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Lord of the Flies Literary Analysis Paper


Through the Doors of High School Bullying– something that occurs every day in high schools, but yet individuals do not always acknowledge what goes on. According to the post Bully Facts & & Statistics, 56% of trainees have actually personally experienced some type of bullying at school. Bullying exceptionally impacts a person.

Whether it pulls up or not, the individual pestered will never have the same mentality. In William Golding’s unique Lord of the Flies, a plane crashes on a deserted island and all that stays is a group of young boys. No adults– young boys all alone.

Throughout the novel the kids have leadership functions and rules in order for their continued presence. The experience an individual has while on the island is how they reach their goal– survival. Lord of the Flies is a timeless due to the fact that it is seen as a metaphor for high school in this contemporary age since of the struggle for power that is revealed through the setting, the characters, and the signs. Golding uses the scar on the island as a part of the setting to associate with high school. No matter if the kids abscond from the island, the mark will still exist comparable to a trainee’s track record in high school.

The scar in the book is the scene where the aircraft crash emerges. This is the attributes of the scar after the crash: “The undergrowth of the side of the scar was shaken and a plethora of raindrops fell pattering” (7 ). A scar actually suggests leaving a mark on something. The popular crowd in high school ensures a simpler time of leaving a positive effect on the school, because they have additional power over the other trainees. This is an example of trainees having a hard time for power. Besides the popular crowd, everyone else has a tough time of gaining their power and making an impact on the school.

An individual will always remember about their experience in high school just like the young boys will never neglect the impacts of the aircraft crash that happened in Lord of the Flies on the island. From the unique Lord of the Flies, Piggy’s attributes remain not all that various from high school students. Early on in the unique, when Piggy and Ralph first fulfill, Piggy states, ‘”I don’t care what they call me,” he said confidentially, ‘”so long as they do not call me what they utilized to call me at school”‘ (11 ). Piggy’s declaration refers to how he accustomed to be dealt with back home.

Piggy’s heavyset body and unpopular glasses causes constant harassment directed towards him. Contrary, high school students stay not all that various. Whether in high school or Lord of the Flies, name calling can actually get to a person. The students that get badgered continuously are the ones that have a hard time the most at getting power. The trainees that badger others are the ones which contain the most power. On the island, a social stance happens. Ralph and Jack are the leaders while the litluns follow them. Piggy remains the castaway. In schools the bullies, typically the jocks, tend to pick on the nerds.

Although Piggy was known as the outcast, he had brains. “However Piggy, for all his ridiculous body, had brains. Ralph was a specialist in believed now, and might recognize believed in another (78 ).” Piggy was smarter than the majority of the others; that belonged to the reason of why he stood out. Likewise, high school trainees judge to rapidly. Again, that is a huge part of why bullying takes place at school. Since Piggy is smarter than the others, it triggers him to have a hard time the most for power. He is seen in a different way than the others and evaluated for it.

Moreover, ownerships parallel materialistic possessions of people in high school. In the unique, the conch is utilized as an essential challenge the boys. Towards the end of the book when Roger rolls a stone on Piggy, “The rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee; the conch took off into a thousand white pieces and ceased to exist” (181 ). In Lord of the Flies, the conch signifies power. The conch represents order; it keeps the boys in line. Similar to high school, the conch represents power like trainees’ possessions. By having expensive clothes, it represents richness, coolness, and popularity.

Ralph a leader in the unique, utilizes the conch to gain his power. However Ralph eventually loses his power. “The area under the palm trees was full of sound and movement. Ralph was on his feet too, yelling for quiet, but no one heard him. At one time the crowd swayed towards the island and was gone– following Jack (38 ).” This resembles high school since everyone fights for their power. Ralph represents society and in order for them to maintain their social image; Ralph guides the boys by making rules. The conch calls the group to meetings and stays exceptionally crucial to the young boys– especially Ralph.

After giving the boys incorrect information for a time period, the kids turn to Jack as their leader instead of Ralph. Therefore, Lord of the Flies is a traditional due to the fact that it continues as a metaphor for high school in this contemporary period due to the fact that of the battle for power revealed through the setting, the characters, and the symbols. In Lord of the Flies people need to deal with bullying every day. All due to the fact that of the social groups that take place and the power that occurs with it. Always remember– bullying will proceed to exist in high schools however if a person does not let it trouble them then it will not be as affective.

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