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Leadership in Lord of the Flies


Management in Lord of the Flies

In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, each character represent some abstract idea of government. This is a story about “a group of english kids who are shipwrecked on a tropical island and they strive together to save themselves (Henningfeld). William Golding uses the character Jack to demonstrate how Lord of the Flies is a political allegory, in this book, Jack represents a totalitarian who regardless of his tendencies to rule with worry, in fact brings the kids food and security. Throughout the unique, Jack represent a totalitarian leader.

At the start of the story, Jack could not become a leader of kids due to the fact that they picked Ralph as a leader. He sees Ralph as a weak and inappropriate leader so he asked the young boys to eliminate Ralph. Jack declared that he will no longer be on Ralph’s people; so he gathered his hunters and followers. Jack is more effective than Ralph; he could hunt and function.” Prior to the celebration had begun an excellent log had actually been dragged into the center of yard and Jack, painted and garland, sat there like an idol. there were piles of meat on green leaves near him, and fruit, and coconut shells full of drink Golding 215).

Jack sitting on a log and at the center like an idol, demonstrates how powerful Jack is. Kids respect him far more than Ralph, since although he is a totalitarian leader; Jack provides them safety and joy. Also all the kids have their own role in the group to obey and by breaking it, Jack punishes them. According to Diane Henningfeld,” Jack, represents a totalitarian dictator, a ruler who attract psychological action of his fans. He rules with charisma and hysteria (Henningfeld). Being totalitarian and ruling with charm is important in the island.

There are many kids and they are so lazy to work and assist each other. If Jack was not a totalitarian leader, then the situation would be precisely like the time when Ralph was the leader. Therefore Jack represents a totalitarian leader which is the essential aspect for surviving in the island. In the Lord of the Flies, Jack is the one who provides food and security for all the kids. Jack and his hunters killed numerous pigs, the most significant being a plant, throughout the story. “Jack chose to provide the plant’ head as a present to the monster (Golding 196).

By revealing himself strong, Jack triggered other kids to feel safe. With killing the plant and leaving her head for the beast, Jack shows kids that he appreciates everybody’s security and likewise about their food. After killing the sow, he welcomed all the kids to have a party and made them all delighted. His success in searching and his power caused the majority of the kids to join his tribe. Kids thought even if there was a beast, Jack and his hunters might kill it, thus represents an effective leader who brings food and security for the kids and makes them pleased.

Lord of the Flies is a controversial story. The majority of the readers believe Ralph is a great leader due to the fact that he represents the democratic leader, and he must have remained as a leader; however that island requires a ruler who can bring order and Jack is the person who has the ability to bring that. When he was leader; all the kids felt safe and they had no worry from the beast any longer. Jack was able to hunt and give them meat. For that reason; he had all the requirements needed for being a leader although” he never considers anything however his own pleasure (Henningfeld).

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