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Review of Robert Zemeckis’ 2007 Film and Poetry behind Beowulf


This is my comparison of Robert Zemeckis’ 2007 motion picture Beowulf as well as of the epic Beowulf. Robert Zemeckis’ 2007 motion picture tells the tale of Beowulf, the personality. However, they share not only similarities yet also share differences. There are numerous differences between the both. I honestly believe that the film shows moredetail as well as discusses the actual tale much more extensive than the poem did.

The initial resemblance as well as difference in both the rhyme as well as the film Beowulf is excellent vs. evil. The great in the rhyme of Beowulf is Beowulf as well as all the people that live in Hrothgar’s kingdom. The wickedness in poem is Grendel, Grendel’s mom, and also the dragon. The great vs. wickedness are about the exact same in Beowulf motion picture, the good in the film are Beowulf and all of individuals in Hrothgar’s kingdom. The wickedness is likewise the same in the step, which is Grendel, Grendel’s mom, as well as the dragon, which happens to be Beowulf’s kid in the flick.

The next difference in the film is that there was in fact a curse that created Hrothgar’s kingdom to have such darkness and death wanted upon it in the film vs. the poem which did not have this included in it. Grendel was in fact Hrothgar’s child, which is a huge difference in between the rhyme as well as the motion picture, because the film included that component to make it a lot more interesting. Hrothgar had actually slept with the Sea Witch as well as obtained a curse that primarily provided his soul to the Sea Witch for a kid. The rhyme however did not have that included. The rhyme pointed out that Hrothgar had a monster that came from 2 other beasts and that the papa of Grendel was not known however never stated Grendel was Hrothgar’s kid.

The last and also final distinction as well as resemblance between the movie as well as poem Beowulf is that at the end of the film, was that they did not construct Beowulf a tower like he requested in the rhyme. In the poem, Beowulf informed Wiglac that he wanted the geats to develop a huge tower by the sea front to reveal a remembrance of Beowulf to everyone who sees the tower. In the movie Beowulf it did not have this component consisted of. The film just had Wiglac getting the crown as well as the entire kingdom placing Beowulf on a large ship with every one of his treasures as well as setting it ablaze resulting in the end of the tale.

To conclude, both the film Beowulf, and the epic Beowulf have both similarities as well as distinctions. They both inform the tale of an impressive hero as well as offer us an instance of the hero’s in this specific Anglo-Saxon time period, as well as provide us examples of great vs. evil, yet much more notably Beowulf is a lesson to everyone, There are lots of differences in between the both as well as I truthfully believe that Robert Zemeckis’ 2007 movie Beowulfshows extra detail and also explains the real tale of Beowulfmore in depth than the epic did.

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