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Oedipus Complex in Hamlet


Oedipus Complex in Hamlet In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet’s personality can be described by the Oedipus Complex. Throughout the play there are sometimes where he proves that he has Oedipus Complex. Oedipus Complex was not around at the time that Hamlet was written.

It simply shows that Shakespeare saw the same character complex’ as Freud. Freud first called the Oedipus Complex Theory in his book, An Interpretation of Dreams, in 1899. Freud mentions “The kid takes both of its parents, and more particularly one of them, as the object of its erotic desires. Freud describes that it is typical to have sexual desires for the moms and dad of the opposite sex. These are typical in children and usually dissipate after the age of 5. When these sexual desires do not disappear and they continue into their adult years this is when someone would be thought about to have an Oedipus Complex. When there is a sexual desire for the mom, as Hamlet did, a rivalry is formed in between the dad and the boy. Hamlet’s dad is in a type of a ghost, that only he can interact with. He was murdered while Hamlet was away at school. When he returns he discovers his mom, Gertrude, remarried to his father’s brother Claudius.

This exasperates Hamlet, and brings out his quelched Oedipus Complex. This drives Hamlet crazy. He is consumed and outraged by this incestuous marital relationship. Now I utilize the word incestuous because in those days it was considered incest to marry your husband’s sibling. What requires to be discussed is precisely what Hamlet it is upset over. It is to be presumed that he is outraged due to the fact that Claudius has actually replaced his own daddy’s location next to his mom. This is not the case. Hamlet is upset since Claudius has taken his location beside his mother. Hamlet’s inmost dream is to be king and his mom, Gertrude, queen.

Hence showing the Oedipus Complex theory even more. Kids will have feeling of hate towards the moms and dad of the exact same sex this theory states. Hamlet has lots of hateful tendencies towards both of his daddies, Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, and Claudius. We understand from reading the play that Hamlet’s daddy was not caring or invest any quality time with him. He spent a lot of time at war. Although he had anger towards him, he might never reveal it. He quelched it. For Claudius on the other hand, Hamlet’s sensations of hatred are expressed a lot more honestly. Hamlet internally fights with his sensations towards Claudius.

His daddy has pertained to him as a ghost, informing him that Claudius is responsible for his murder. Hamlet should avenge his father, but has a hard time to do so. Unconsciously, Hamlet relates to Claudius. Hamlet covets Claudius for killing his daddy and taking his position next to Gertrude. This is everything Hamlet has unconsciously wanted to do. So in essence he can not kill Claudius since, in part, he would be eliminating himself. Hamlet is taken in with thoughts of his mom having sexual relations with Claudius. An extremely significant part of the play is Act III Scene IV.

This is where Hamlet and his mother satisfy in her closet. The closet is really significant since this represents hiding. The bed room is considerable because this is where private circumstances occur. Perhaps Shakespeare played out this crucial scene in the bed room to reveal the sexual sensations Hamlet has for his mom. In this scene Hamlet challenges his mom about her relationship with Claudius. He does not come off as a kid asking concerning concerns towards his mom. He acts envious while he asks her how she can stand to be touched by him. These are not usually son to mom questions.

He is explicit in what he states and focuses of her sexual acts between her and Claudius. You could discuss it more as an obsession. At the end of this scene it is apparent that Hamlet is envious of the attention Gertrude is giving Claudius. Hamlet, as a kid, would have discovered pleasure in these sensations towards his mother, and now it is a sensation of disgust. This more shows the Oedipus Complex Theory. Hamlet is so consumed with his mother’s relationship with Claudius. He in turns shows similar feelings towards Ophelia. He toys with her emotions as he feels Gertrude dabble his.

Throughout the play Hamlet is struggling with his quelched sensations towards his mom, his hatred for his fathers, and avenging his daddy. The exact same reason he might never act out on his hatred for his father is the exact same reason he should avenge him. It is his values. He struggles with avenging his father though because he is so focused on the incestuous relationship in between his mom and Claudius. He can’t really avenge his daddy up until Gertrude passes away. At that time the Oedipus Complex is launched and he has the ability to perform his responsibilities and kill Claudius.

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