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Kingship Comparison of Henry V and Beowulf Essay


This essay is a contrast of the kingship of King Henry V in the play “Henry V” created by William Shakespeare as well as Beowulf in the poem “Beowulf” translated by Seamus Heaney. The particular texts to be utilized for this function is the “Henry V” publication of the Folger Shakespeare Library series and the “Beowulf” poem located in The Norton Anthology of English Literary works 7th version Quantity 1, specifically.

Henry the Fifth and also Beowulf are optimal kings fit to become role models for the leaders these days due to the fact that they have excellent suggestions of their royalty and leadership which made them subjugate each of their kingdoms with toughness, nerve and also confidence in God’s providence as their source of power.

These similar high qualities and characteristics make their kingship effective as well as fruitful. Henry the Fifth is worth imitating for he is a terrific and also powerful king who holds his function as a king with highest regard. He materializes his concepts of kingship with his actions throughout the play.

Initially, he sees his royalty as a major matter. Thus, he acts responsibly forgetting the “wildness” of his young people. This is evident in his unexpected improvement from the wild Prince Hal that he remained in the past to a liable as well as mature King Henry V. This is what Canterbury observes as well as states: “The breath no faster left his papa’s body However that his wildness, mortified in him, Seem needed to pass away too: yea, at that really moment, Consideration, like an angel, came, As well as whipp ‘d the upseting Adam out of him, Leaving his body as a heaven, To wrap up and also contain holy spirits.

Never was such an unexpected scholar made; Never came reformation like a flood, With such a stimulating current, combing mistakes; Neither never Hydra-headed wilfulness So soon did lose his seat, as well as all at the same time, As in this king” (Shakespeare, 13). This modification in him is probably due to his wish to be respected as a leader of his people. Certainly, he has matured over the time that he is required to stand up as a king. Second, he takes into consideration that his royalty relies on the will of individuals. Hence, he consults his leaders prior to he makes a decision.

He specifically asks details from the leaders of the church, the Diocesans, regarding the Salic legislation and his rightful insurance claim to France and if there ought to be a factor for him to visit battle if the king of France won’t accede to his case. He also expresses his stress over leaving the nation to head to war against France. He lastly chooses to head to France after hearing the suggestions of the diocesans and also after paying attention to the disrespect of the Dauphin with his carrier (19-23). Third, he thinks that a king must have restriction as well as self-discipline. That is why when he was dishonored by the message of the Dauphin, he did not react irrationally.

He revealed cool-headedness with these words: “We rejoice the Dauphin is so pleasurable with us; His existing as well as your discomforts we thank you for. When we have matched our noises to these rounds, we will in France, by God’s elegance, play a set to strike his daddy’s crown right into the danger.” He also includes: “However inform the Dauphin, I will certainly maintain my state; Be like a king, as well as show my sail of success” (35 ). In addition, he can have avoided the Dauphin’s carrier from coming out alive from England. Instead, he permitted him risk-free flow. If he were some other illogical king, he would have taken revenge today.

However he did not as well as thus, he showed his greatness as a king. He also chose his words well in sending his message to the Dauphin through his uncle Battle each other Exeter (75 ). 4th, he thinks that a king needs to be brave and also daring to lead his soldiers to war. For that reason, he is not scared to visit war even if it will certainly cost his very own life. He does not leave his bear up their very own to fight for the country instead he accompanies them as well as urges them to go on. Henry V admonishes his soldiers with these words: “However every rub is smoothed on our method. Then, forth, dear compatriots.

Allow us supply Our puissance into the hand of God, Putting it right in expedition” (65) and also “We are in God’s hand, bro, not in their own. March to the bridge” (119 ). Fifth, he has problem for his staffs as well as his soldiers. When he was still considering to visit France to claim his rightful place, he thought of the females as well as the youngsters that will certainly be left when the men will go to war (29) specifically that one more country may strike their nation if the king as well as all the males are away. He also ended up being anxious for his soldiers after he disguised as a regular male and also talked to some of his soldiers (153 ).

This worry is also shown when he prays “O God of fights steel my soldiers’ hearts. Have them not with concern” (155 ). Sixth, he knows that his kingship is not a reason for abuse. So when he and his soldiers have actually taken over the community of Harfleur, he regulates his soldiers not to loot and also he informs them to respect as well as reveal mercy to every resident in that town. He charges Exeter to have grace on the people as well as reveal fairness and also justice since he intends to win the people’s loyalty as well as regard (99 ). Seventh, he recognizes that a king ought to practice impartiality.

