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Symbolism in A Good Man is Hard to Find


Meaning in A Great Man is Hard to Discover

In the short story “A Great Man is Tough to Discover” by Flannery O’Connor, the sentiment of the title is portrayed throughout a number of times over the unfolding events. Through the characters introduced, the author has actually attempted to represent the various kinds of individuals that reside in the world, and the granny is the center of all the events.

Earlier in the day the household had actually also been talking about a criminal by the name of Misfit on the loose and going over how hard it is to discover the good amongst the lot. Paradoxically, the evil, also denoting the misaligned morale individuals like the granny herself, is likewise considered “bad” in addition to the direct, very obvious wicked qualities like the Misfit’s murders. The foreshadowing of the grandma’s character set is established through this idea.

Initially, it is seen that the family is thinking about opting for a journey to Florida which the grandmother not exactly authorizes of and this makes her use manipulative ways to convince her child Bailey to rather alter the strategy to visiting her old mansion, which nevertheless was not satisfied. The old estate was situated in East Tennessee which was a location of terrific nostalgia for the granny to go to. But when she saw the household was not consenting to change their plans, the granny had actually stopped plaguing and outlined to find another way around this. This was really evident that she was adamant to get her way to the old mansion since she carried her cat with her, a gesture of comfortability and likewise suggesting that she had a strategy in mind to make it work.

The grandma’s hat which is always “pinned to her head” symbolizes the status and representation she wanted to be illustrated as by society. She wishes to be viewed as a lady of high morals and values and an ideal “girl.” Small foreshadowing of this concept is provided by the author when she states “anyone seeing her dead on the highway would know at once that she was a lady”, giving away the true intentions behind the hat. Also, the white violets contributed to her blue sailor hat represents innocence, which also signifies that the granny, having done something wrong or unethical, wants to be concealed in the shadows of innocence.

As the family drives on their method to Florida, they discover a graveyard and later on it is exposed that it had 6 tombstones. This made the grandmother validate that it was a household tombstone, another significance of the fate that might be coming for the family as a whole. The household on their path also stops at a bbq station called the “The Tower” and the author thoroughly places the structure “tower” here which is symbolic to an approaching risk in the logic of tarot reading. Both the graveyard and the tower were the cautions for the family of the upcoming hazards of life they would be facing, causing the Misfit.

Inside the Tower, they stumbled upon the owner of the barbecue station who was flustered due to the fact that of the way individuals had actually ended up being and that the nature of individuals had actually ended up being so questionable that a “good male” is truly hard to find. When the grandma states “but you’re a great guy” and gets a reply “I suppose so,” it raises a question as to what it truly means to be “a good male.” Red Sammy, the owner, also discusses the Misfit and his misbehaviors and even his capabilities to murder people mercilessly which is also an included warning that can be found in the way of the family.

The grandmother had persistently asked to take the other route which she believed would lead to the location of her old house where she had actually initially wished to go to. She thoroughly thought about a better way to control the household and lied about your house having concealed treasures in it which thrills the kids and persuades Bailey to take the dive even more into the woods. Nevertheless, when she realizes that the old home remained in East Tennessee and not in Georgia, she remains baffled and horrified at this mistake. Her angry fit makes her bump the cars and truck flooring with her feet which shocks the feline who then, stuns Bailey, leading them to a mishap. The determination of the granny had been so blinded by the fond memories she had for the place that it leads her far from reasonable thinking. The error she made took them to an incorrect turn and her fury got them to an accident.

In the confrontation with the Misfit, the granny, still blinded by the false sense of a “great male,” tries to talk Misfit out of his typical course of action by telling him that he too is a great guy. The Misfit, being the only character of depth in the story who knows how individuals like the grandmother are, rejects the “offer” of the recognition as an excellent guy and tells the grandma if she had actually understood the wrath of God she would’ve been “good.” The Catholic heritage of the writer enters play in the whole story of the meaning of a “great male.” The grandma who was highly manipulative, of uneven morals and only idea of selfish ends, understood nothing of the “good” in people and because she likes to be seen as a girl of high morals, she keeps recognizing people as “excellent” understanding nothing of them.

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