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Lord of the Flies Thesis


Lord of the Flies Thesis

Lord of the Flies was composed by William Golding in 1954. It is a story about how a group of British boys, age’s 6 through twelve, try and produce a society while being shipwrecked on an unknown island with only the hope of rescue. Ralph is the leader of their people with Piggy as his 2nd in command. Although nobody truly listens to Piggy due to the fact that he is so different, Piggy keeps on helping them. Samneric are twin siblings who are on Ralph’s side. Roger is somewhat vicious and likes torturing the littleuns, or more youthful kids.

Roger is head of the choir boys, and likes it that method. He enjoys power and was mad when the other boys picked Ralph over him. William Golding composed the novel Lord of the Flies showing that without a civilized societal environment with guidelines, federal government, and an overview of what is right and what is wrong, man will eventually return to his savagery roots. Roger turns from wicked into pure sadistic once he is on the island because there is nobody to impose the morals of right and wrong, or o penalize him when he has actually gone against a moral.

Prior to the airplane crashed onto the island there was always a cloud of defense surrounding the little kids he so desperately wants to see suffer. “There was an area around Henry, possibly 6 backyards in size, into which he dare not throw. Here, undetectable yet strong, was the taboo of the old life. Round the squatting kid was the defense of moms and dads and school and cops and the law. Roger’s arm was conditioned by a civilization that knew absolutely nothing of him and remained in ruins” (62 ). This reveals that Roger was when at least partly civilized when there were laws, and grown adults to stop him.

Today, on this island, there are none of these and Roger can take control of whatever he pleases since it’s what makes him feel excellent. The change in this situation takes place when the anticipated controls (of parents, teachers etc) are not in location and the video games operate on and nobody stops them. “And suppose he fulfill the chief, or Roger, who carried death in his hands” (196 ). Ralph, when he is being hunted by the other people that wishes to kill him, he is more afraid of Roger, the one who increases fear in people and tortures them so that they will obey, than he is of Jack, the chief of Roger and his people.

This reveals that Roger, or sadism, is more feared than dictatorship, or power. “Roger used up a little stone and flung it in between the twins, aiming to miss. They began, and Sam only just kept his footing. Some sort of power started to pulse through Rogers body” (175 ). Roger feels power in the harm and fear of others, he truly is savage. Jack knows what is prohibited and what is right, but soon enough, he wants power over everybody. “I concur with Ralph. We’ve got to have rules and follow them. After all, we’re not savages. We’re English, and the English are best at everything. So we’ve got to do the best things” (42 ).

Instantly all the boys decide to install a federal government, showing the need for society and guidelines, like they had back in England. It shows that they understand what is ideal and wrong adequate to be able to make guidelines versus what they feel is wrong. Jack likewise, although he had stated him and his group of boys “hunters”, can not eliminate the pig on his very first shot since he has strong sense of the forbidden and what is best and wrong. Likewise the enormity of the knife coming down and cutting into the living flesh; because of the excruciating blood is another factor for Jack not wanting to eliminate the pig. The pause was just enough time for them to comprehend what an enormity the down stroke would be” (33 ). This shows the conscience of man over damage of another living animal as the truth of searching is still a shock to them at this phase. But, soon his thirst for power overthrows that of the laws and rules of the make-shift society. “His mind was crowded with memories; memories of the understanding that had come to them when they surrounded the having a hard time pig, understanding that they had actually outwitted a living thing, imposed their will upon it, eliminated its life like a long rewarding drink” (70 ).

He now does not even consider rules of society and how that would be towered above. The young boys feast and celebrate when the hunting party returns with the pig; this event over a dead animal returns to when the savages of Northern America, particularly Indians, commemorated the death of their kill. This was viewed as uncivilized by the pilgrims and they were looked down upon as savages. “He was primary now in truth; and he made stabbing motions with his spear. From his left hand dangled Piggy’s damaged glasses” (168 ). Jack and his tribe represent anarchy.

Jack did not have the stability to keep the Monster at bay. He is the criminal of all three deaths that take place on the island and wants to spend his time hunting (killing) rather of helping Ralph with rescue. “Next time there would be no grace” (34 ). This is Jack determined to prove himself capable of massacre making him and his actions unsafe and unpredictable. This is the last improvement from civilized to savagery. With the arrival of the dead airman, fear becomes real and society is forgotten practically entirely as first Simon, then Piggy is destroyed.

This destruction is triggered by the kid’s actions. The fire changes from the sign of civilization to death of life. The Signal Fire is a representation of commonsense and rescue from immorality. When the signal fire can no longer be lit, because Jack stole Piggy’s specifications that light it, its beacon of hope and understanding is no longer present to direct Ralph who needs to then be constantly reminded by Piggy what is right, a lot like an adult reminds a child. Ralph represents law, order, organized society and moral integrity.

Throughout the unique he is continuously making commonsense rules for the boys to follow. As chief, he knows right from wrong. At the end of the unique he too realizes that male is not a kind creature by nature. Anarchy lastly pursues society in the end, but Golding does not let us know which side would win without intervention. “They had actually smoked him out and set the island on fire” (192 ). Ralph is practically eliminated by the thing he wished to maintain the most. This reveals that the savagery is now upon him and guidelines disappear.

Piggy represents the intellectual side of human beings. Piggy signifies knowledge and morality. Without Piggy to help Ralph it is extremely possible that Ralph might have forgotten things and succumbed to the Monster. Jack, who, throughout the unique methodically eliminates the forces opposing him, is scornfully afraid of Piggy and ultimately kills him to remove his ethical influence on the group, which disputes with his plan to rule with tribalism, survivalist morality. There was no solemn assembly for argument nor dignity of the conch” (196 ). The Conch is a symbol of the high hand of authority. Utilized to call meetings, it is wonderful to the kids, who for the most part regard it. In the end, when it is ruined, authority on the island is gone and Ralph is delegated take care of himself. Ethical anarchy is let loose by the murder of Simon and Piggy. Guideline and order is ruined by the loss of the conch and Piggy’s death, torture of the littleuns, searching of Ralph, and Ralph’s will to eliminate or be killed.

William Golding wrote the novel Lord of the Flies proving that without a civilized societal environment with rules, government, and an outline of what is best and what is wrong, male will ultimately go back to his savagery roots. Between Roger and Jack, turning rapidly from the light into the dark as soon as the freedom of no grownups or rules is understood, it is just best that this book be a difficult battle. Golding’s book reveals what would take place to society if it was deprived of guidelines, morals, and an appropriate leader. It also shows how human nature really reacts to fear, harm, hazards, and, in a way, liberty.

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