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Modern World: Things Fall Apart


” We can not leave the matter in his hands since he doesn’t not understand our customizeds, simply as we do not understand his. We say he is foolish since he does not know our methods, and perhaps he states we are silly since we do not know his. Let him disappear” (* 1).

This quote reveals the significant theme of the book which is modification vs custom. The quote shows the theme completely; generally it reveals the ignorance of the majority of the Umuofia clan and their fear of the white peoples culture taking over theirs.

They are dealing with the question of whether change need to be privileged over tradition.The individuals of Umuofia desire a little change however at the same time they have fear of totally losing their way of life, the people are divided on the topic at hand at what the right and incorrect thing to do is, and just how much is to much modification. When the very first white guys was seen there was debate currently. The male was seen in Abame, the senior citizens immediately visited their oracle out of fear. The oracle informed the seniors that” the weird man would break their clan and spread damage amongst them” (* 2). So the people killed the white males immediately out of fear.Then a couple of weeks later out of vengeance 3 white men went to the Abame market and shot everybody except the people that weren’t there.

The Abame people were absurd they need to have known” Never kill a guy who says absolutely nothing” (* 3). However regardless of why the shooting happened at the Abame market the gossip had started and the worry had actually set in for the white guys. After the Abame occurrence, other white people started to show. The white missionaries went to Umuofia and had started constructing churches there and began getting converts.Not everyone enjoyed the brand-new faith though, however the leaders of the clan were not scarred because they believed that the weird faith would not last. Missionaries likewise arrived in the town of Mbanta. The missionaries started informing individuals of the towns about the brand-new faith” We have actually been sent out by this great God to ask you to leave your wicked ways and incorrect gods and rely on Him so that you might be saved when you die” (* 4).

The missionaries began to have individuals of the villages question their religious beliefs and culture, and to make them believe am I simply worshiping incorrect gods of wood and stone?Is all the routines and killing and ruining innocent children actually right? Many questions started to stir. Someone in specific who was captivated by the new faith was Nwoye, Okonkwo’s son. Nwoye became one of the first converts, however because of this change with his life that implied that he was no longer part of Okonkwo’s life or ever be considered his son. Even though this hurt Nwoye, he felt a relief in his life, so he believed that he might find other people within his brand-new faith that would love him more then his father ever had.As the missionaries continued getting the word out of their new faith and changing individuals life’s, they chose to request some land to construct their church. So the clan decided to give them as much land somewhere as they desired. The missionaries were extremely delighted that they were getting the land, but what they didn’t understand was the land they were getting was called the “wicked forest” because it was alive with sinister forces and was evil.

The” evil forest” was where the clan had actually buried everyone that passed away from wicked diseases.There was a so called curse that was set on the forest, so the people of Mbanta anticipated the missionaries to all be dead within four days. Not understanding of menstruation the missionaries begun immediately clearing out the forest and developing their church, and as each day went by and no one was dying individuals of Mbanta were questioned about why the curse wasn’t working on the white males. The church in Mbanta kept getting more powerful and more powerful as each day passed and was getting more converts. Okonkwo stayed angered at the new modifications in Mbanto,” up until the abominable gang was chased out of the town with whips there would be no peace” (* 5). Although some did not mind the modifications” It is not our custom to eliminate for our gods, let us not presume to do so now” (* 6). Although everyone had their own viewpoints of the matter at hand, the assembly out of worry decided to exclude the christians from the advantages and life of the clan.

Although the new faith had just a couple of converts initially, the christians quickly grew and had became a little community and they were not going to be easily closed down. After the 7 years of Okonkwo living in Mbanta, he was finally able to go back to Umuofia after being exiled.Although things had been changing in Mbanta, Okonkwo was uninformed that Umuofia had also been altering. He still anticipated to just return and have everything still be the exact same, although that was the total opposite. The new church was not the only thing that had changed because he was gone in Umuofia; the white men also brought a brand-new government to the town. The males of power were no longer the high titled males, primary priests, and the elders, the guys of power were now the District of Commissioner, and the court messengers.The District Commissioner had ended up being the head of the government in Umuofia who judged cases ignorantly, then there were the court messengers who safeguarded the brand-new prison, which was filled with citizens who would not listen to the white guy’s laws.

