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Oedipus Rex the Tragedy Aristotle


Oedipus Rex the Tragedy Aristotle created elements to show a story is a tragedy. Aristotle was a thinker and a scientist. Aristotle wrote his meaning of a disaster twenty years after Sophocles wrote the play Oedipus Rex.

The play Oedipus Rex uses these components. Oedipus Rex utilizes suitable language, remarkable type, and fear and pity phrasing throughout the play. Oedipus Rex is a real disaster according to Aristotle’s prescribed aspects. Oedipus Rex consists of appropriate and pleasant language.

Oedipus Rex uses personification. An example is “now I keep in mind, O Therapist, your power, and wonder; will you send doom like a sudden cloud, or weave it like nightfall of the past?” (Sophocles 210). Oedipus Rex uses words that are lyrical and the audience can go along with the chorus. Oedipus specifies “though fools will honor impious guys, in their cities no tragic poet sings” (Sophocles 234). It is effective due to the fact that it explains Thebes as honoring Oedipus, however they do not know all of the crimes Oedipus has committed.

A quote like this makes the audience believe and question Oedipus and his genuine character. Oedipus Rex uses powerful, creative language to improve the audience’s theater experience. Oedipus Rex is written in a significant instead of a narrative type. When viewing or reading this tragedy, the audience requires to consider what the author is attempting to state through the character. Whatever is written in a more difficult more intricate way. When Oedipus discuss what he will do to the murderer or to whomever is concealing the murder, he is being remarkable.

He explains whatever he is going to perform in a specific method. This is significant irony due to the fact that Oedipus is the murder. An excellent quote is “listen to me, act as the crisis demands, and you shall have relief from all these evils” (Sophocles 211). This is a remarkable quote due to the fact that it reveals power and command. When the chorus speaks they talk dramatically so the audience can inform what Thebes is feeling. A quote from the chorus mentions “however no male ever brought– none can bring proof of strife between Thebe’s royal home” (Sophocles 220).

The quote stated prior to means Thebes is feeling puzzled on the whole circumstance. The quote brings out that no one might prove anything and no one might show the battle or problem in the royal home. Oedipus Rex is written in dramatic kind so the audience can experience whatever as if they are at the real scene. Oedipus Rex shows fear and pity throughout the play. Oedipus and Teriresias argue back and forth about the murder of Lauis. Both characters are scared and it is a stichomythia.

Stichomythia is an argument backward and forward at a fast pace. Oedipus states in the play “no matter what he fears for having actually so long kept it” (Sophocles 211). Oedipus fears for his children’ futures, due to the fact that he believes his crime will cause them to remain unwed. No matter his punishment, death or exile, Oedipus understands he will not be able to ensure a safe and secure future for them. Jocasta wants pity from everyone because she slept with her boy and her kid killed his father which is her ex-husband.

The audience knows that Jocasta wants pity due to the fact that she commits suicide. Oedipus Rex has the aspects of worry and pity that makes it a real tragedy. The audience can bring to a close from the aspects of Aristotle that Oedipus Rex is a catastrophe. Oedipus Rex utilizes appropriate and pleasurable language throughout the play. The words have a rhythm and flow. The catastrophe is written to be acted out to enhance the sob story of the character’s experiences. Oedipus Rex is a significant play that has actually become the design of an awful drama.

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