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Hypocrisy in the Scarlet Letter


Hypocrisy in the Scarlet Letter

Hypocrisy in the Scarlet Letter “Reality was the one virtue which I may have hung on … conserve when thy good– thy life– thy popularity– were put into concern.” These words spoken by Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter show her practice of situational morals and hypocrisy. Hawthorne shows this significant component of humanity, hypocrisy in all characters conserve young Pearl who is blatantly distinct from many people. Dimmesdale, Hester, and the whole Puritan neighborhood are hypocrites, and their hypocrisy manifests itself in the dispute of this book.

Hawthorne developed a drastic distinction in between the inward and outside lives of everybody in this story and they can be connected to the hypocrisy present in contemporary society. People never ever change, hypocrisy will constantly exist both today in the past. Arthur Dimmesdale’s hypocrisy is the most popular. He offers public sermons on sin meanwhile he hides to himself his private sin of fornicating with Hester. Throughout his preachings he tells individuals he is a sinner understanding it will only make him appear as a simple saint while trying to relieve a few of his guilt.

His self-centered act of prevarication hurts not just himself but Hester and Pearl also. Hester needs to suffer through taking the public embarassment of the scarlet letter while Dimmesdale keeps his highly regarded and pious credibility. Pearl is bastardized by Dimmesdale’s terrible actions and is forced to be raised by a single moms and dad. Dimmesdale’s daughter reaches out to him asking him to stand with her and her mother on the scaffold, representing Dimmesdale confessing to his sin but he decreases.

In numerous efforts to relieve his own guilt, Dimmesdale dedicates acts of self-mutilation that only adds to the deterioration of his physical health, causing him to eventually die, stopping him from ever living a delighted life with Hester and their child. If he been sincere to the community, he would have had the ability to ease himself of his guilt and have no factor to not go on and enjoy a life with his brand-new household. Dimmesdale’s “enthusiast” Hester Prynne is as similarly hypocritical as he is. Hester is represented loving everybody in a hypocritical fashion.

While she loves Dimmesdale enough to suffer life in Boston with the scarlet letter without retreating beck to England, she enables him to be tortured by Roger Chillingworth for seven years, without notifying Arthur that Chillingworth is the guy she was married to. It was in Hester’s silence that she enabled the male she liked to be tormented by her cruel husband. Chillingworth psychologically tormented Dimmesdale to the point where Dimmesdale came to physically mistreated himself, it is by Hester’s hand that this happens for if she had been truthful with Dimmesdale Chillingworth would not have actually been able to impact Dimmesdale’s psychological balance.

Her only reasoning behind keeping the truth about her spouse far from Dimmesdale was an oath she took to Roger who she no longer liked. In England, Hester originally took public swears to love Roger for the rest of their lives, however after her short time in Boston she decided to betray Roger by having an affair. Hester sacrifices everything for her only daughter Pearl who she enjoys, she does everything possible to raise her on her own. Nevertheless, by keeping her affair with Dimmesdale a trick, she rejects Pearl the opportunity to grow up with a dad not only harming Pearl however also herself and Dimmesdale.

This story happens in a hypocritical society. Puritanical society said that they followed the Bible however they lived in a way following the relentlessness of Jonathan Edwards’ speech “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”. While the Bible supporters forgiveness and toleration, Puritans promoted for severe penalty and condemnation. When Hester is put upon the scaffold, numerous women mention how this punishment is not severe enough, that public embarrassment is too easy for a lady who made an individual choice of who she wished to be with but instead they think that Hester needs to be branded with a curling iron.

While these ladies stand comfortably on the ground with their fingers pointed, one might hypothesize that at least some of them have sinned privately too, and they likewise are worthy of the preconception of the scarlet letter. The Scarlet Letter is an example of how any society can be haunted by hypocrisy. In this book every character gives in to hypocrisy and it is the source of their misery by developing animosity amongst each other in addition to preconceptions and guilt on the sinners. Despite the fact that this novel was edited a century back, its message is still real for modern society.

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