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Is the Scarlet Letter a Feminist Novel?


Is the Scarlet Letter a Feminist Novel?The Scarlet Letter

by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a fantastic work with lots of excellent things that might be said about it. Something that makes The Scarlet Letter stick out is the character of Hester Prynn, who is among the greatest female characters in literature. Having a female character with such strength raises the question of whether The Scarlet Letter is a feminist novel; by taking a look at what feminism is and evaluating the book itself, one can see that the book is more a commentary on society as an entire instead of a feminist statement. Hawthorne illustrates numerous strong characters throughout

his novel. Some, such as Chillingworth, seem to be stronger than others, like Dimmesdale. One character in specific, however, occurs to stand apart among the rest. The main protagonist, Hester Prynn, is an incredibly hard female character. Her strength flourishes when she is forced into isolation after her sin is found; society efforts to imprison her however she does not let it. She utilizes her skill with a needle when she embroidered her red letter A, using it happily, almost as though she were attempting to reveal it off. This is shown directly through Hawthorne’s writing; he specifies in chapter 5, “She bore upon her breast, in a curiously embroidered letter, a specimen of her fragile and creative ability, of which the dames of a court may gladly have actually availed themselves, to include the richer and more spiritual adornment of human resourcefulness to the materials of silk and gold.” Feminism is the collective belief that males and females need to have equivalent rights and opportunities. Feminists frequently feel that ladies are not offered the same things that all males are provided and they are willing to combat for equality. Throughout history these concepts have not been incredibly popular; in truth women were not even given the right to vote in the United States until 1920. This is the reason the character of Hester Prynn is such a cutting-edge achievement in literature. She is depicted as a strong, independent female, raising a kid on her own while needing to handle weight that the scarlet letter holds. While there are traces of feminism in the unique, The Scarlet Letter is not a feminist work as an entire merely since the book’s primary focus is on the church and the Puritan lifestyle. This book has a strong independent female primary character that needs to learn how to deal with the seclusion the town

has pushed upon her. Nevertheless, the book really talks about the stringent Puritan lifestyle and how the foundation of their morals is with the church and their faith. Hawthorn composes, “Throughout them all, quiting her individuality, she would end up being the general symbol at which the preacher and moralist might point, in which they might vivify and embody their images of female’s frailty and sinful enthusiasm. This shows that the church has made her their example in what ought to be prevented. The church’s opinion on her sin was implied to take a toll on her and start to change her personality. The people of the town respond to Hester’s sin by right away turning towards the church for how they should act. Whatever the church states opts for them because the people who are running it are, to them, the purest and holiest of all and were handpicked by God to lead them. Thus, this book questions the society itself and does not focus exclusively upon Hester’s experiences. Another reason as to why this isn’t a feminist novel is that Hawthorne

declined to in fact raise the couple’s relationship for the majority of the book, and only discusses the affair every once in a while. This permits the reader to form their own opinion on how this society handles sin and not exactly on how” empowered “Hester is. The focus of the book wasn’t totally on Hester and more on how the society runs. Pertinent Topics Readers Also Choose The Scarlet Letter Romanticism Overall The Scarlet Letter displays numerous accounts of feminism within the characters’thoughts and actions, however the novel itself is not feministic. Feminism is simply a little part within

  • a whole, and can be examined time and

time again with no development made in doing so. Hester Prynn, the primary character that could be viewed as depicting feminism, bears a letter that needs to have been an ultimate atrocity and death of her credibility, but it in fact it is that exact same letter that teaches herself and the reader that it does not matter what other individuals believe. She might wallow in a pit of despair offering into societal pressures, yet she walks proudly and with her head greater than in the past. Hester Prynn carried out in truth let her haters be her incentives. She is a true hero to many ladies, but Hawthorne does not make her

the center of attention and wishes the book to be deemed a whole rather than its special and specific parts.

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