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Moral Dilemas: Antigone Essay


One of the most challenging tests I deal with in my life are moral and ethical problems. I believe one function for this life is to discover to represent ourselves and find out to see a circumstance correctly and also act righteously. Daily I’m confronted with choices of right and wrong, the majority of which are quickly as well as properly taken care of. Often nonetheless, decisions require to be made that are challenging or completely clear. In this paper I want to discuss a provided ethical issue and describe what I would do in the same scenario.

One of the biggest problems in the play “Antigone” by Sophocles is the value of human regulation vs. magnificent legislation. In this awful play a recently designated king Creon proclaims to his individuals that treason was devoted during battle, and one of the two brothers (Polyneices) killed shall not be buried. This predicament is felt by lots of, especially Antigone (sister of Polyneices). The struggle between human law and also divine law is an ethical dilemma Antigone really feels as she makes a decision to break the regulations of the king.

The moral predicament existing is from the viewpoint of a pharmacologist. The pharmacologist has a young unwell niece who has a terrible ear infection and can not obtain a consultation with the physician until the following day. The pharmacist understands that she doesn’t have a prescription, but understands what kind of antibiotic she probably needs. Does the pharmacist give the medication to the niece?

If I remained in the position of the pharmacist, I would reject to offer the medicine to my niece. I would not give the medicine to my niece because of the effects that I would be dealt if I were also. My position on the dilemma resembles Ismine’s (Antigone’s sister) when trying to convince Antigone not to bury her sibling. If the pharmacologist aids then he/she will get discharged, most likely to prison, and probably never function as a pharmacist once more. This turns a short-term issue right into a long-term issue which will certainly influence the rest of your life. Is an ear infection worth mosting likely to jail and potentially wrecking your life?

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