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Lord of the Flies: A Grotesque View on Human Behavior


Lord of the Flies: A Monstrous View on Human Behavior

Savagery is Mankind’s Instinct When Eliminated from Consistency William Golding’s Lord of the Flies casts a cynical and grotesque view on human behaviour on the planet. Through the unique the symbolism we see how rapidly humankind can be changed. It shows the gradual downfall of democracy and the up roar of a power-hungry dictatorship, showing that; when guy is strained from civilization it leads to savagery and loss of morals which results in inability to self-regulate. During Simon’s vision in the glade, the Lord of the flies approaches him and states; There isn’t anyone to assist you.

Only me. And I’m the beast … Fancy thinking the beast was something that could hunt and eliminate! … You knew didn’t you? I belong to you? Close, close, close! I’m the reason it’s a no go? Why things are the way they are?” (Golding 158) In chapter five Simon has an inkling that the monster is actually the boys themselves and the words spoken by the Lord of the flies verifies that hunch. The idea of the evil on the island being within the young boys is control to the novels expedition of natural human savagery. Simon says “What I imply is … possibly it’s just in us” (96 ).

The lord of the flies declares itself as the beast and confesses to Simon that it does exist within all people. Simon is surprised and scared by his new discovery so he tries to go back and interact with the other young boys but their bewildered savage attitude over whelms them to the point where they error Simon for the beast itself which result in them killing him. Overall these quotes represent the kids enhanced personality type from great to evil. A little after the kid’s arrival on the island the boy’s outer look became more wild-like.

Jack hid from the sun, knelt by the pool and opened the two big leaves that he brought. One of them included white clay, and the other red … he smeared on the clay … ‘For hunting. Like the war. You know– impress paint. Like things trying to appear like something else–‘ (65-66). The kids begin using clay as war paint to mix in more with their surroundings, in the hopes that they would be able to capture their prey using the aspect of surprise. Jack stated “Begin! I’ll creep and stab–“( 67 ). This is signifying the kid’s loss of remorse and innocence that was revealed at the beginning of the novel.

When the boys initially got to the island they would not even think of eliminating a pig, even for survival. Now the longer that they are here and far from the morals, they are dressed in camouflage to disguise themselves from their victim prior to they assault. Due to absence of regulation they have looked at their environments as a new way to live. Power is a crucial concept throughout Golding’s novel, having the conch implies you hold the power, to speak and likewise avoid potential chaos. “If I blow the conch and they don’t return; then we’ve had it we shan’t keep the fire going. We’ll be like animals. We’ll never be rescued. ‘If you don’t blow, we’ll be animals anyway” (99 ). This quote is foreshadowing the boy’s future. We’ll soon be like animals anyways, residing in the wild, no clothing, eliminating other animals for survival and believing in routines. The conch is the sign of power and order in the book. Whoever has control of the conch is in charge of the group and is considered as the leader. In the start of the book Ralph is the leader since he is chosen by the other kids. This reveals a sense of democratic process of selecting a leader and the kid’s humanity throughout this time due to the fact that they picked a leader in a civil manner.

It is when Jack begins to challenge Ralph’s leadership and power where this little society begins to collapse. The young kids are beginning to lose their human like qualities and begin to act like savages. Within the quote, the blowing of the conch is a mere test in order to see how far gone Jack’s group is, from mankind. If they do not return then all hope of being rescued is gone. The fire symbolizes this. They have already been taken over by their savage nature and they can not be rescued. The boy’s morals and guidelines are fading away the longer they are on the island and away from a civilized environment. The world, that understandable and lawful world, was escaping” (98 ). Things are beginning to get out of control and things that were as soon as important to the boys no longer matter. Things such as keeping the fire going have lost the much needed care for. Without fire the young boys decrease their chances of being saved. Ralphs statement reveals that he has understood that his style of government and the last little bit of civilization will quickly be corrupted and the islanders will quickly break apart into anarchy or the different sides.

One side being Ralph’s group who have the last little bit of civilization or Jack’s group, where he does not really care about remaining in some-what correct manner, however instead simply power starving. Having power offers you complete control of a circumstance and it is amongst thyself to do something with the power, or abuse it. After checking out Lord of the Flies it becomes quite noticeable that; when man is strained from civilization he loses his sense of morals and falls under savagery. With the loss of morals it produces a dysfunction in which we can apply to our own lives. The book also touches upon present occasions that are going on today.

For instance the dictatorship showed in the book can be related to today’s dictators such as; Kim Jung Un of North Korea and the few others in and around the surrounding locations. These leaders are power hungry and don’t have their fans interest in their minds. It is everything about what they choose; whatever is finest for them will get done initially. Although most of today’s societies have moved far from dictatorships and moved into other forms of government, there are still those couple of that stay. It is time we take charge and change those governments. It leaves the people dissatisfied. Giving a single person all the power results in damage and turmoil.

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