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Hamlet: Women of the Shakespearean Era


Hamlet: Ladies of the Shakespearean Period Females in Shakespeare’s plays are, for the most part, took a look at as weak characters. There were only 2 main female roles in his well-known play Hamlet. The 2 female functions in the play are Queen Gertrude, Hamlet’s mom, and Ophelia, Hamlet’s love and child of Polonius.

These ladies are always being told what to say and do. They never speak up for themselves, which produces difficulty for them in the end. In William Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark the females are manipulated by the males, which causes Gertrude and Ophelia to pass away tragically.

The double requirements for ladies in this play are exceptionally common and many males all over use them. For example, the double standard that guys can sleep around and females can not. Laertes tells Ophelia that she ought to not quit her innocence to Hamlet because he has not conserved himself for her and their love is not genuine, yet Laertes is not pure himself. This is sort of a ‘do as I say, not as I do” kind of scenario. Most double standards show that, males can do whatever they please and women get in difficulty for a lot of things.

To be more specific, Gertrude and Ophelia were both informed to speak with Hamlet so Polonius and Claudius could listen in and find out specific features of Hamlet. Ophelia was even required to decline Hamlet when she liked him. Also, the females in the play are not totally free to marry whoever they prefer. For instance, when Gertrude wed Claudius it was not actually her choice to do so. The first time they disobey the males in this story is when things begin to spoil. Ophelia winds up going crazy and drowning, and Gertrude drinks from a poisoned cup of wine and dies.

David Bevington had many things to state on the female roles in this play. He describes Ophelia and Gertrude as “instruments through which Claudius tries to spy on Hamlet” (Bevington 301). This holds true since they listen to Claudius and do whatever he asks of them. Likewise, he says that Hamlet makes it known that the women are weak. Hamlet says, “frailty, thy name is female” (I. ii. 146). This play shows that women have a manipulative side to them. Numerous types of trickery occurred to Hamlet when he had refrained from doing anything incorrect to the ladies.

Ophelia makes it appear like she does not love Hamlet and provides him back his love letters to her at one point in the play. This entire play is simply pure madness from the beginning all the way till the last act and scene. The females get captured up in the middle of the drama, and that is why they have the bad reputation we have. Joseph Campbell explained to us in an interview about why females are depicted how they are. He states that ladies have actually been seen as weak considering that the beginning of time.

Most of the time it is since females are smaller and more fragile than the men are. You never see women doing anything for themselves, and if you do it is on a rare celebration. That is why females are depicted and dealt with how they are. Work Cited Bevington, David. “Introduction to Hamlet.” Hamlet. William Shakespeare. Evanston: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 1992. 301. Print. Campbell, Joseph. “The Hero’s Adventure.” The Power of Myth. Interview by Expense Moyers. Wellspring Media, Inc., 2005. DVD. Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. Evanston: McDougal little bit, 1997. Print.

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