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Hypnopaedia In Brave New World


Hypnopaedia In Brave New World

“While the kid was asleep, a broadcast programme from London all of a sudden began to come through; and the next morning … Little Reuben got up duplicating word for word a long lecture by that curious old writer …”

From the Little Reuben episode, I can comprehend Hypnopaedia; it is a process whereby one hears a recording throughout the time period when he/she is sleeping and is able to duplicate it word by word, as though memorised, the next day, without having to actually be mindful or awake while listening to it.

In Brave New World, it is likewise described as ‘sleep-teaching’, and is focused on drilling ethical values into the children’s minds.

“You can’t discover a science unless you understand what it’s everything about,”

Aldous Huxley, Hypnopaedia

therefore hypnopaedia is not used on intellectual education in this community, but is rather, used on moral education. This is because ethical education is ‘illogical’ and would not require much thinking to follow it.

It is also something that is needed in this community whose motto and beliefs are of stability, and the smooth flow of society. The episode with Tommy suggests that, although hypnopaedia has the ability to make one memorise things easily in their sleep, he/she would not have the ability to use it to their learning; they are not able to consider it in a reasonable method, or discover a connection between what they memorised, and the understanding and info given up what they memorised.

Therefore, intellectual education is not something that can be discovered through hypnopaedia, as it requires understanding and logical thinking, however, ethical education can be taught through hypnopaedia, as it does not need rationality, and it benefits the World State; it provides the power to control everyone in society, making them believe and think what they desire them to.

Having a ‘lesson’ duplicated fifty times in one night may make a kid recite it in the early morning, hearing it a couple of more hundred times would make him know it by heart, however, making him hear it fifty times a day for three times a week for thirty months would make it the kid’s lifestyle! Already, the lesson would be so entirely embedded in the kid’s mind that he/she would live by those beliefs, never ever thinking about questioning it,

“Till at last the child’s mind is these recommendations, and the amount of these recommendations is the child’s mind”

Aldous Huxley, Hypnopaedia

It would become the kid’s instinctive reaction to any issues or to things happening in their daily lives. This ‘sleep-teaching’ has actually been compared to “drops of sealing-wax”, associating the concept of hypnopaedia with something harder, thicker, and more difficult to get rid of from the minds of individuals, meaning, the exposure to these concepts and beliefs that is repeated many times, would be even more difficult to eliminate from their minds as they have currently begun to believe it and live by it.

For the World State, hypnopaedia is an excellent benefit as it is the

“biggest moralizing and mingling force of all time. “

Aldous Huxley, Hypnopaedia

One example of a lesson is,

“Alpha children use grey … I’m actually extremely delighted I’m a Beta … much better than Gammas and Delta … They’re too foolish to be able to …”

Aldous Huxley, Hypnopaedia

on page 22-23. This lesson teaches the children to segregate themselves from each other, so that they do not enter into much contact with each other and realise that a person race might be doing much better or worse than their own race.

And by doing this, everyone would be pleased and happy with their lives and tasks, without any desire of anything else, and it would decrease the person’s opportunity of wishing to do something else (eg. Beta man having an alpha’s job), which would motivate the stability of society, which remains in synch with the slogans of this society. It is more so of the lack of knowledge provided, and the unquestioning qualities of individuals that permits them to be totally delighted with their tasks and their lives.

If one day, a Beta or Delta were to see how the Alphas are much more privileged than them, and if they able to question the belief that their race was much better than the rest with the brand-new evidence that they had, the Beta or Delta would start understanding the injustice towards them, and start desiring more, interrupting the smooth circulation of society, making it harder for the World State to be in complete control of its individuals.

This person would probably be sent out to Iceland. Conditioning removes a person’s rights of making their own decisions and choosing the method they live. The people of this society are picked prior to birth if they are an Alpha, a Beta or an Epsilon, while the lessons they have to go through as a kid, teaches them to ‘like’ what they are and be happy and be satisfied with their positions.

These peoples’ private rights have been taken away, you may state that hypnopaedia is not conditioning as it does not totally force you into doing something you do not wish to do unlike the other conditioning techniques, for example electrocuting them to establish a hatred for nature, nevertheless, they are still being conditioned as they are exposed to that one lesson for a long period of time, however not to how it would be like as a different race or to experience their opportunities; hence since they have no knowledge about the concern, they would trust their instincts blindly as it has actually very strongly been mplanted in their minds. Although we might or might not know, we most likely have actually experienced ‘conditioning’ in our lives prior to. One of the most common methods was using the walking stick. Whenever a kid disobeys his/her moms and dads, the walking stick is constantly taken out, utilized as a danger for the kid to know what he/she would experience if he/she disobeys them. The discomfort caused from the walking stick would keep most children from challenging or defying their parents, and almost as an impulse, would be really knowledgeable about past mistakes and guarantee it will not take place once again.

And obviously, children would start to establish a strong dislike for the cane. In my own experience, it wasn’t a lot of hazards and pain then it was for deals with and snacks. My moms and dads never thought in the walking stick, and therefore never used one. They chose to utilize the hand, which I believe is far more unpleasant than any cane, but they used it extremely seldom. I would rather get chocolates (my fixation) or other little treats whenever I pleased my parents and would be denied the deals with (and tv) if I were to disobey them. It worked on me, I was tempted easily by chocolate and would try to please my parents to win over some.

The sole difference between conditioning here in the real life and the one in Brave New World, is that our parents condition us to progress people, and when we are older, we would get knowledge of how we were conditioned as kids, and most likely even consent to being deserving of a few of the penalties. However, individuals in the society are conditioned for convenience for the World State in controlling them and preserving the stability of the society, and till they are adults, they would continue thinking their lessons, and following its ideas and beliefs like chickens.

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