Therefore, he provides punishment to anybody who breaks an unwritten law or his word also if the person is an old good friend, as well as he provides rewards to any person that deserves it. King Henry V manifests this particular when Lord Scroop that was really close to him, Earl of Cambridge and Sir Thomas Grey that are also old buddies conspired with France to eliminate him. He after that bought that they be jailed for treason (59 ). One more circumstances was when he allowed the execution of Bardolph, a previous companion in his younger days, for swiping a communion plate from a church (115 ).

Eight, as an excellent leader he thinks that a king requires to delegate job to his subordinates. This is what he did when he informs his uncle Exeter, brothers Clarence, Warwick as well as Gloster, and Huntington to “opt for the King; And also take with you free power to validate, Increase, or modify, as your knowledge best Shall see advantageable for our dignity, Anything in or out of our demands” (219 ). And also above all, he thinks on a greater power who is the Almighty God whom he considers as his source of power. He continually describes God in the play.

King Henry claims: “Yet this lies all within the will of God, To whom I do appeal” (37) when he made a decision to head to war versus France. He reveals his anxiousness by saying “God’s will, I pray thee wish not one male much more. By Jove, I am not covetous for gold” (163) while his soldiers are battling in the war. At the end of the fight, he speaks to God with these words: “O God, thy arm was below, And not to us, however to Thy arm alone Ascribe most of us!– When, without stratagem, But in simple shock as well as also play of battle, Was ever before known so great and also little loss On one component and also on th’ other?

Take it, God, For it is none however thine” (199 ). King Henry V does not take the glory of the triumph in the battle yet he commends God for it. Similarly, Beowulf also prior to he was made a King of the Geats has the qualities of a great and also terrific king as Henry the Fifth is and he is additionally worth copying as a leader. The complying with are the concepts of kingship he showed up. Initially, Beowulf is thoughtful as a leader. When he came across Heorot’s circumstance because of Grendel’s actions, he went to Heorot to eliminate Grendel and also freed Heorot of its sufferings (lines 400-460).

He pities in the direction of people that is why he gives up also his own life to save others. Second, he uses his stamina which is the gift that God has actually provided him as a means to assist individuals who are in requirement. This is the means whereby he had the ability to defeat Grendel, Grendel’s mom and also the Dragon in order to release individuals that are assaulted by these animals. There are times when he will be beat but because of the excellent toughness which he thinks comes from God, he is able to overcome his harmful and also monstrous opponents.

Third, he is a brave and also daring warrior that never ever steps back from a challenge specifically when he combats Grendel and Grendel’s mother. His bravery as well as guts can be seen throughout the rhyme. This was once again shown when as a king that is already old in age still wishes to fight the Dragon that has actually besieged his very own land. Regrettably, after he eliminated the Dragon, he additionally passed away. Fourth, he understands that a king must rule with discretion. He is also praised by Hrothgar with these words: “The Lord in his wisdom sent you those words that Beowulf is fit to be king of the Geats as well as they came” (lines 1840-1860).

Fifth, as a leader, he has terrific issue as well as duty for his men. Therefore, when he will go and deal with Grendel, he asks Hrothgar to care for his guys due to the fact that he might no more come back alive with his fight versus the monster. And also the most essential of Beowulf’s high qualities as a warrior and ruler is that he appreciates God as his resource of power, assistance and security. Throughout the rhyme, God is commended with such words as: “in victory as well as gladness. The truth is clear: Almighty God subjugate humanity and also always has” (line 700).

Beowulf likewise expresses in the rhyme: “Yet the lord of Guy allowed me to lay eyes on- for He commonly aids the unbefriended” as well as “If God had not helped me, the result would certainly have fasted as well as deadly” describing his battle with Grendel’s mommy. In addition, he claims: “So I commend God in his beautiful magnificence that I lived to see” (line 1779). Finally, Henry the Fifth and Beowulf show the high quality of an excellent king anchored on strength, guts as well as faith in God’s providence.

Both of them are sensible, solid, brave, as well as devoted to God as their one and only resource of power. They have very praiseworthy characteristics which any type of king, leader or leader in these contemporaries should take after.


“Beowulf”. Converted by Seamus Heaney. The Norton Compilation of English Literature 7th version Volume 1. Eds. M. H. Abrams as well as Stephen Greenbalt. U.S.A.: W. W. Norton & & Co. Inc., 1999, 29-98. Shakespeare, William. “Henry V”. The Folger Shakespeare Library. Eds. Barbara A. Mowat and Paul Werstine. New York: Washington Square Press. 1995.

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