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Symbolism in 1984. George Orwell


Meaning in 1984. George Orwell

What a Wonderful World. In 1948, a guy by the name of George Orwell launched a book which translated his views on what he believed the future would appear like. The book was entitled, 1984. Orwell describes a chilling representation of how the power of the state could come to control the lives of individuals through cultural conditioning. This anti-utopian world is filled with pervasive government monitoring, and relentless public mind control. Was Orwell a prophet, or simply another male raised in a world of evolving industry and war? Do not you see that the entire aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of believed? … “(book 1 chapter5). Newspeak in 1984 is a language that “Big Brother” uses to narrow a person’s vocabulary. Instead of several words with one significance, words are removed from presence to shorten the quantity of words in the dictionary. For instance, the Ministry of Truth in Newspeak is spoken as Minitrue. Having a bigger series of vocabulary enables one to expand his/her mind. Today’s Newspeak is “Political Correctness Speech”. “‘What I mean to state, there is a war on,’ stated Parsons”. The world of 1984 depended on war “War is Peace.; “Big Bro” used war to keep peace amongst everybody beneath him. The department that dealt with war in 1984 was The Ministry of Peace. War in the United States is run by the Department of Defense. Like the Ministry of Peace, The Department of Defense uses patriotism to unite all citizens to face a common opponent. In war, history is written by the “Winner”; case in point, The Ministry of Reality. Everyday citizens of the United States rely on the Night news as “legitimate news”, to provide individuals the impression that “things are improving”, which all people agree with the popular mindset.

People in 1984 get their “Night News” on telescreens, providing the impression that their country prospers as an effective country. “Winston had the ability to remain outside the range of the telescreen”. 1984 has lots of telescreens to keep an eye on criminal offense that is committed by people. Telescreens in every room also show propaganda, the “night news” and plays patriotic music that runs 24 hr a day, without the option of being shut off. Todays “telescreens” are called televisions. Tvs likewise display the very same programing as the “telescreens” in 1984, 24 hr every day.

The only difference between the tv and the telescreen is that the tv can be turned off. Some would argue today that Orwell’s gloomy warnings for 1984 have turned out to be absolutely nothing, but if one focuses hard enough, his book may be the secret to the future. A lot of Orwell’s predictions from 1984 can be discovered in the 21st century, and when compared to today are practically no different from one another, from basic daily speech to the Department of Defense. Is 1984 a book of predictions or simply another book that seems to be right on with today’s “civilized world”?

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