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Reading Log Brave New World


Who?|Where + When?|What?|Chapter I|Director, trainees, Henry Foster, Lenina|Central London Hatchery and Conditioning CentreYear A. F. 632 |– World State’s motto: ‘Neighborhood, Identity Stability’– The Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning (D.

H. C. reveals some brand-new arrived trainees the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre– & gt; introduces them to the concepts of the mass production of human beings- There are groups of ‘alpha’, ‘beta’, ‘gamma’, ‘delta’ and ‘epsilon’– Deal with the ‘Bokanovsky’s Process’– & gt; among the major instruments of social stability– Mr Foster, an avid staff member, tells the students more about the Centre- The embryos are prepared for their later life and work|Chapter II|Director, trainees, babies, nurses|Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre (Infant-Nurseries– Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning Rooms) |– The tour continues in the Infant Nurseries-Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning Rooms– Example

of conditioning: low-caste children are used books and flowers which they wish to reach; suddenly there are loud frightening sirens and the children get a minor electrical shock– & gt; they ought to learn to associate books and flowers with unfavorable experiences– & gt; lower caste people are not supposed to check out because it is a waste of time and flowers are useless- The Director explains hypnopaedia (sleep-teaching)– & gt; kids listen to tapes that permanently repeat slogans about behaviour and attitudes during their sleeps|Chapter III|Director, trainees, Mustapha Mond, Henry Foster, Lenina, Fanny, Bernard Marx|Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre (outside in the garden), the lift, Girl’s Dressing-Room |– In the garden the trainees observe children playing erotic games -&& gt; they are motivated to play sexual games-

The Director tells the group about the suppression of sensual games in previous times -&& gt; it is unbelievable to the trainees- Mustapha Mond, one of the 10 rulers, appears and provides a lecture on history -&& gt;” history is bunk “a describes why it was necessary to change the society-&& gt; Lenina Crowne and her pal Fanny Crowne discuss guys and Lenina’s interest in Bernard Marx, who is said to be weird– Bernard Marx overhears Henry Foster talking with a good friend about Lenina -&& gt; dislikes the method they talk about ladies as if they were meat|Chapter IV|Lenina, Bernard, Mr Helmholtz Watson|The lift, Propaganda House, Bernard’s house |– Lenina and Bernard meet in a rowded lift and Lenina asks him about their strategy to go to the Savage Booking in New Mexico; Bernard feels embarrassed about that– Bernard is uncertain about Lenina because on the one hand she wishes to go on vacation with him and on the other hand she spends much time with Henry Foster- Bernard feels to be an outsider– Bernard

and his friend Mr Helmholtz Watson meet– & gt; both are an ‘alpha-plus’ and both feel like individuals and for this factor like outsiders|Chapter V|Lenina, Henry, Bernard, other participants,|Helicopter, a club, Henry’s house, Fordson Neighborhood Singery|Part 1:- Lenina and Henry fly with the helicopter over the Slough Crematorium where remains are burnt to recuperate phosphorus which is utilized as a fertilizer– & gt; even dead people are useful for the society- They speak about how it is like to be an ‘Epsilon’ and come to the conclusion that everybody is happy- At night they dine and go to a club together; after that they have sex in Henry’s house- ‘Soma’ is served with the coffee after meal– & gt; indispensable for the people in the state, otherwise they can’t feel happyPart 2:- Bernard takes part in an Uniformity Service with eleven other individuals– & gt; they take ‘soma’, sing hymns and await the coming of the ‘Greater Being’-

While everybody there enjoys it as a feeling of unity, Bernard feels extremely separated|Chapter VI|Bernard, Lenina, Fanny, Director, Helmholtz, a warden|Helicopter, Bernard’s apartment or condo, Director’s space, Savage Appointment|Part 1:- Bernard go to the Woman’s Heavyweight Fumbling Championships in Amsterdam together– They have various concepts of joy– & gt; Lenina wants to do sports and have fun with ‘soma’, he prefers being alone with her, prevents crowds and refuses ‘soma’– Bernard wishes to be happy in his own private way and not “enslaved by his conditioning”– When Bernard understands that Lenina does not comprehend him, he takes ‘soma’ and sleeps with herPart 2:- Bernard goes to the D. H. C. to get his authorization to enter the Savage Appointment–

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