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Lord of the Flies – Reflection of Society


In society, people have the ability to become violent no matter the personality of the person. Brutality remains in all animal species. The only difference in between humans and the animals is the capability of the human mind to manage one’s thoughts and actions, however, even this ability can be lost if presented with a circumstance that ends up being so difficult or two outrageous that the mind is no longer in control.

This is precisely what happens in the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Within this book people will discover exactly how brutal a human can end up being when the kids are caught on an island with no other grownups with them.

This book shows without a doubt that all people have the natural capability for brutality. Jack was already a damaging individual before the young boys ever became stranded on the island, nevertheless, he somehow is driven to eliminate. Jack was considered a likeable guy that was appreciated and feared by many. Jack could quickly be referred to as a popular football star or a popular person in today’s world. Jack, after not getting his way, decides he will form his own group of kids to be versus the other group. This begins the devastating course of society just like it occurs today.

He takes a group and tries to topple the other by force and deceptiveness. Roger is just pure evil. A person can only question how such a kid could have been on an airplane and not in a psychological institute. Roger seems to be the one feared primarily for his insanity. The best example of his capability for brutality takes place when he chooses to eliminate Piggy with a falling boulder. In the beginning of the book, he only tossed rocks at individuals but never hit them. Now, as time has past, he has lost all control of his mind and now seems just to act on impulse, survival being among the impulses he follows one of the most.

Piggy and Ralph appear to be the only level headed people on the whole island so it might be difficult to conceive them causing damage to anybody or letting their impulses of survival take control of them. Nevertheless, this is precisely what took place. Ralph’s group was so afraid that Jack’s group might attack them, when Simon concerned give them some details, Ralph’s group eliminated him. They only killed Simon since they believed he was from Jack’s group or the beast concerning get them. It was not up until after they eliminated Simon that they discovered what had actually happened.

The strangest aspect of this is that Ralph and Piggy, the most level headed of the group, participated in killing Simon. Ralph and Piggy, despite their rational behavior, became irrational when they fear the worse. Worry is definitely among the biggest elements that cause people to act rather than thinking about the repercussions. The only character that can be considered non brutal would have to be Simon. Simon played an extremely important function in this book due to the fact that was the one that might see what others might not see.

The most paradoxical twist in the story was when he was eliminated. Prior to he met his fate, he was talking with the cut off head of a pig that Jack’s group provided to the beast as a sort of “sacrifice.” The pig informed him that the anger within them, the boys on the island, would wind up destroying them. As Simon returns to inform them what he had actually been informed, he was killed by his own group in fear that he was the beast or part of Jack’s group. The killing of Simon seemed to symbolize completion of innocence and mankind.

The someone that might have conserved them all was eliminated out of instinct and fear. William Golding most likely had Simon eliminated because nobody listens. Take a look at today’s society. Why would anybody think in an individual that speaks to a pig’s head for guidance? Also, most people today does not or will not stop and listen to those who are trying to assist. Once individuals reach that climax, absolutely nothing, not even a pal could help them. This appears to be the belief of Golding. Golding has actually drawn out much or his views on life in this book.

Lord of the Flies offers an excellent view on today’s society and how society may respond in such a situation. The book also provides insight into human nature and what human beings are capable of when there is nothing left but fear and survival. With Golding belonging to a terrific war he definitely understands more than the majority of what people will do from the battlefield. All the rules alter while on the battlefield just as when the boys were stranded on the island. Golding seems to be leaving a message for all of humanity to see and perhaps a caution of things to come.

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