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Lord of the Flies Critical Analysis


In the novel Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, Golding highlights several styles. One of the styles he demonstrates is being far from a civilized society causes an individual to become barbaric. Throughout the novel the conflict is demonstrated between Jack and Ralph who represent savagery vs.

civilization. The methods Golding demonstrates this style is how the kids’ language modifications throughout the story. Likewise the way their habits changes, and how they lose their identities through out the book.

One-way William Golding shows the style is by the change of language. The story is based upon a group of British kids who are stranded on a deserted island. They are all brought up to be correct speaking young adults. Throughout the story the kids have reverted back to a nomadic way of speaking. They do not speak in complete sentences and they don’t use appropriate English. Also the manner in which William Golding speaks about the kids has altered throughout the novel. He calls them savages and demoniac figures. “. savage raised his hand.” (pg. 148). “Demoniac figures with faces of white and red and green rushed out howling, so that the littluns got away shrieking.” William Golding now categorizes them as savages because of their behaviors. Another manner in which Golding shows the style is by the actions the boys acquire. Jack and his group, the choir kids, delight in searching. So in the story they try to kill a plant. Once they do they re-enact the hunt. They saw Robert, a young kid who is stranded on the island, as the pig.

They acted as if they were hunting the pig by jabbing Robert with sticks. Jack and his group likewise beat the other kids up. Jack and his young boys bind Wilfred, another young boy who is stranded on the island, and beat him up. Likewise Simon, a young boy who is a Christ-like figure in the unique, tries telling all of the other boys stranded on the island that there is no monster. The kids incorrect Simon as the beast and eliminate him. And Roger, a young boy who is in Jack’s group, pressed a boulder down a hill and the stone killed Piggy. Sharpen the stick at both ends” says Jack. He initially stated this when he wanted to kill the sow; he then states this once again when he wants to eliminate Ralph. Jack and his kids set fire to the island trying to kill Ralph. Claire Rosenfield states, “the narrative follows the kids’s steady go back to the amorality of youth, a non-innocence that makes them small savages.” Rosenfield is saying that children throughout the narrative turn into savages and become uncivilized.

Compton’s by Britannica states, “The story depicts a group of school kids separated on a coral island who gradually desert all moral restraints and go back to savagery, including ritualistic murder.” Which suggests that the kids regress into savages and don’t follow morals. “Each time they re-enact the exact same event, however there behavior ends up being more crazy, more harsh, less like drama or imitation than identification.” A third way that the author represents the theme of this novel is how the kids lose their identities.

They utilize to all have their own identities then they formed groups. Sam and Eric, these twins, became samneric. All of the little kids became littluns, and all of the older young boys became bigguns. Also how the kids paint their faces. They paint their faces red, white and green to in such a way modification who they are. When they put the paint on they act as if they remain in camouflage. Likewise when they have the paint on their faces they serve as more barbaric. The kids throughout the story lose who they really are. They have no adult supervision or guidance to assist them in the humanitarian aspects.

So they lose sight of whom they actually are through out the course of time. Last But Not Least, William Golding personifies the theme of this novel by needing guidelines and law to remain civilized. Each time the boys re-enact the very same occasion it gets more harsh and wicked. “… The story reveals that laws and rules … are necessary to keep the darker side of human nature in line” says W. Meitcke. Meitcke is saying that you need to have laws and guidelines to keep people in line and civil. If you don’t have any standards people get out of hand and end up being savages who don’t follow ethical behavior.

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