Okonkwo was extremely confused about what has actually taken place to the village he once had some power over.” What is it that has occurred to our people? Why have they lost the power to fight (* 7)?” Okonkwo was so flabbergasted about how his when completely traditional south african village had become a government controlled christian village.So many things were altering, not only did the white males bring a brand-new religious beliefs, and a new federal government, however they also brought trading to the village, which helped the village have more of a loan flow and schools were starting to be constructed. The clan had actually become barely recognizable to Okonkwo any longer, it was breaking down in his eyes. The village had not just started to fall apart in Okonkwo’s eyes however in others quickly to follow too. On the yearly praise of the earth goddess day, among the egwugwu’s masks were inadvertently torn off by Enoch, which was one of the greatest crimes a man could commit.Enoch revealed everyone that the egwugwu’s were simply guys impersonating spirits, for that reason Enoch had actually essentially eliminated an ancestral spirit.

From Enoch doing that he helped the missionaries falsify the Umuofia’s faith and reveal that it was all superstitious notion, but he also re-sparked the conflict in between the christian church and the clan. That was the last straw for the clan with handling the christians,” Inform him to go back to his house and leave us alone … However this shrine which he constructed should be destroyed. We will no longer enable it in our midst” (* 8). The clan can be found in contract to burns down the church; which makes Okonkwo extremely happy for when.

The men in Umuofia finally started to take back the town that was as soon as theirs, so the next few days the men were equipped and remained aware. As the males were on cloud nine believing things may end up going back to the standard ways, they forgot to bear in mind that their was still a federal government. The district commissioner was at a tour when the clan chose to burn down the church and not follow the laws. But when the District Commissioner did return from his tour, Mr.Smith, who was the head missionary, immediately captured the Commissioner up on what had taken place while he was away. After learning what had happened the Commissioner got his messenger to round up the leaders of Umuofia for a meeting. When all 6 leaders, consisting of Okonkwo, fulfilled up at the commissioners headquarters they were asked what had actually occurred, prior to they even had a chance to discuss what had happened then they were instantly arrested.

” I have actually brought you here because you collaborated to molest others, to burn people’s homes and their place of worship” (* 8). The 6 leaders were fined with 2 hundred bags of cowries and were sentenced to jail and would not be released until they paid the fine, and if they choose not to they would be required to Umuru to be hung. Fortunately every one of the leaders paid the fine, and were released. Okonkwo was so amazing outraged when he was blurt of the prison. Later on that night when he went back to his hut he could barley even sleep. All he could think about was revenge, and how no matter what he was not going to back out of his plan.The next morning he went to the meeting point, which was the market where he was going to satisfy Obierika.

” All our gods are weeping. Idemili is weeping, Ogwugwu is weeping, Agbala is weeping, and all the others. Our dead daddies are weeping because of the shameful sacrilege they are suffering and the abomination we have all seen with our eyes” (* 9). Okonkwo decided that enough sufficed he was not going to wait and enjoy his clan fall apart any longer.” We should root out this evil. And if our bros take the side of evil we must root them out too.And we need to do it now.

We need to bale this water now that it is just ankle deep …” (* 10). And that is exactly what Okonkwo did. He waited his word, and he did what he felt was right. He shot and eliminated a messenger at the market place, where every person witnessed with their own eyes.

Shortly after this the District Commissioner arrived at Okonkwo’s compound to obtain him to be eliminated since of the sin he had just committed, but the commissioner together with a few other individuals had understood he was to late the deed had been currently done.Okonkwo was found hanging dead on a tree behind his compound; he committed suicide. When Okonkwo was found dead Obierika relied on the District Commissioner and said,” That male was among the best males in Umuofia. You drove him to eliminate himself; and now he will be buried like a pet dog” (* 11). So rather then wait to be eliminated and embarrassed, Okonkwo took matters into his own hands and killed himself. In the book Things fall apart the primary character Okonkwo ended up both losing and winning at the end.He lost in the sense of the brand-new religious beliefs, and government, and generally simply the overall modification ended up winning over tradition.

Which was what he feared the whole time. However in a sense he won due to the fact that the last thing he did prior to he passed away was something he completely thought was the best thing to do, so he never quit or stopped attempting, even though he understands that he did all that he might and attempted. But In the end it was simply unbearable for him to live any longer with all that had actually changed in his village, so he did what he wished to do, which was killing the messenger, then he eliminated himself.He eliminated himself due to the fact that he understood that considering that he killed the messenger he was then going to be eliminated for the sin he had dedicated. But he he didn’t want to be eliminated by another person and be made as an example, and he didn’t wish to give the satisfaction to the District Of Commissioner by letting himself get killed by him. So in the end he just quit and recognized their was nothing else he could do about the scenario at hand. “The world has no end, and what is excellent among one individuals is an abomination with others” (* 11).

That shows that no matter that people will constantly see things in a different way, what is great or bad or what is right or what is wrong. No matter what, the world will never ever be agreeing on the matter at hand, there will always be battling and arguing as long as their is something to be argued about. So in the end through all the combating and heartache Okonkwo’s death signified the tradition dyeing out and alter taking over.

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