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Lord of the Flies Symbolism Essay


Lord of the Flies Importance Essay

Lord of the Flies essay Analyse how symbols are utilized to develop an idea in a text you have studied. In the novel Lord of the Flies composed by William Golding, an idea that is established throughout the novel is civilisation versus savagery. This is revealed through the significance of the conch, the fire and Piggy’s glasses. This usage of meaning assists the reader to understand the intrinsic evil in humanity and the balance in between civilisation and the society we reside in now versus the inner savagery that is emerging in the boys during the book.

Among the signs Golding uses to check out and develop the style of civilisation versus savagery is the conch. The conch is first utilized on the island when blown by Ralph to gather and indicate any other kids that made it through the airplane crash on the island. This here is the first sign of civilisation as once the conch is blown and young boys start to appear, they make guidelines and regulations and choose a chief. This is a sign of democracy which we identify in society today. Golding uses the conch as a symbol for civilisation throughout the novel and is related to law and order.

This is revealed to the reader when Piggy states “I have the conch, so I have the power to speak!” the conch’s power works for a short amount of time up until the authority that is associated with the conch slips away and is subdued by the savagery and inherent evil that has actually been hidden away in mankind emerging out of the young boys. When the conch is destroyed, civilisation is totally shattered. As the reader we understand then that the goal of rescue is lost and replaced with the requirement to hunt and eliminate.

This relates back to society today as we look at nations that have no authoritive figure to appreciate or follow and we see the mayhem and havoc amongst individuals and their morals lost. The 2nd symbol Golding utilizes to establish the theme is the fire. The fire represents civilisation and the hope of being rescued. It likewise represents order and security. The fire is initially used as a signal fire in the hope of an aircraft or neighboring boat seeing the smoke from the fire and coming to save the kids. Due to the fact that of the group work it takes to keep the fire going, it makes us realise the teamwork and unity of the boys at the start of the book.

Nevertheless, as the fire subsequently snuffs out, so does the hope and goal of being saved. The fire becomes a damaging force that simultaneously ruins the island and eliminates Simon. The fire then starts to be utilized as a heat source to prepare the meat that the kids butchered. Golding utilizes the fire to show us the progressive shift that takes place on the island as savagery and the intrinsic evil starts to get rid of the requirement for civilisation. The third symbol Golding utilizes to develop the theme of civilisation versus savagery is Piggy’s glasses.

Throughout the novel Piggy is the character that is the voice of reason and is ridiculed by others. He is the only one who remains entirely sane and represents civilisation, knowledge and expect society. Golding utilizes Piggy’s glasses as the only thing that can light the fire as it demonstrates to us the change on the island. Initially Piggy’s glasses are used to light the signal fire so that there is hope of rescue however as the novel advances and Piggy’s glasses get broken and taken we see a shift from favorable to unfavorable and the intrinsic evil that is present in the kids.

The damaged glasses show us the loss of humanity on the island and the complete disappearance of civilisation. As the reader we are revealed the savagery conquering civilisation when the glasses get taken as they represent society and modern day– without them Piggy is blind. When jack uses them around his waist, they are a trophy rather than an important requirement. In conclusion, the signs of the conch, the fire and Piggy’s glasses assist establish the style of civilisation versus savagery. The use of meaning helps the reader to comprehend the inherent evil in mankind and the balance in between civilisation versus savagery.

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