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Hypocrisy in Catcher in the Rye


Pretension in Catcher in the Rye

Victoria Matero English II H March 3, 2013 Holden Caulfield is just one of one of the most hypocritical personalities in literary works. He spends the whole publication grumbling concerning all of the ‘phonies’ around him when actually he is just one of the greatest phonies of all. Throughout the unique, there are many occasions where Holden exemplifies his hypocrisy. There are three primary examples. Holden initially presents hypocrisy when he satisfied Earnest Morrow’s mother on the train on his means to New York. Also, when he discusses Stradlater’s sex-related advancements and also his own.

Finally, excellent instances of Holden’s hypocritical actions are the a number of times he goes to the bars while in New York. Holden boarded a late train to New york city where an appealing older woman picked to sit right next to him instead of any one of the various other seats in the cart. The woman discovered Holden had a Pencey Prep sticker label on his suitcase and asked if he went there and also if he knew her child, Ernest Morrow. Holden claims yes and also the lady was really satisfied and pleasant. Nonetheless, Holden absolutely exemplifies his own individual phoniness when she asks him what his name was. Holden quickly said, ‘Rudolf Schmidt,’ who was actually the cleaning person at Pencey.

Holden then started, “shooting the old crap around a little” (Salinger 71). Holden told some of one of the most silly lies to Mrs. Morrow regarding her son. He described Ernest like they were buddies when he claimed,” Old Ernie” He’s one of one of the most prominent kids at Pencey” (73 ). Then Holden” Really began chucking the old crap around” (73 ). Holden then begins telling exists concerning the class political elections and just how a bunch of youngsters wanted old Ernie to be president, and that he was the consentaneous ballot, and how he thought he ‘d actually be able to take care of the job (Salinger 74).

On the other hand, when Holden thinks of Ernest Morrow, he referred to him as “doubtless the greatest bastard that ever before went to Pencey, in the entire crumby history of the institution” (71 ). This alone shows how despite the fact that Holden has a trouble with individuals who are fake to him; he has not a problem being phony to other individuals. Likewise, when Mrs. Morrow asks why he is leaving Pencey early, he exists once more and claims he is going for an operation on a brain tumor. This set quick occasion in the unique demonstrate how Holden doesn’t recognize his very own silly ypocrisy and also develops double criteria for him and others with no respect to what he is actually doing. At Pencey, Holden has a flatmate named Stradlater, whom Holden thinks is a promiscuous jerk that has an extremely easy time obtaining women. Initially of the tale, Holden grumbles concerning Stradlater calling him names such as a sexy bastard as a result of the method he utilizes ladies so loosely and easily for his very own sexual enjoyments. Nonetheless, Holden later on contradicts himself when he becomes ‘a little horny’; he decides to call a lady named Confidence Cavendish.

Holden has never ever met Confidence but had actually come across her at an event from among his friends. Holden called her because his good friend informed him that she really did not mind having sex with people just for fun. This directly goes back to what he says about Stradlater developing yet an additional dual common between him and others. This example of pretension from Holden genuinely reveals his disregard for his opinions on other people and exactly how they compare to his very own actions. Holden enhances his phoniness when he accepts an offer for a woman of the street to visit him in his space.

Although he did not make use of the woman of the street for sex as well as rather tries to talking with her, he still shows how he doesn’t realize that what he is doing is really becoming the photo of a guy he loathed. An additional substantial instance of Holden’s phoniness can be seen several times in the novel when he mosts likely to bars to try to grab females and consume bourbon. Holden likes his clever, more youthful sibling phoebe, and also his excellent, unhealthy bro, Allie, due to the fact that they have not grown up or lost their innocence. Holden likes little kids however doesn’t like adults because they’re all phonies to him.

Holden additionally doesn’t like the suggestion of females or anything sex-related. That is why he intends to be “the catcher in the rye” (224 ). Holden’s character shows that he is terrified of growing up which he wants to maintain his innocence as long as possible, yet he frequently tries to maintain the picture of an older, sophisticated guy so as to get ladies and also alcohol at benches. As opposed to maintaining his virtue, he frantically tries to look older to get alcohol and in one case get numerous ladies, completely ignoring his morals. One of Holden’s greatest judgments of individuals is if they’re a counterfeit or otherwise.

Holden assumes that adults, flicks, as well as anything mainstream is phony. He does not like his brother D. B. because he headed out to Hollywood to create movies and that makes him a phony. Holden also believes religious beliefs is phony, but yet he likes Jesus. Holden implicates almost everything worldwide around him as being counterfeit, however in actuality, Holden is the biggest phony of all. He is very sanctimonious of individuals and also things. He asserts he dislikes the movies but yet whenever a new one appears, he needs to go see it, and also he doesn’t such as religious beliefs but yet when he sees religious women, he likes them a whole lot as well as doesn’t think they’re phonies.

Holden is a hypocrite throughout the entire book but never ever admits to being a bogus himself. As a reader, this makes it quite challenging to trust Holden. Considering that Holden is our storyteller, all of the people he mentions are views of them through his opinion, as well as given that he isn’t reliable, the reader has to be uncertain of the information Holden gives. Some may argue that Holden just likes to lie. Holden Caulfield is among the most significant sanctimonious personalities in literary works.

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