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Research Paper: a Good Man Is Hard to Find


An excellent man actually is tough to find. However what is the genuine definition of a real guy? Perhaps it is not just the prince charming you see in fairy tales or the perfect person strolling down Sixth Ave. that you go by daily to work.

Maybe a good guy is simply somebody that is good what they do. In this case the relationship in between the granny and the misfit is simply that. The only thing is if the reader sees it as clearly as the author would like them too or just as she does. The setting of the story is never actually clear to the reader.

The author never actually comes out and states where and when the story takes place, but with a few ideas a concept is offered on a pretty clear setting of “A Good Male is Hard to Discover.” The time duration begins in the mid-twentieth century. In the very first half of the story, the household is at their house in Atlanta, Georgia. The author never ever truly states that they remain in Atlanta, however in the story the grandma makes a note of that it will take them roughly take them 20 minutes to reach the borders of the city.

When the family begins on their journey to East Tennessee rather of Florida early that early morning, the granny observes it’s a gorgeous day, not to hot nor cold. They miss many old plantations and open fields. The grandmother also observes the information in the scenery she describes “the Stone Mountain; the blue granite that in some locations came near both sides of the highway; the brilliant red clay banks a little spotted with purple; and the numerous crops that made rows of green lace-work on the ground. The trees were full of silver-white sunshine and the meanest of them sparkled”. O’Conner. They are certainly in the open country and utilized to seeing the old plantations since there was actually no excitement from the family with the children reading magazines and the mom falling asleep, so with this idea too offered a hint on where the household was from. During their long journey the family decides to stop at Red Sammy’s Bbq Joint to get a bite to eat. Red Sammy’s was a little hole in the wall barbeque stand on the side of the roadway next to a huge tower with an extremely welcoming check in front.

In the second half of the story in the future in the day the family winds up in a ditch in the middle of no place after a vehicle mishap caused by the granny and her feline. There is a dark, shadowy forest on both sides of the road. The scenery is so dark the only method the audience can inform what’s going on is the screams and the weapon shots originating from the characters. Landscape descriptions and the garments of the characters also suggest that the action happens during the warmer months. There is no sun in the sky; this could mean the time duration might be around sundown.

The setting of the play was a little difficult to analyze however a number of clues provided it away. This play wasn’t very long and it was composed mainly in dialogue. The story went from one extreme to another, rapidly changing state of minds as the story advanced. To actually comprehend this story it would be an excellent concept to understand Flannery O’Conner.” Flannery O’Connor lived but 39 brief years. The body of work she left might be little in size, however the stories and two books are deep in meaning and boundless in value for the modern reader. “-Welborn.

Her stories were never truly clear but implying came clear in the end. Often they had to be created like a puzzle. O’Conner was an only kid and raised in a Savannah and participated in absolutely nothing however Catholic Schools. This was really odd in deed because a lot of the stories she writes about had to do with death and the deaths were usually due to murders so with her being so catholic it was odd. Also in this play the conversation between the granny and the Misfit had to do with their beliefs and the misfit not understanding what he thinks is strange to me since the reader is indeed catholic. The self-satisfied are attacked, those who fancy themselves as earthly rescuers discover themselves capable of terrific evil, intellectuals discover their concepts to be worthless human constructs, and those bent on “liberty” find themselves left open to be managed by evil.”– Welborn.

This could have been the case between he misfit and the grandmother both. However it’s never ever actually plainly said. The misfit could have been known as the wicked villain of the story. The granny was gradually beginning to turn into one but never ever made it all the method. So take a chance, and have a look at Flannery O’Connor. Prepare to laugh, to be surprised, and to believe. But many of all, be prepared to see.”– Welborn. There are numerous symbols in A Great Guy is Difficult to Discover. “A Sign is something that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention, especially a material item utilized to represent something unnoticeable.”– Sign. The very first most obvious sign is the Grandma’s hat. She wears the hat for one sole purpose; if she were to die she would desire the ones who found her body to be able to recognize her as a girl.

When she prepares for the automobile journey, she prepares for any accident that might occur. For the grandma the only thing that seems to matter to her is that she is recognized as a girl, this exposes her selfishness and flimsy moral convention. When the granny initially prepares yourself for the trip, the hat remains in ideal condition. No tears, no nothing. When the granny gets associated with the car mishap, similar to her moral convictions, her hat starts to fall apart. The rim of the hat begins to tear as she deals with the misfit and is thrown from the car.

