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Main And Principal Characters 1984


Main And Principal Characters 1984

1984 is the most famous work by George Orwell and one of the foundations of dystopia genre. It shows us the badly distorted totalitarian society where propaganda reshapes the really souls of individuals, stripping them of language, of sensation and of improper thoughts. The image of 1984 world is so terrible not due to the fact that blood and tortures we may see there– no, the physical threats are shown extremely mildly. Though exaggerating, George Orwell explained the real possibilities of propaganda, utilizing reality totalitarian programs as recommendations. We can see certain weak manifestations of 1984 worldview around us even now, worldwide we consider totally free.

Characters 1984

The character list of 1984 is not really wide, but each of them is shaped completely to show the sheer despondence of the fight versus system. Mainly, the characters do not have depths, but it isn’t due to the fact that the author was neglecting them: the depth of soul and mind is thought about a criminal offense worldwide they reside in. We prepared a short character list with the book estimates describing the characters to let you better understand the grim and bleak world of 1984.


The lead character of the story, Winston is as average as possible. He is a clerk of the Ministry of Reality, unimportant and dull, as we see him from the very beginning. However then, as we follow his ideas, we recognize that someplace inside he is a strong idealist, who can intuitively comprehend the wrongness of the things going on around him. Operating in the department that rewrites history, he, of course, knows all the lies of propaganda, and is covertly curious about the genuine, the same truth. Winston starts to look for the forgotten poetry, books, even ideas, broadening his lexicon and taking in the concepts and ideas eliminated from Newspeak. We see that he isn’t a meaningless drone, incapable of any sensations. When he sees Julia for the first time, in her camouflage as a fierce member of the Junior Anti-Sex League, he is captivated by his beauty, but her emptiness disgusts him. Winston dreams about raping and killing her, lastly letting his quelched anger and sexual drive find the escape.

But he is not just an angry and sexually active guy. His growing love to Julia blends with his hatred to the Party that deprived people of their sensations and capability to love each other, believe and create something brand-new. Winston starts to look for not only the safe corners to make love to Julia, however for some anti-Party companies to enlist into. Regardless of Julia makes sure that their love and their existing life will soon end, due to the fact that the Party will inevitably catch them, Winston still hopes that he can change something. Regrettably, Julia is right. His good friend and the member of Anti-Party Brotherhood, O’Brien is a high-ranked member of the thought authorities. He catches them both and tortures Winston intensely for numerous months. The only thing that helps him withstand and stay loyal to his true identity is his love to Julia. However eventually Winston breaks, pleading O’Brien to abuse Julia rather. After this he is thought about “cleansed” and launched. The last time we see Winston he is looking at the picture of Huge Bro, fiercely and regards stating his commitment to the Party and dreaming about trial and execution for himself. Winston wishes to die, but even these thoughts of his are now transformed into the form hassle-free and approved by the Celebration.


Julia is Winston’s love, pretty, dark-haired and sensuous employee of the Ministry of Reality. At the very first look she is really similar to him in her desire for freedom and her sensations are more powerful. It is Julia who states that her love to Winston will sustain any tortures that the federal government can create for them– but, according to O’Brien she is the first of the 2 to break. Julia isn’t an idealist like Winston: she is a basic female driven by her primal, though lovely impulses. She never ever imagined altering the whole system: Julia is the part of it, not able to picture another world or another government. She is attracted to Winston even if Julia feels he is also defiant and uncommon– so he can give her a stable source of strong feelings she desires so much. As the employee of the Ministry of Truth, Julia is really experienced in lies, so it is quite easy for her to preserve her double life– her job is gotten in touch with doublethink after all. She belongs to the Junior Anti-Sex League, however secretly she delights in love, sex and love, trying to hide it under the most zealous image possible. The Celebration is her natural location of environment, she does not see the laws and constraints as something awful and embarrassing– just a barrier in between her and her ability to feel great for real. In the end we can believe that her feelings held true and genuine, but they did not have depth, like any other element of Julia’s nature. By breaking her adventurous spirit, O’Brien broke everything else inside her, leaving only the image Julia showed to any other person– a Party zealot, indifferent to anything else, unable even to recognize her former fan when they satisfy on the street.


O’Brien belongs to the Inner Celebration circle– someone who is depended be exposed to the prohibited understanding and use it to lure the “idea criminals” to the trap of the government. Winston only knows that O’Brien is likewise operating in the Ministry of Truth, however his administrative position is so high that the remainder of the clerks do not even have an idea about the real nature of his task. O’Brien has almost an extraordinary instinct: picking up something incorrect in Winston, he saw him for many years, ultimately dropping a hint about him, O’Brien, opposing the Celebration. He is likewise alike to Winston in lots of ways: they both can almost sense each other, their difference from the remainder of the individuals, they indulge in something that stimulates feelings and they are smart adequate to talk about ideas, missing in the Newspeak. The first time when we see the cruel nature of O’Brien is when he, as a “member of anti-Party Brotherhood” tests Winston and Julia, asking if they are ready to be separated permanently for the requirements of the Brotherhood. Julia screams that she will never leave Winston, however Winston’s ideals dominate and he agrees. O’Brien reveals the ability to instantly feel the pressure points of the people. When Winston is recorded, O’Brien doesn’t restrict his sadistic nature any longer. He abuses his victim with the intimacy of a maniac, expressing even compassion and motivating Winston to “treat” from his “insanity”. He enjoys the existing state of affairs for it fits his distorted state of mind and refers with awe to the future as “a boot stamping on a human face”. He is the most experienced torturer, able to recover cost Winston into complete obedience– not just obedience, O’Brien isn’t satisfied with it– however the voluntary and fierce slavery to the Party.

Tom Parsons 1984

Unlike the distressed and complicated main character, Tom Parsons, Winston’s next-door neighbor is a renowned member of the Party. He is basic, ignorant and pleasant, always trying to do his best to please the Celebration. His character is rather comparable to the character of another story by George Orwell, “Animal Farm”– the naive working horse Boxer, who wished to constantly work harder to repair any situation. He has a relatively normal household at the very first look, but then we understand that his kids are members of something resembling a scout company– with a little difference that they are brainwashed to be absolutely devoted to the Party and spy on their moms and dads. The better half of Tom Parsons looks much older than she is, because she enjoys her children and lives in continuous worry for them. Parson’s life does not end well– among his children reports him to the Ministry of Love, stating that he murmured “Down with the Party” while asleep. It is considered a heavy criminal offense and Tom Parsons is recorded immediately. When Winston sees him for the last time, he reveals appreciation to his child and to the Thought Cops, for they caught him prior to his subconscious desires damaged him entirely. Driven to a labor camp he cheerfully promises to work harder to atone his criminal offense.

Big Bro

Technically not a character, the Big Brother is a symbol of ever-watching Party, an official ideological leader, a male never seen personally. As a man handling history, Winston doubts that the Big Bro ever existed or a minimum of exists now, since he is pointed out for too wish for the human life-span. The Huge Sibling and his cult of character is a personification of all the party virtues. As O’Brien describes, human feelings, particularly of the ignorant people of working class, better concentrate on the private things than on the abstract concept. Still, the concern of the real existence of the Big Bro stays unanswered. When Winston asks O’Brien if the Huge Bro exists in the exact same method he does, his torturer blatantly answers that the Big Sibling will exist as long as the Celebration will continue to exist, and Winston never really existed at all.

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