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Relationship between the Scarlet Letter and Hester’s Identity


Relationship in between the Scarlet Letter and Hester’s Identity

Yuridia Tapia Mrs. Conway English 3 2b 11 November 2012 The Relationship In Between The Scarlet Letter and Hester’s Identity. The scarlet letter represent the different styles of adultery and it likewise brings about the suffering and difficulty, the solitude that she had to withstood in the book. It was supposed to signify her ugly crimes however it proves to be an effective indication of identity of her own true self. After her release from prison, she was not enabled to get rid of the Scarlet letter from her body and resumes her typical life, revealing that she stills have to spend for her actions and consequences would still be there. It is amazing, that persons who hypothesize the most boldly typically adhere with the most perfect quietude to the external policies of society, The ideas alone suffice them, without investing itself in the flesh and blood of action.” This letter function as a physical tip the fact of Hester’s affair with Dimmesdale. Hester determined that her own identity should be managed by her only rather than let others push and control her around.

She felt that if she had fled or remove the scarlet letter, she would be shown as a weakling as a recommendation of the society’s control over her life. “she desired what some people desire throughout life a grief that should deeply touch her, and therefore humanize and make her efficient in sympathy.” This scarlet letter signifies her whole life, her own experiences and character about who is actually her, her inner and external being. Her past crime becomes part of her, to denying what she had already done is to deny part of herself, as the sin is what her real self is and will constantly be.

For Hester, to get rid of the scarlet letter would be to acknowledge the power it has in determining who she is. The letter would prove to have effectively restricted her if she were to become a various individual in its lack. Hester picks to continue to use the letter due to the fact that she is determined to change its significance through her actions and her own self-perception she wish to be the one who manages its meaning. Individuals try to recover the letter’s symbolism by choosing that the “A” represents “Able,” but Hester resists this analysis. I have chuckled, in bitterness and pain of heart, at the contrast between what I appear and what I am!” The letter symbolizes her own previous deed and her own past decisions, and she is the one who will determine the meaning of those occasions. “In all her sexual intercourse with society, however, there was nothing that made her feel as if she came from it.” Upon her return from Europe at the novel’s end, Hester has gained control over both her individual and her public identities. it (the scarlet letter) had the impact of a spell, taking her uncommon relations with humankind, and confining her in a sphere by herself.” She has actually made herself into a symbol of womanly repression and charitable perfects, and made herself into a symbol of womanly repression and charitable perfects, and she stands as a self-appointed tip of the evils society can devote. “It is a curious topic of observation and query, whether hatred and love be not the very same thing at bottom. “

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