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Literary Analysis of Brave New World; How Technology Controls Society


Literary Analysis of Brave New World; How Technology Controls Society

Aldous Huxley’s science fiction Brave New World has to do with a world with humans that are born from one moms and dad, put in different classes and discover what the federal government teaches them. The society bans family relation words such as “daddy” and “mom”. The author specifies the possibility of our world becoming a dehumanized state like the one in Brave New World, by explaining how unfeeling and ruthless humans will end up being after a couple of decades with using technology.

In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley uses the component of individuals living in a dehumanized state to demonstrate how technology can manage society; by twisting the meaning of household, positioning people in caste systems and people fixation with soma (resulting in the absence of spirituality). Having the opportunity to develop children without needing 2 moms and dads (leading to a lack of love from household) and making people “coldblooded” (having no interactions with individuals, and feelings do not exist) in this society is all resulted due to the fact that of the misuse of technology; causing the twist of the meaning of household.

The way which babies are born in this society, which can be thought about as “one egg, one embryo, one grownup– normality” (Huxley, 8), demonstrates how interactions and motivation are decreasing in this society. There are no moms and dads in this world since machines create the children. Without moms and dads who imitate a buddy to talk to no matter what happens, feelings end up being outdated. In the twentieth century, children are considered as a “heart-blood”, which means the only thing somebody will be willing to live for and die for. In this society, it is the overall opposite.

If one child passes away, there will be devices developing identical kids to change the old one in a few minutes, showing family is not as important as other achievements. The twisted meaning of “family” can likewise be seen how the government thinks and persuades its residents that “parents were the daddy and mom … these are undesirable facts” (Huxley, 22). The federal government thinks that a household is unnecessary for kids, since an absence of household keeps the different castes in their location. Parents encourage kids to do tasks that they are not enabled to do in their castes.

The impact of the federal government brainwashing citizens can be seen on page 193, “‘She’s my mother,’ he stated in a scarcely audible tone. The nurse glanced at him with surprised, frightened eyes, then looked away”. This quote shows how afraid and frightened individuals can be after hearing the word “mom”. The citizens have actually been trained to react horrified, scared after hearing household associated words by the federal government. The idea of family had become a filthy and incorrect idea since of innovation. Without innovation, there is no opportunity that nonliving infants will exist on the planet, triggering the meaning of family to distort.

With the help of innovation, the kids are placed in caste systems as soon as they are born, causing unfairness. Because it is “instinctive”, the children have no choice. The federal government utilizes innovation to prevent the wasting of resources. The electric shocks force the infants to be frightened of something, for example books and flowers,” [t] hey’ll be safe from books and botany all their lives” (Huxley, 21). The quote shows that the federal government utilizes innovation to require lower caste individuals to focus on their work such as labor, rather of losing time, cash and resources to do things they are no permitted to do in their caste, such as reading books.

The society can be viewed as a dehumanized world from this quote since in the modern world, people believe to follow and accomplish dreams; however in this world, the possibility of prospering their goals are currently destroyed prior to they attempt. Babies in the society find out by sleep-teaching, or hyponaedia, which means the infants learn knowledge when they are sleeping. Making use of sleep-teaching creates a society filled with the exact same kinds of individual that makes nobody distinct, so they will not have the idea to alter the society.

The sate decides how and what the infant will find out, instead of moms and dads, which can connect to the twisting of family. Children in the same caste “all use green … all wear khaki … all use grey …” (Huxley, 25). The kids are very same from task to clothing, avoid disputes for the idea of inequality among the classes. Sleep mentor developed with the assistance of technology and the kids will never find out about knowledge that will trigger them to change the society. They are likewise conditioned to believe and imitate a member of their class to prevent chaos and protests against the government.

The federal government utilizes technology to control the caste systems to avoid demonstration, chaos and revolt versus the government, helping them to have a much better control of the society. Human fascination with pleasure, or soma which individuals in the society prefer to call, is invented and created with innovation, soma can assist to leave reality which triggers the lack of spirituality. After the citizens use soma, their” [e] yes shone, cheeks were flushed, the inner light of universal benevolence broke out on every face in pleased, friendly smiles” (Huxley, 76).

This quote states that the residents can not deal with the problem on their own, as they can not afford the tension and pick to utilize other methods to launch and to deal with the issue. Soma makes the citizens avoid negative sensations and it distracts the residents from any harsh realities or human emotions that would make the people want to change the distribution of power in their society. The federal government attempts to keep people ostensibly pleased all the time and dehumanizes the population by avoiding the residents from experiencing the emotions that make people human.

John, the outlier and the savage in the society states” [d] on’t take that [soma] awful things. It’s toxin, it’s toxin … poison to soul along with body” (Huxley, 204). He thinks suffering is the crucial to do better next time and be human, and soma removes possibility of suffering. It also changes an individual’s identity by removing him out of option. The absence of spirituality is triggered by the absence of religious beliefs, “Christianity without tears– that’s what soma is” (Huxley, 146). The citizens decide to use soma rather than religion to comfort themselves, even if it denies human soul.

The lack of faith helps to govern since if the citizens do not seek a real transcendental understanding, it helps ensure that the masses of people have no reason to rebel. Although religious beliefs and soma have the very same effect, which is convenience, soma will not alter government due to the fact that the people are not able to find the truth. However with faith, the people are able to discover realities within the state, comprehending that they have actually been controlled. Soma, or the substance abuse to comfort individuals when they are stressed, is utilized to manage society since it is easier to govern; without the residents knowing all the reality.

Innovation is an essential requirement for the society in Brave New World, because the federal government depends on it (to produce children), and the people count on it (to produce soma which can make them feel much better). Science threatens to the society, given that it can destroy stability. Aldous Huxley alerts individuals in the future not to misuse science; since eventually it will lead to dehumanizing force such as factories that produce children, drugs that supply satisfaction, and household replacement. In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley utilizes the component of individuals living in a dehumanized state to show how innovation can control society.

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