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Passage Analysis Essay – The Lord Of The Flies by William Golding Essay


“… he was thin and bony, and his hair was red underneath the black cap. His face was crumpled and freckled, and awful without silliness. Out of this face stared 2 light blue eyes, annoyed now, and turning, or ready to turn, to anger.” This is a description of Jack’s physical self. Apart from the fact that his eyes were to redden because of frustration, Jack seems like an adorably cute twelve years of age. Much like we are constantly told to never ever judge a book by its cover, we need to never judge a person based on their physical look.

Jack Merridew is far from a charming kid. Behind those pretty light blue eyes lies not a human however a snake, a canine, an ape. An evil prehistoric man, as explained on pages 48 and 49. This passage is necessary due to the fact that it plays as an introduction of Jack’s real personality, element that is vital in the remainder of the novel. In this passage, it is stated that Jack is seduced by the sound of pig footsteps on the ground, demonstrating how consumed he will become later on in the book about death.

The truth that in this passage he does not succeed at accomplishing his objective, and becomes annoyed, contributes to the cruelty in his future hunts and the production of a celebration dance. It also contributes to Jack’s realization that he can refrain from doing this alone, bringing the rest of the hunters in to his world of mad savagery. The passage is significant to the whole plot of the book, because it explains the participation of the other kids in the killing scenes and Jack’s blood driven personality. The scenery explained in the passage is also important. It accomplishes its objective in showing the difficulties presented when being inside the jungle. The dense air that is caught in between the trees, under their branches makes it a difficult place to take in. The tangled creepers, branches and bushes in basic, make the jungle a hard location to stroll through.

Another crucial element of the jungle description in the passage, are the pig runs. These will be very important in the future of the book because they are the only “cleaning” in the thick jungle and witnesses of the deaths that will occur on them. As stated previously, the real character of Jack comes afloat, for the very first time in the book in this passage. The method he is referred to as a snake, is symbolic to the strong wicked force in him. Symbolic of how, later on, in the book, he betrayes Ralph and stops at absolutely nothing to accomplish what he desires.

Complete power over the island and its occupants. The description of him as a dog is symbolic of his actions. How he simply proceeds with what his instincts tell him, and not really considering the effects of his actions. He is simply driven by the enjoyable and liberty these for a short while offer. And last, but not least, his description of being like an ape symbolizes the reduction of civilization in every one of the kids. It is a visual comparison of Jack to a prehistoric animal. How he is going back into the fundamentals of humanity. In conclusion to all the factors provided, on why this passage is considerable in the story of Lord of the Flies, it is to be summarized into simply one expression. This passage is just an outstanding introduction to among the most influencial characters in the book; Jack Merridew.

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