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Societal Observations of Identity in Brave New World


Social Observations of Identity in Brave New World Aldous Huxley’s unique Brave New World is one of future observations and presumptions. Huxley makes observations about a society that has lost individual identity and replaced it with cumulative identity. To prove this the following points will be dealt with, Huxley uses John, the savage to show the loss of identity, he uses John since he is a specific and reveals the difference between him and those living in Brave New World.

When Lenina and Bernard visit the savage appointment they are stunned and disgusted at the method they live which shows the various in between their individuality.

The book is set in the Brave New World where everybody does their given jobs without questioning and whatever is stable. To show how Brave New Worlds society has actually lost private identity Huxley utilizes John. John is from the savage booking were everyone is a private, John is reclaimed to Brave New World and is stunned at the loss of individuality. “The Savage stood looking on, “O brave new world, O brave new world …” In his mind the singing words appeared to alter their tone.

They had buffooned him through his anguish and regret, mocked him with how horrible a note of negative derision!” This quote shows what John thinks about Brave New World. He thinks it is a horrible place whereas those who live in Brave New World are not people and all think Brave New World is the only best place to live. It likewise shows how John would price quote Shakespeare separating him from the crowd, he is a person. John was shocked at how they reside in Brave New World, Lenina and Bernard went to the savage reservation and were also shocked at how they live there.

Huxley utilizes the plot of Lenina and Bernard checking out the savage booking in order to reveal the how those in Brave New World have lost their uniqueness. He compares the savage reservation and the Brave New World to make it clearer to the readers simply just how much identity has been lost in Brave New World. “Oh! Look. What the matter with him?” Lenina is disgusted at an old man who has actually wrinkled skin. Lenina has never seen an old person as in Brave New World they do not grow old and they all look the same, no individuality. The hatchery in Brave New World is where everybody is produced nd 96 identical individuals are made. The setting of the hatchery is utilized to show how all individuals in Brave New World are developed to do exactly what they are conditioned to. Once they are produced they are conditioned to do a certain task, to take soma which guarantees they have no emotion and to be happy with who they are. “We also predestine and condition. We decant our babies as socialized people, as Alphas or Epsilons, as future sewage works or future directors of hatcheries.” This quote highlights how their future is picked for them, they are produced for a specific task and have no problem with doing it.

They have no uniqueness. Huxley uses characters, setting and plot to prove that the people of Brave New World have actually lost uniqueness. Huxley makes observations about a society that has actually lost individual identity and changed it with collective identity. This is proven through the use of John the savage who is a specific, Lenina and Bernard’s trip to the savage reservation and how much they disliked it, and by the hatchery where they produce all individuals who are designed particularly to do a particular task. Those in Brave New World are not individuals and have only a collective identity.

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