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Lord of the Flies Character Monolgues Essay


Jack’s monologue

Oh god, what have I done? Simon, Piggy, it’s completely my fault. I can’t reveal what I feel, the discomfort, it’s overmastering and mind numbing. Ralph if only you could comprehend the grief that I am going through, in-fact perhaps you do? Perhaps you’re hurting far more than me. Their deaths will get engraved in my conscience up until the day I die. I would do anything Ralph, anything to get your forgiveness. At the moment I do not believe you can bare to look at me, I can barely look at myself.

I indicate how can I? I’m a murderer. Just if I had the nerve to state all this to you, I understand the old me would have. No-one will comprehend the desire and appetite I felt hunt, it was pure enjoyment. I think that is when things started to get out of hand.

My mind became warped by the desire to kill, spill blood and maim.

It was over-powering I attempted to manage it however the day Simon died I let out all my rage. It felt good. Jealousy played its part also; jealousy of you being leader and you liking Piggy more than me. Piggy was the easiest individual to bully he was so susceptible yet you Ralph kept sticking up for him. This made me even angrier towards him. I will pay for my sins by going to jail when I go back to England but the discomfort in my head is absolutely nothing compared to jail. What more can I state? Only that I’m sorry …

Ralph’s monologue

I can’t even start the reveal the sensation of loss I have for both Simon and Piggy. They were my buddies and they lost their lives trying to keep order. I hate Jack and I wish every day that it was he who had actually perished on the island and not Piggy or Simon. I suppose that I am to blame also. Just if I had actually stopped Jack earlier none of this would have taken place. The mere fact that I was once pals with Jack makes me ill. The flashbacks of that horrible dance and Piggy tumbling off that cliff regularly haunt me. I can’t get them out of my head, possibly that’s a good thing since it implies I will always remember their deaths or who caused them.

The thought of Jack disgusts me, I can not lay eyes on him for he is a killer, a murderer who ruthlessly utilized his power to kill my pals. Eternity in prison is insufficient for Jack, how can it be? Someone who has taken the life of another individual unlawfully does not be worthy of the right to live. I shall write a book about my experience so that no one else has any indecisiveness about what to do because scenario. Thank God that the majority of the littluns are safe, I expect they weren’t a huge sufficient prize for Jack to dominate. Roger needs to pay as well, although Jack managed the actions of his tribe I was constantly uneasy with Roger since I felt that if Jack was not there, Roger would be the one to lead their tribe.

Now I hope that Piggy and Simon are living gladly in heaven and when Jack dies, there is just one place he must go …

Roger’s monologue

I shall blame Jack for killing Simon and Piggy. In court I will say that he required me to remove the stone and eliminate Piggy. Hahaha nobody will understand that it was my complete intention to kill. I will play for the sympathy vote in court and place on my best act so that it is Jack who gets sent down, not me. I feel like I missed out, I might’ve tortured so many more individuals during my remain on the island. Oh well now its back to civilisation and rules and laws. How boring! I wish for a chance to do whatever again but this time I would make myself chief. I wonder what has happened to the beast. Possibly it will haunt that island permanently. Now I am totally free because there isn’t any beastie where I live, hehe. I can do what I like.

Ralph seemed a great leader in the beginning but he was too preoccupied with the ‘fire’ and rescue. Jack was a much better leader however he never ever fully got to that phase of really wishing to cause pain to theto the other kids on the island. Instead it was always hunting with him. He wasn’t able to see that I was bored hunting pigs. I wished to hunt littluns.

Samneric’s monologue

We were scared of Jack, really truly terrified. We hope that Ralph does not think that we betrayed him. We couldn’t help it Jack forced us to join him, he said that if we didn’t he would abuse us. Roger also kept making hazards to us and ultimately it slipped out that you were hiding close by. Our time in Jack’s people was truly quite dull and frightening. At all times we were frightened that if we did anything wrong, Jack or Roger would hurt us. Nearly all of the boys felt that way, we only did what Jack informed us to do since we were terrified of him, there wasn’t any other factor.

Poor Piggy, he was truly dear to us and we miss him loads. We need to’ve pushed Roger of from the cliff in retaliation however we were too shocked at the time. The shameful nature of our actions when were with Jack can not be excused, specifically the night Simon died. We didn’t leave early that night like we had told Ralph and Piggy but we saw and took part in the dance albeit on the outside. That island made fools out of us, we wish to never ever return their once again. Looking back it is hard to see how things turned out so bad. Most likely the main factor things got out of hand was Jack’s need for leadership. Numerous a time we saw that Jack hated following the orders of someone else.

We will attempt to forget this solemn event in our lives …

Evidence for the religious perspective:

Evil within guy, island= eden, forget previous life, lack of moral/spiritual assistance triggered sin+ damage, created a primitive people religious beliefs, just god can save

1) evil with guy– > golding believes this otherwise why make the character of Simon?(he is the one who states the monster is themselves)

2) eden, hmm not always, described as scar, other island has actually jagged rocks etc, however simon’s hideaway eden like, fruit is mentioned a LOT.

3) god does not save, simon fails, message that Golding is saying we can not use God as a reason for this, we should change this ourselves

4) much evidence for absence of moral guidance, no moms and dad to offer this, children believe it is ok to torture each other + all the other terrible acts devoted on the island

5) jack produces a ‘rival’ religious beliefs to Ralph’s one, kids like jack’s more due to the ancestral desire for meat, hunting. Ironically, there is a sort of ‘order’ in Jack’s religious beliefs because every1 is so frightened of doing anything incorrect, they do not do anything. This works versus them when they are purchased to eliminate, etc

The legal angle,

Can not be held entirely responsible due to age, did they understand right from incorrect?, premeditated?

1) well, ofc they can not be held completely accountable, they were just 12 years old

2) they could be due to the fact that certainly Roger knew right from incorrect, yet still he selected wrong, jack on the other hand was blinded by his enthusiasm for searching

3) some actions were premeditated, the trap thought of by Jack at their brand-new hideout

4) he sed that they cud use it to eliminate any1 who comes

5) simon’s death was not actually premeditated, the young boys got swept up in a mad deep enthusiasm which triggered them to kill him

6) Roger+Jack however can be convicted of Piggy’s death, not of simon’s if some1 sed that they shud be convicted of simons death then all of the kids consisting of Ralph+Piggy wud be founded guilty due to the fact that of the very first death brought on by the big fire, hmm possibly Piggy exempt+ littluns, rest convicted

The moral view– > similar to psychiatrists view and parts of spiritual view.

The other kids gradually absorb Jack’s views because he is the head of that specific family, jack however turned nasty due to a return to primeval impulses.

Ruthlessness flourishes in conditions where there is much worry, absence of adult guidance, sensation of nothing to lose, misery

Tough to see if Jack felt misery, however definitely Ralph and Piggy do, instead they do not give up hope– > golding states ‘capacity for selflessness and love’ this is shown by Piggy (towards littluns + Ralph (when he helps the weeping one talk bout beastie))

Simon shows love towards all of nature, but he is not understood by others and is called ‘batty’.

Once again absence of adult assistance to tell them right from wrong …+ kids not on island are ‘failing’ so think of the trouble for kids on an island …

Humanist view:

Fear- nobody gets away worry, shown by the ‘monster’ not consisting of simon (he hesitates of speaking out)

Tyranny,- Jack ends up being a servant of his own thirst for blood, he does not rule himself, the hunger does, gets power and the circumstance worsens, breaks away from Ralph

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