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Mother Tongue Anonymous


There was an intruder in my home; I was specific of it. I held my breath as well as pushed open my bedroom door gradually. A wave of international, discordant audios struck me where I covertly bent, turning my muscle mass to rock. Yet when I summoned the courage to peer into the private void I had made, it was my mom I saw. I had never ever known my mommy to speak any type of various other language however English. I tested her when she had ended her animated discussion on the phone; why had she never showed me to talk her indigenous tongue? My mom merely shrugged dismissively, claiming that it was a passing away language as well as it was normally the papa’s responsibility to show the youngsters. The exclusivity of the language only made the prospect of discovering it appear preferred.

To recognize my anxiety for a “mother tongue” as a child is to understand the Nigerian construct that identification depends on language. My yellow skin sustained presumptions that I belonged to the Ibo people. My studious methods led my teachers to think I was a Yoruba, one of the very first advocates of formal education in our country. The manner with which I spoke english(a consequence of my British education) led some to think I was not Nigerian in any way. I frequently imagined grinning mysteriously at the speculators and also opening my mouth to speak. Kana, the language my mom spoke, would spurt smoothly and everybody would certainly exclaim “naturally, she is a Southerner!” However I had no proof of my heritage. I might just stammer in “queen’s english” that I came from the Kana tribe even though I did not remotely appear like it or speak the language.

If I could go after one interest outside my intended scholastic emphasis, it would certainly be discovering to speak Kana. Definitely, it is a passing away language spoken by less than three thousand individuals, but the anchorage it gives worldwide of a fusion of cultures is transcendent. Till I have the ability to encourage my mother to instruct me in her tongue, however, the evidence of my Kana heritage will certainly be revealed with my candour, which urges my tribesmen to tell the truth whatsoever costs. And also, obviously, my rather shocking fetish for starchy pounded yams, and Edikikong soup.

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