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Lord of the Flies vs. the Destructors


Lord of the Flies vs. the Destructors

Fiction takes a look at all ranges of subjects through the eyes of numerous diverse characters. Lord of the Flies and The Destructors is no different in the sense you see two exceptionally striking scenarios through the eyes of unexpected characters. These stories both take a look at society and the primitive aspects it can have. The primary characters in the story are both children of young ages exhibiting unexpected and often exceptionally shocking behavior displaying a loss of innocence.

They differ in the sense that Lord of Flies looks at how savage a human can get in desperate situations while the other is how savage a person can get against a society that feel preyed on against. These 2 books have resemblances that can be easily recognized. They both display groups of adolescents that are interacting with severe situations. Lord of Flies portrays kids stranded on an island and they should come together in order to find these services. Desperation sets in which motivates them to begin acting increasingly more savage as time goes on.

This resembles The Destructors because the short story shows a comparable group of kids who display savage behavior to a neighborhood. While one is a domestic neighborhood and another is an island, the island represents a neighborhood for these young boys for the time of the story because they are stranded upon it. Both stories display a power struggle through 2 characters in them. Lord of The Flies shows this through Jack and Ralph and In the Destructors this is seen through Trevor and Blackie.

Jack and Ralph both attempted to become chief of the new people, Ralph winning by a couple of votes. Nevertheless, as time goes on their primitive behaviors shine through developing a divide between the children and Jack establishes his own people. Jack’s influence inspires the kids to end up being violent and savage towards Ralph and his group, leading to killing one of Ralph’s pal, Piggy. All of the teamwork and civil behavior that Ralph represents is gradually gone up until the children all turn into monsters, which Jack represents.

Ralph was about structure and finding a rescue, which appears in his style of 2 groups, one for food and one for a fire signal while jack was all about savage habits and power over the other children. In the Destructors, Blackie and Trevor both have possible to be the leader of the Wormsley Common Gang and it can be translucented their discussion that they are both aware that they desire it. Blackie tries to display this by attempting to avoid Trevor from voting on what type of trouble they enter into when he late to their meeting however Trevor does not enable him.

The peak of this battle is when are talking about ideas and Trevor informs them about damaging Old Anguish’s home from the within. Blackie tries his finest to dissuade with the potential of authorities and the failure to achieve this but Trevor continue to press the idea until it is elected and selected. This symbolized the end of Blackie’s reign of the group and when one member asks “How do we start?” Blackie merely walks away saying,” He’ll tell you.” Indicating that he understands what has happened and realizing his function of leadership is taken over. Both groups in each story displayed how easily a dynamic can alter through Power.

When you look at the stories from another angle, you can see that the messages they have vary very. Lord of the Flies was everything about human nature and completions it can go. This book is a classic one because of the message it sends out through the least likely characters, young boys. The Destructors is a more believable story since the kind of violence that is seen in the story. While damage to somebody’s home is dreadful and the manner in which they did it was incredibly special, Lord of The Flies uses violence against one another and leads to psychotic breaks and kids losing their lives at the hands of others.

The longer these kids are with one another, they start to lose more of their humankind and acquire more primal impulses in ways of acting. Jack is the very best candidate to display this since of how he grows more and more corrupt. After beginning his own tribe, he has allowed himself to dictate what he feels his followers need to do. He permitted them to end up being savage too. If he felt that other kids required to be penalized, he felt not doubt and even was to the point of killing another child.

He started using clay masks, which represents the importance of having a new more primal exterior. The novel wraps up with Ralph being saved however weeping because he assesses everything that has actually taken place and how far these kids have fallen and to what points they all reached. The Destructors truly illustrates a group of kids who aim to destroy a community leaving an old male’s home for last. These children differ from the ones in Lord of The Flies because though they do some quite doubtful acts, it is more delinquency rather than primal acts.

These young boys are doing violent actions due to the fact that of the violence through the war they witness around them. With The second world war going on, these children are witness to bombings typically leaving them feeling with the need to do something. They decide to become a gang that will make their mark around London, causing crime another extreme than the next. Trevor inspires these boys to destroy an old guy’s home but instead of usually ruining it while he is away, they decide to damage it from the within out. Trevor says, “We ‘d resemble worms, do not you see, in an apple. (pg. 12) Nevertheless, mid building the old male, Old Torment, comes home unanticipated and is locked away until the job is finished. The ending screens Old Suffering sobbing as his home is damaged and the lorry that was around ended the story by chuckling saying “There’s absolutely nothing personal however you got to admit it’s funny.” (pg. 22) This is in fact the precise opposite reaction of what Lord of The Flies showed since even though Mr. Thomas was sobbing at his loss similar to Ralph’s reaction, the Truck laughed at the funny of the circumstance.

These stories all portray kids doing things that usually we would not expect to see in society. Nevertheless, the lack of a society in both novels has actually enabled behavior of this magnitude to happen. These stories reveal us that though they are different kinds of criminal offenses and in various context, society is what can be considered the common thread through both stories. Society and it’s influence can actually effect the people that remain in it and if you are in a society that does not offer a positive structure, you might display the actions seen in Lord of The Flies or The Destructors.

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