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Montresor’s Mental Illness As Highlighted In Edgar Allan Poe’s Short Story The Cask Of Amontillado,


“The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, yet when he ventured upon insult I pledged revenge.” This is the line that opens Edgar Allen Poe’s “short story”, The Cask of Amontillado. It reveals the audience what the tale is about, which is a problem in between the two primary characters Montresor and Fortunato. Edgar Allen Poe does not inform us specifically what happened in between Fortunato and Montresor to make Montresor want vengeance, but we could make the infer that it was something rather negative. We additionally do not know what Montresor indicates when he claims that he desires revenge. We would certainly soon find out later on in the tale that Montresor’s vengeance meants that he would record Fortunato and secure him in a catacomb so he could not leave and then murdering his old buddy. Why would Montresor do something? What triggered Montresor to just break and also murder his pal Fortunato? I think that Montresor must’ve had some sort of mental disorder that would push him to the factor of murder.

The initial mental disease that comes to mind when thinking of people that have actually killed is schizophrenia. The definition of schizophrenia according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “A really serious mental disease in which a person can not believe or act normally and also typically experiences deceptions.” Numerous infamous serial killers over the years, such as Ed Gein, Richard Chase as well as David Gonzalez. Several of the major symptoms of schizophrenia are disordered and also compulsive behavior, aggressiveness and temper, anxiousness, paranoia as well as the belief that an ordinary occasion has special and personal definition. It is shown that Montresor has multiple of these signs and symptoms in the tale, specifically aggression as well as the belief that a common even has a personal significance. This can indicate that Fortunato did something small to anger Montresor, as well as since he possibly has schizophrenia, that could have led Montresor to believe that killing Fortunato was the only valid alternative. People that deal with schizophrenia are recognized to harm and murder other individuals, so recommending that Montresor is suffering from such an illness is totally legitimate.

One more possible disease that Montresor could possibly be experiencing is bipolar disorder. According to WebMD, bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that brings severe low and high mood swings and produces modifications in resting patterns, power, believing as well as behavior. Those last 2 can go hand in hand with Montresor, as his behavior as well as thinking in this tale is horrible. The complying with quote is thought of by Montresor in the tale. “I proceeded, as was my in to smile in his face, and also he did not view that my to smile now went to the thought of his immolation” (Poe). This demonstrates how Montresor was assuming that evening. He was thinking about Fortunato’s death while grinning and talking with the male. This can easily be indicators of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

The final feasible health problem that Montresor can have is antisocial individuality disorder, also knowns as APD. Antisocial character condition is a mental disease that is best known for being the factor most serial awesomes do what they do. Notorious serial awesomes such as Ted Bundy and also Robert Black both had APD. The interpretation of antisocial individuality condition, according to MedlinePlus, is “A psychological condition which an individual has a long-term pattern of controling, manipulating, or violating the rights of others.” This interpretation perfectly defines Montresor. His actions can be called criminal habits, as he perfectly intends his plots to murder Fortunato. Montresor has inhuman behavior in The Barrel of Amontillado. Montresor might most certainly have the mental disorder of antisocial character disorder, as he matches all of the symptoms of the health problem.

To conclude, the personality of Montresor in the “short story” The Cask of Amontillado may quite possibly have the mental illnesses of schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, or antisocial personality problem. He murders his old good friend Fortunato throughout something probably small that took place in between the two. His inhuman behavior in the story as he lures his friend right into the underground catacombs as well as extremely murders him is frightening to imagine taking place. It appears that whatever Montresor does in this story is something only a serial awesome with a major mental disorder can also consider doing. Edgar Allen Poe created this maniacal character so well in The Cask of Amontillado. You can simply inform by checking out the very first couple of paragraphs that Montresor profanes, particularly when murdering his old ‘close friend’ Fortunato enters into play.

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