Pervasive Selfishness


Terrific Gatsby as an Example of Pervasive Narcissism

The Great Gatsby Genevieve Moravek Jr. Comp 7th hour 3/21/13 As Nick says in The Wonderful Gatsby,” They were negligent people, Tom as well as Sissy they smashed up things and creatures and then pulled away back right into their cash or their vast recklessness or whatever it was that maintained them with each other and also allow other people clean up the mess they had actually made.” (Fitzgerald, pg. 127). The quote shows that in the 1920s all individuals appreciated is cash as well as social standing, and also it does not matter who they hurt in the process. All that matters is their riches as well as social status.

The people in the 1920s are considered immoral according to spiritual requirements, cash is the greatest concern for them, as well as satisfaction changed honor between friends and family. “God knows what you have actually been doing, whatever you have actually been doing. You might deceive me, however you can’t trick God!” (Fitzgerald, pg. 159). Fitzgerald shows that a lot of things individuals perform in the 1920s is unethical which God is seeing them all make mistakes. Throughout this publication Fitzgerald gives instances of their immoral actions such as, when Tom Buchanan has an affair with Myrtle Wilson, and Daisy Buchanan has an event with Jay Gatsby.

Myrtle is married to George Wilson, who claims this quote, and also he does not understand that his other half is cheating on him. However he knows that God recognizes, as well as sees every little thing. When Sissy runs into Myrtle with her auto and also does not quit is another example of unethical activities. “Her voice contains loan,” (Fitzgerald, pg 120) says Gatsby. This quote shows that all Gatsby care about is loan, and not exactly how attractive or great Dasiy is. Gatsby is extremely bad maturing and also works extremely hard to become rich as well as when his is rich then Sissy desires him.

Tom is not going to leave Sissy for Myrtle, since he does not want to sink down that far on the social ladder. Myrtle is resides in the Valley of the Ashes where all the inadequate individuals live. One more reason why Daisy is not going to leave Tom, because Tom is old loan, which is the better cash and also Gatsby, is new money which is not as great. Also Sissy will not leave Tom, since she does not wish to shed her social status. Sissy as well as Tom have a child. They only point out the little girl twice throughout the whole publication.

When they speak about their child it is really short. That reveals that they consider enjoyment prior to bestow their friend or family. Another example is when Tom rips off on Sissy with Mrytle and when Daisy rips off on Tom with Gatsby. Both of them are simply thinking about themselves and not how much it will hurt when their daughter learns, or when each other would figure out. Additionally when Gatsby changes himself simply for Sissy as well as does not quit to believe what his family and friends consider him remaining in the bootlegging business.

Gatsby will also not quit till he has Sissy, it does not matter to him what he has to do to obtain Daisy as long as he has her. Individuals in the 1920s are thought about unethical according to spiritual requirements, money was the greatest priority, and also pleasure replaced honor between friends and family. The 1920s is a glorious time loaded with glamour as well as prestige, yet if you look closely you can see that everybody has their problems and also errors. In some cases others will forgive you, but occasionally you can not forgive yourself.

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