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Soldiers in The Things They Carried


Soldiers in The Things They Brought

Throughout the novel, O’Brien looks for somebody to blame for the lots of deaths that happened in the war. For each soldier that passes away, making it through characters, especially Jimmy Cross, struggle in finding a person or things responsible for the deaths of their fellow soldiers. He later discusses that anybody or everyone can be at blame as he states “”You could blame the war … You could blame the opponent … You could blame whole countries … You might blame God … In the field, though, the effects were instant.”(p. 177). O’Brien may have composed the chapter “In the Fields”, in order to represent his own inner struggle (along with enduring veterans’ deaths) and to show the weight of all the blame and embarassment that he brings with him. He does this in explaining the soldiers looking for Kiowa’s remains in the field filled with fecal matter. This chapter is his method of informing his readers that death is a catastrophe that can alter an individual much like it altered him, Azar and the other soldiers in the book (Sparknotes)
In the previous chapter “Notes” O’Brien explains that “By telling stories, you objectify your own experience. You separate it from yourself”( 158 ). He acknowledges and confirms that this story is his method of managing his own injury. As outcome he makes up a character representing himself as “Tim” and attempts to separate this character from himself, so he then describes him as “young soldier (p. 170)” in chapter seventeen. In “In the Field” he duplicates the young soldier’s emotional disruption, “The young soldier was striving not to cry. He, too, blamed himself. (p. 170). These sensations of pity and grief are a reflection of his own guilt. (Andrew’s CIS Lit E-Notebook)
In the unique O’Brien utilizes the soldiers searching for Kiowa’s body in the field as a way to show his own mind wandering around into his past as a soldier.He may be remembering times when he believed he might have conserved somebody however didn’t; he reveal his own regrets. It likewise reveals that in his present day life, his mind often returns to that war zone. It returns to the scaries that he saw, like seeing his fellow soldiers and his buddies pass away, and eliminating others, consisting of children. The soldiers returning to the fecal mud pit in search of Kiowa’s remains likewise shows the author’s look for the innocent man that he was before the war, prior to he became a cold dead corpse lost in the field much like Kiowa.
War alters everybody who steps into it, much like it did to the characters in The Things They Carried. It makes males and females look at the world take a look at the word differently and it changes their viewpoint in life(Sparknotes). It makes males and females grow up and mature for the better and the even worse (Sparknotes). For example, in the start of the unique, Azar would mock any soldier who was reasonable to the death of a fellow soldier. Though his response in this certain scenario, he flaunted his immaturity, however as the story in the unique continued his views on the grief of others changed.In “In the Field” Azar,” his immaturity is seen again, nevertheless this time he uses his mockery as a defense mechanism, as a way to protect himself from his reality. Later, when he makes a joke, he reveals indications of regret and regret in his response and as an outcome flaunts his maturity (Sparknotes).
In this unique O’Brien utilizes the various viewpoint of soldiers as a method to communicate his message that war is not wonderful or pretty, but really awful. He’s trying to discuss that soldiers lose themselves in it and lots of don’t return, which is why many soldiers end up with lots of mental conditions including PTSD, combat tension, and shell shock. At the same time translates war in different methods to make it as retable as possible through the eyes of Tim, Jimmy and Azar. This chapter is likewise his method to share the blame of the hurt, emotionally distressed, and the deceased.

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