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Jordan Baker Great Gatsby Character


Jordan Baker Great Gatsby Personality

Throughout the Roaring Twenties, the function of ladies in culture took on new forms and also pushed extraordinary boundaries. Ladies were much more independent in addition to promiscuous. Jordan Baker’s maleness in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby shows the changing lady in the 1920’s. Fitzgerald blends the strong individualistic lady of the twenties with her feminine equivalent through his character, Jordan Baker. Jordan, a single expert golf gamer, is assertively independent and appears rather manly in contrast to Sissy Buchanan, her “girlie,” character foil.

As the novel proceeds, Jordan’s “maleness” integrates with the traditional womanly features of her time. The very first time Nick satisfies Jordan Baker, she rests

“totally inactive with her chin increased a little. “

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Page 8

She is never fazed by Nick’s presence. She remains only interested in golf and also does not take part in the various other discussions around her. The male-like actions in this scene contrasts with Sissy’s lively, energetic, as well as stereotypically feminine manner. Nick notes, “Sissy’s whispering was only to make individuals favor her. This seductive feminine high quality contrasts to Jordan’s even more masculine refrain, when Nick observes that Tom as well as Jordan Baker have numerous feet of golden between them. The initial referrals to Jordan in this phase juxtapose Daisy’s feminine rules with Jordan’s maleness that proceeds throughout the book. Later on in this chapter, Nick describes Jordan as “A slim tiny breasted girl, with an upright carriage, which she accentuated by throwing her body in reverse at the shoulders like a young cadet.

” This macho physical description highlights Jordan’s self-confidence and independence.

She is not dependent upon the will of one more. Later, Daisy “resorted to Miss Baker for confirmation”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Page 14

Daisy needs a male figure to verify her while Jordan makes her own decisions. Daisy later on reviews to Tom from The Saturday Evening Message. This gender role reversal once again highlights Jordan’s self-reliance and maleness. While at the Buchanan house, Nick keeps in mind Jordan’s “sturdy uncertainty” (page 15), which once more contrasts to Daisy’s stereotypical feminineness as well as optimistic outlook. Sissy thinks only what she is told to believe and never inquiries it.

When asking Nick about a rumor that he was involved, she mentions,

“We heard it from three individuals, so it has to hold true”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Page 19

Unlike Daisy, Jordan Baker is doubtful of others and assesses matters for herself. Nick comes to be fixated with Jordan’s maleness. Even though she ripped off in the golf video game that got her popular, Nick ends up being associated with a world of materialism as well as superficiality, triggering his interest in Jordan. Nick notifications that

“She wore her evening wear, all her gowns, like sporting activities garments. “

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Web Page 50

He accounts the “pale mustache of perspiration that showed up on her upper lip,

” when she plays tennis.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Page 57

Nick is flattered to go locations with her because she is a golf champ and also every person recognizes her name. (Page 57) This once again highlights the sex role reversal. Generally in the 1920’s, women hold on to men whom were rich and high in status, as Daisy makes with both Gatsby and also Tom. Nick’s interest in Jordan is based upon her strong man-like freedom and success. This is among the last points in which Jordan is seen as the independent manly personality. As the novel proceeds, Jordan changes right into a Daisy sort of lady.

On page 117, Daisy’s youngster Pammy takes note that “Aunt Jordan’s got on a white dress too,” noting Jordan’s gradual change right into womanhood. On web page 118 Daisy suffers the warmth. This is a direct comparison to Jordan when she grumbles that she does not

“want to get delayed in this baking heat.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Web Page 122

Throughout the remainder of the unique, Jordan takes on stereotyped women qualities of her time. With this newfound feminism, Jordan expands progressively depending on Nick. She frequently asks to meet up with him as well as reveals screens much more love towards him.

When Jordan asks Nick ahead within, she puts her hand on his arm. Nick ultimately becomes sick of Jordan. Though he was when brought in to her maleness and self-reliance, Nick dislikes Jordan as soon as these high qualities begin to disappear as well as the traditional sex roles come back. Jordan represents the self-confidence and also independence ingrained in the “New Woman” of the 1920’s. Daisy on the various other hand stands for the promiscuity and wildness of females during the Roaring Twenties. Jordan’s change from confident masculine independent towards womanly companion shows the fusion of both roles of women throughout this time period.

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