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Humility in “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” Essay


The granny, in Mary Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Difficult To Discover” was controlling and manipulative she considered herself an advanced lady, prim and appropriate. She is taught a lesson in humility but learns it way far too late. “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less” (Lewis, C.S. 2013). Bailey understands his mother’s techniques to control him to do what she desires so he deliberately disregards her ramping and raving about not wishing to go to Florida.

She makes one more interest Bailey by attempting to make him seem like a bad daddy if he takes them to Florida where a bad guy has actually escaped and has actually headed there. “I wouldn’t take my kids in any instructions with a criminal like that aloose in it. I could’t answer to my conscience” (O’Connor, M. 1955, p. 258).

However, her appeal is not genuine she has an alternative motive to control Bailey into taking the family to Tennessee. Finally when her appeal to Bailey does not work she utilizes the kids to convince the mom to change Bailey’s mind; stating the children required to go someplace where they might be “broad” (O’Connor, M. 1955, p. 258), broaden their knowledge to experience, see and check out another state. The granny becomes very dramatic with her actions, with the hopes the mother heard her discussion with Bailey and would react insisting he listen to his mother and change their strategies accordingly. After all a mother who enjoys her kids would not put them knowingly in harm’s method. The granny’s motive is self centered with no regards to the sensations of others. Clearly the Grandma had no regard for her boy or his spouse and she with her proud and pompous mindset looked down on the children for being ill-mannered.

The children maybe translucented her craftiness and spoke to her with the truth of knowing she was a hypocrite. “She wouldn’t remain at home to be queen for a day” (O’Connor, M. (1955 ), p. 258). June Star made the comment knowing the grandma took pride in being in control if she stayed at house by herself she would have nobody to manage. After all she remained in control or so she believed. The granny is arrogant and manipulative, the children are disrespectful, Bailey and the mother are passive this cause a dysfunctional family setting. “Humbleness is the structure of all the other virtues for this reason, in the soul which this virtue does not exist; there can not be any other virtue except in mere appearance” (Augustine, S. 2013). The granny is the first one in the cars and truck. She clutches her huge luggage with Pitty Sing the feline concealed inside, takes pride that she can be sneaky and unethical. She understood Bailey would disapprove of her bringing the feline.

For the long cars and truck ride, the mom and the children dressed comfy, the grandma uses her gown, hat and white gloves mentioning with pride “In case of an accident anybody seeing her dead on the highway would know simultaneously that she was a lady” (O’Connor, M. 1955 p. 258). The granny’s idea of a girl is twisted. She thinks the external appearance signifies her status in contrast her callous heart is covered in her own pride and arrogance. The grandmother continues her dishonesty when she lies to the kids about your home on the plantation telling them it has “secret panel” (O’ Connor, M. 1955 p. 258), when she realizes your home is Tennessee not Georgia she does not correct her error. If she would have been sincere, they might have avoided the detour which would have prevented the accident and they would have prevented their untimely death. The grandmother terrified the cat, who jumped out of the travel suitcase onto Bailey’s neck and triggered him to have the mishap. Not as soon as did the granny admit it was her fault. Instead she complained she was harmed.

June Star reveals with disappointment “But no one’s eliminated” (O Connor, M. (1955 ), p. 258). Yet the granny sits with pride that she once again has been successful to manipulate and have her method. She triggered the accident however would not take responsibility for her mistake. The encounter with The Misfit will keep the granny trying to figure out how she can manage and manipulate the circumstance. When she informs The Misfit she knows who he is this puts the family in risk. Once again her pride steps in she believes she can utilize good words to conserve her life “you shouldn’t call yourself The Misfit due to the fact that I understand you’re an excellent male at heart” (O’Connor, M. 1955, p. 258). Thinking about herself she is convinced her proper gown and tone of voice denotes she is a girl. She does not think of her children and grandchildren, pride is a dangerous spirit. It triggered the granny to consider self-preservation. Bailey understood the seriousness of their situation however, his mother yet involved herself stood with a boastful mindset.

The Misfit captivates the grandmother with conversation about his life and looks for to make sense of it. He is torn between great and wicked although he had great moms and dads he is not good hence making him an outcast. He utilizes the name The Misfit. Pride and arrogance covers the granny’s eyes. She can not see that in much method’s she resembles The Misfit. The Misfit can see through her hypocrisy. The grandma in reality has no regard for him the fact is he is excellent only if he will spare her life. “There is no respect for others without humility in one’s self” (Amiel, F. 2013). the granny presents herself devoted and royal it is not until she faces doom that she seeks peace, love, humbleness and unity. The Misfit makes a powerful statement that takes the scales of pride off the grandmother’s eyes and for the first time, she has the ability to take a reflective take a look at her ideas and actions.

“Does it seem right to you, lady that one is punished a heap and another ain’t penalized at all?” (O’Connor, M. 1955, p. 258). The grandma saw her sins of pride. She penalized her kids and grandchildren by manipulating and controlling them to have her way. She revealed no empathy for others, her life was all about her wants. She lived a life of lies and dishonesty and her sins went unpunished until she met The Misfit. When the grandma checks out the eyes of The Misfit she saw herself as a misfit. She was unclean and terrible inwardly and dressed like a lady outwardly. She had to admit she was no different than the male who openly admitted his faults.

The grandma must now face who she really is and what she has actually ended up being. God has a way of bringing surprise things to the light. Although the granny attempts to factor with The Misfit and wishes her life to be spared she has not ask forgiveness for her sins. If she had actually done so she might have saved herself and her household’s death. Due to the fact that of the grandmother’s selfish acts of pride, adjustment and manage the entire family suffered the repercussions. “Since in the school the spirit male learns wisdom through humbleness, understanding by forgetting, how to speak by silence, how to live by dying” (Tauler, J. 2013). The grandma discovered pride to be the death of her. It is regrettable she found this fact to late to save herself and her household. Life has a method of humbling by choice or by force.

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