When the granny is finally shot after a while of trying to convince the misfit to look deeper into himself her hat falls totally apart and is up to the ground in addition to the grandma. “She drops the broken hat as her self-conception as a girl dissolves.”– Shmoop. Another sign in the play is the Misfits lorry. He drives a huge black battered hearse like auto. This is the description of the automobile the family provides it as it approaches. The cars and truck represents a hearse because the misfit is referred to as a killer, so by giving him this type of car signifies what he is known for. A hearse is an automobile or carriage, utilized in a funeral service for bring the remains.”– Hearse. This is a picture of intimate death for the fate of the family before the misfit and his buddies get out of the cars and truck. One last sign out of the numerous in the play is the landscapes and the environment. The dark gloomy day symbolizes the day the family is about to have. The cloudless, sunless sky. This was discussed many times after the family remained in the car accident and much more when the misfit entered the photo.

The sky was also notified when the grandma was shot and the misfit walked away. The narrator never mentions the weather condition or the time of day but the ideas he gives already informs a great deal of the sort of day the family will have. In this play the grandmother and the misfit really have a lot in typical than we think. Although their social status and ages are extremely various their resemblances that they share are rather comparable. For instance they are both missing essential spiritual bonds.

The grandmother attempts to get the misfit to understand the significance of why god kills and in odd ways they agree on comparable terms. They both actually don’t understand the meaning of why he did what he did but they both have their own viewpoint on why. Nowhere in the play prior to the mishap does the storyteller show the grandmas spiritual side. When the grandmother talk with the misfit about this topic it is type of struck out of nowhere, kind of like a last option to try to conserve her own life. Neither the granny nor the misfit had truly gotten what it implies to be saved and real redemption.

The misfit doesn’t hold any respect for human life and sees the methods of all human life concerning an end eventually. Neither of them believes in any such thing as resurrection although god himself was reanimated. When the grandmother speak with the misfit he reveals a whole other side to himself. The way he speaks about his household and himself shows he isn’t as bad of a guy as they concern think about him. The granny is also the exact same way, despite the fact that she appears self-centered, she truly does take care of her household.

At the end of the play the grandma tries to reach out to the misfit spiritually and tries to get him to understand her faith, but the misfit simply does not wish to hear it and shoots her himself. So what is a definition of a real guy? What makes a great person in basic? The title of the story is kind of deceiving from the very beginning. “A Great Male is Hard to Find” provided me the impression of a women who is having trouble discovering an excellent guy for her, I never ever thought it was going to have to do with a criminal on the run killing individuals.

This truly made me reconsider on what the author was analyzing as a “excellent man.” In this play the misfit did state he originated from an excellent family and was raised like a typical boy. I think what the author was trying to state in the title was that he was so proficient at who he was, which was being a criminal. We never ever really understood what kind of person the criminal aside from his actions and the discussion he had with the granny. He was religious in his own kind of method. His beliefs were certainly different but he did think there was a God, he simply didn’t believe in the wonders he carried out.

From the method the Misfit spoke with the granny he was pretty respectful and listened to what she had to say, he disagreed, however he still listened and was able to hold a discussion with her. We could never ever actually tell if the Misfit was being honest and honest from the things he was saying but his actions could mention that they may have been. In this play we never understand if the misfit is a compulsive liar, it is possible due to the fact that he is respectable at it but like I said, we never ever understand. The Misfit isn’t the only one we might hold doubts about.

The grandma is right together with the Misfit. In the start of the story, she was the ideal type of granny who looks out for the safety of her family and puts them first. Towards the middle of the story when the household is on their trip, she became extremely selfish on the things she wants. For instance in the starting she informed the family they must go to Tennessee instead of Florida since of the Misfit and after that throughout the journey she chose she wanted to go see a particular plantation even when the household disagreed.

She specified to only think of herself and it got even worse when the misfit entered into the photo. When he came into the picture the grandma seemed to forget everybody else and only thought of her. Simply having actually lost her household and threatened her own death, the grandmother appeared to undergo a sudden and miraculous change of mind. She begins to connect to the one who eliminated her family to try to save her own life instead of trying to save her families. She never ever revealed emotion towards the death of her household. She just became worried when her own life ended up being threatened.

Possibly at this moment in somebody’s life, they experience changes due to the fact that of the moment they remain in. That is the only genuine explanation I might develop for why the granny did what she did. And in my opinion neither the grandma nor the Misfit were excellent people, they were simply good at what they did. This play over all was a terrific story to read. It offered a whole different point of view on the way a paper could be checked out. It revealed that the title can have an entire various meaning and how quick characters can change to defend on their own when they undergo life altering experiences.

This story was among those ionic experiences in everyone’s life; a family vacation from hell. It had everything you would discover in a regular family has, frustrating kids, an ungrateful self-centered grandma, quite typical parents, a car mishap and a twist; a serial killer. Not every story has a pleased ending or an ending we want. This story kept you wanting for more. In a way the occasions were predictable, however the exaggeration of the events made it most enjoyable to read on. This play was actually, really about the getaway from hell!

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