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Inherent Evil: Lord of the Flies


Many state human kind is inherently wicked, that there is evil in all people. William Golding strongly validates this point in his novel The Lord of the Flies. The Lord of the Flies reveals what can occur to man when there is not structure and little mean of survival.

The kids show man to be naturally wicked through control, mistreatment, and murder. The boys in the Lord of the Flies highlight that human kind is naturally evil through excessive control. Firstly, Jack begins to manage his choir to end up being more savage. Jack states to Ralph, “I’ll split up the choir-my hunters that it,” (Golding 42).

Here Jack tries to make his choir seem to be more savage, calling them hunters. Secondly, Jack again exercises the requirement for control by breaking the guidelines. Jack speaks out,” Bollocks to the rules! Were strong- we hunt … we’ll close in and beat and beat and beat,” (99 ). Jack breaks the guidelines wanting to have his own control. Third, by brutally beating Wilfred, Jack demonstrates excessive control. Ralph told,” He’s going to beat Wilfred … he didn’t say what for. He got angry and made us connect him up,” (176 ). This Young 2 uotes demonstrates how Jack has actually taken control making the boys tie up and assist beat Wilfred. The excessive control used by the kids in the unique supports the idea that guy is inherently wicked, although it is likewise revealed through other methods such as how the kids treat each other. The unique proves the point man is wicked through the mistreatment the young boys have for each other. To start, mistreatment is shown through the disrespect the young boys have for each other. Jack inform Piggy, “Shut up, Fatty,” (17 ). Jack is insulting Piggy as much of the kids insult and hurt each other, maltreating others.

Next, Samneric show proof of mistreatment by betraying Ralph. Samneric inform Ralph of Jack’s prepare for him. Nevertheless, later they betray Ralph by informing Jack where he is concealing (207 ). In this area Samneric mistreat Ralph when they betray him in this manner. Last, Jack carries out mistreatment when he steals Piggy’s glasses. Ralph challenges Jack, “You came sneaking up like a burglar and stole Piggy’s glasses,” (196 ). Despite the fact that the young boys in The Lord of the Flies maltreat each other showing male is inherently wicked, killing plays a huge part also.

Golding confirms that guy is inherently wicked by the murders displayed by the young boys. The first point is the intentional; murder of Piggy. Golding describes the murder,” The rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee …” (200 ). This vicious murder of Piggy highly suggests evil. In addition, is the unintended, however denied murder of Simon. Ralph is sincere with Piggy, “That was Simon … That was murder,”( 172 ). In this quote Ralph discusses to Piggy that they all killed Simon which it was murder. Finally, there is the in-humane killing of the pig which the boys participated in.

The author describes it,” The very first blow had incapacitated its hind quarters so then the circle might close Young 3 in and beat and beat,'( 79 ). The savage killing of the pig shows the kids blood desire for murder. Murder highly shows that human kind is in fact naturally evil. In The Lord of the Flies the author affirms male is inherently wicked through the young boys control, mistreatment, and murders. Deep down without guidelines and society and the instinct to make it through savagery evil may take control of. Everyone has the capability to be evil. Golding has highly supported and proves this to be corrects in the novel.

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