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Lord of the Flies Book Report Essay


Lord of the Flies is a book by William Golding and was written throughout WWII. His choice to join the navy altered the way he saw the world. A group of trainees were being left from a plane that is in a lonesome island. Once the group is settled in, they elect a boy of the name Ralph to be leader. A dispute is started on how their will be guidelines and who governs who. Problems have actually increased and the group is torn apart.

Lord of the Flies theme is that being hungry for power is natural in humans and examples are offered when the band selects a leader, choice making of the boys, and uncivilized acts among themselves.

The style in Lord of The Flies is seen throughout the book. For instance, they voted on a leader to help have order and act in an arranged manner. Jack was a candidate who ran versus Ralph. JAck really wishes to be the leader, but naturally Ralph winds up being the popular vote. “We’ve got to have guidelines and obey them. After all, we’re not savages. We’re English, and the English are best at everything. ‘” (Golding 40). Golding states that the group need to be organized, they are not animals. They understand that without order, everything they are might collapse and be their failure.

Plus they call themselves the best at whatever so they might have some faith of getting by. “They followed the summons of the conch, partly due to the fact that Ralph blew it, and he was big enough to be a relate to the adult world of authority …” (Golding 50). Here it shows the Ralph had what it takes to be a leader, everybody listens and takes his orders without concern. Towards completion of chapter 4, a character by the name of Piggy wines about some impolite hunters, Jack strikes the bad character breaking the glasses they were using.

In the story, being power starving is a quite common thing and many examples are depicted such as the group being divided, so there is not one primary leader. These islanders act in such a method now that they have acquired power. There will be groups. Jack does not like the idea of Ralph being a leader, but is pleased with his numbers in his own group. “The world, that easy to understand and lawful world, was escaping.” (Golding 82). It says that they everything they understand about society is going downhill, they have started their own world.

Everyone desired power, nobody liked the idea of being a follower. “‘Shut up,’ stated Ralph absently. He lifted the conch. ‘Appears to me we should have a chief to choose things. ‘” Which extremely blatantly shows how much Ralph thinks he has total authority over all the young boys. “I ought to be primary,” said Jack with basic conceit, “since I’m chapter chorister and head young boy. I can sing C sharp.” (Golding 229-231). As of reading it is clear that Jack’s thirst for power was most entirely real and has actually been going on from the beginning of the book.

He saw himself as the big-shot. Proof is given that Jack may wish to be the antagonist of this unique, Lord of the Flies. All Jack truly wants is to reveal he is the real leader absolutely nothing much, yeah he wants order, but all in the wrong methods. Lastly, is the uncivilized method the kids have acted among the groups that have done more damage than excellent. They all go through this face to behave well and have order with each other trying there best to disregard all the negative and chaos of a bad government.

Biggest bust of the book was when Piggy got destroyed by a huge boulder that had actually flattened him. Who was to blame? Jack as everybody pointed fingers to him together with a so called Roger. Roger was a savage guy, who understood that such evil might be brought out from a human being. “As he did so, he heard Jack’s voice from the top. ‘Heave! Heave! Heave!” (Golding 193). Jack was most likely behind this diabolical strategy that killed the poor innocent Piggy. The terrific rock that had eliminated Piggy had actually bounded into this thicket and bounced there, right in the center, making a smashed area a few feet in level each method. “(Golding 192). It is apparent that these two guys were the evil masterminds behind the death of Piggy. In the beginning of the book, the group stumbled upon a pig while searching and without a doubt kill the poor animal. Jack’s real side came out, this was the part where he would become the bad man in the story, stabbing the pig had sufficed evidence to show he is a killer.

In Lord of the Flies, a group who had been left on an island due to their plane coming on a refresher course evacuating their homes since of treacherous war, are now left to make there own choices producing new order around them. While waiting for aid to get here, all sorts of problems are created with the primary problem being leadership. Lord of the Flies style is that being hungry for power is natural in human beings and examples are offered when the band picks a leader, choice making of the kids, and uncivilized acts among themselves.

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