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Simon from Lord of the Flies


In all humans, there is some type of evil. This theme is revealed throughout the novel of Lord of the Flies. The only character to realize this is Simon.

In William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies, nature looks like the unfortunate occasions to come and the character, Simon, foreshadows these occasions. When Simon is presented in the start of the story, he is passing out. Physical weakness ends up being a hallmark of his character, from losing consciousness to tossing up, to hallucinations and bloody noses.

Although he might lack a strong physical appearance, he shows others he is intelligent by the big words he utilizes throughout the book. Simon is the primary character who attempts to hold on to civilization. He has a conversation with Ralph in the beginning of the book claiming that they will get rescued. This is the start of Simon starting to foreshadow occasions. Throughout the unique multiple instances occur where a kid will say that they will get rescued. Littluns are normally the ones that whine about they are starving and thirsty and would like to know when they are going to get rescued.

Eventually they do get saved but Simon is eliminated accidentally and never gets to leave the island. Simon is likewise the boys’ last hope of maintaining civilization. Throughout the book the kids lose civilization and end up being savages. Simon, Ralph, and piggy try to maintain their selves and assist others remain civilized. To me it appeared that Jack left Ralph’s Group and developed his own group because he accepted savagery and didn’t desire be part of civilization any longer. Eventually this change turns for the worst of the group and actually eliminates Simon.

Simon is a nature boy. He is constantly in a clearing in the woods enjoying the stars and being alone. At one time that he goes to the cleaning he experiences the “Lord of the Flies”, which starts to talk to him (143 ). This is one of his hallucinations, but he thinks it to be real. The Lord of the Flies informs him that he wishes to have a good time with him soon, and he better inform Ralph and Piggy that the monster isn’t real and isn’t an actual item, but is really the young boys rather.

The Lord of the Flies informs Simon this because it is really Simon indirectly foreshadowing an event to occur that the monster inside them will eliminate themselves. After Simon’s speak to the Lord of the Flies he faints because of the humidity. Once he gets up a storm types in the range and clouds begin to cover the sky. The weather condition is simulating Simon’s actions to occur. Simon starts to travel to tell the young boys that the beast isn’t genuine; on the other hand the boys are chanting and dancing around a fire.

In all of the excitement Simon is misinterpreted as a monster and is jabbed with spears and ultimately eliminated. While he remains in the process of being killed, a storm is raging with lightening and thunder growing in the background. In several circumstances, Simon is foreshadowing events. He has talks about his death prior to it takes place and forecasts that they will be rescued. The weather condition also foreshadowed occasions that happened such as a storm occurring at the very same time a death took place: two terrible, dark occasions. These corresponding events show Simon as a nature young boy, one with the island.

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