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Relationship Between Western Imperialism and the Third World in the Novel Things Fall Apart


Throughout history, nations have tried to spread their impact by developing nests. Throughout the nineteenth century, many European nations started attempting to colonize Africa. These colonies did not fare too well. Africa was left in a state of devastation and it’s individuals’s societies in shambles. Millions of individuals disapprove of Europe’s imperialistic nature and the negative effects it caused in Africa. As a result of this excellent disapproval, lots of books have been written, lots of films have been recorded, and still more songs have been composed. One such example of a literary review of effect of Western Imperialism in the “Third World” is the unique Things Fall Apart by Chinau Achebe.

One example is of the result is how the church starts to alter the village. One example of this is that how the town becomes less violent over time. When the novella begins, the village has a violent culture, a lot of obvious by how revered the excellent warrior Okonkwo is. He is among the most reputable people in the town, which is not likely for his age. This regard was made in the field of battle. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Unuoka, Okonkwo’s peace loving daddy, is not respected at all. While this can be attributed to his lazy and leeching nature, it is not so difficult to assume that a few of this lack of respect originates from his peaceful nature. After the Christians begin to change the village, the regard Umuofia has towards a violent lifestyle begins to diminish. This is evidenced by the fact that Umuofia has no violent interactions with other towns after the Christians pertain to Umuofia.

Another negative result was of the federal government. The Christians brought their government together with them. This federal government gave less rights to the locals. Essentially, the locals allowed Christians to stay there, the Christians brought their government, and their federal government started maltreating the natives. This treatment is the predecessor to apartheid. Western Imperialism brought apartheid and motivated other racism within Africa. The government also damaged the native command system. The government caused immeasurable damage to the formerly undisturbed society of the Igbo.

The novella Things Break down can be considered a critique of the unfavorable result that Western Imperialism had on the “Third World.” A lot of the circumstances in the novella explain situations that took place in Africa in the 19th century. These negative results parallel the ones in reality. This novella explains just how ravaging the impact of Western Imperialism had on the “Third World.”

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