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Symbolism in The Crucible by Arthur Miller


Importance in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Importance and Styles in The Crucible In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, The Salem Witch Trials of 1690 brings the town of Salem to a state of hysteria, a state of total confusion. Miller’s usage of hysteria allows the develop of his many themes. The Crucible consists of 3 major styles: light versus dark, weight, and name. The style of light versus dark foretells the upcoming events. Darkness in The Crucible brings a presence of wicked to the play. Miller uses darkness to communicate evil. The very first use of darkness Abigail and the women dance in the dark woods. The darkness from the woods reveals the ominous occasions.

The idea of darkness is present throughout the play to set up the coming of an ominous act. Darkness presents itself in The Crucible to expose the evil through Abigail or through a fiend. In the play, darkness is likewise used to explain evil spirits. Grace Lewis asks Mary if she “… send out [s] this shadow on her” (Miller 101). In this quote darkness is used as the presence of a satanic force. Hale speaks about the “… powers of the dark collected in monstrous attack upon the village” (Miller 61). When once again the style of darkness introduces itself to predict an evil event preparing to occur. Darkness ortrays evil in contrast to the reality and purity light portrays. Light symbolizes the fact and pureness through God. Hale tells Tituba to “… open yourself and God’s holy light shine upon you” (Miller 43).

Hale wants Tituba to end up being pure and real. Light has much to do with name in Salem. In Salem, God’s holy light is what constructs one’s reputation. John Proctor would not permit his own kid to be baptized by Parris because he does not see the “… light of God …” in him (Miller 62). Light, also, has a double meaning. Light can also refer to life and love; Abigail refers to John Proctor as the “. light … of my eye” (Miller 22).

Saying this Miller shows that light has more of a significance than simply truth. Light can describe Abigail’s “… sexual awakening at [Proctor’s] hands …” (Ditsky). Light is ever present throughout the play to expose the great in a situation. Miller utilizes weight to represent reality and authority. Weight can be defined as “to be strained with.” Abigail throughout the play Abigail is burdened down by the weight of truth. Parris asks Abigail to feel the “… weight of truth” (Miller 11). The heaviness of. Figuratively, the weight of fact utilizes the eriousness and importance of the situation on Abigail. Weight can also be taken as its denotation heaviness. Hale’s books are actually heavy, along with being weighted with authority; here weight is taken actually and figuratively. The books are weighted with authority because they are used to express the authority in witchcraft. Hale reveals the weight theme with his heavy witchcraft books due to the fact that “… they are weighted with authority” (Miller 34).

Parris refers to Proctors name as “… weighty …” The weightiness of Proctors name is significant in Proctor understanding the shred of oodness inside of him. Giles Corey requests “… more weight” so his household might keep his land. The stones that are utilized to crush Corey have a figurative significance.” Miller appoints fantastic significance to Corey’s words …” (Marino). Without admitting he was able to enable his kids to inherit his land by saying “… more weight.” These words emancipate Corey from the law of society. Name in The Crucible plays a crucial consider John Proctor’s choices. The significance of Proctor’s name is substantial to the play. Proctor is willing to die to secure his name from the village.

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Proctor yells out “… because it is my name!” This quote shows the value of his credibility and how symbolic it is. To protect his household Proctor has to protect his name. If Proctor had pronounced himself a witch his kids would constantly be ridiculed by the people of Salem. His kids would have to mature and be taught that their dad is a witch. Proctor’s dilemma is that he can pass away and be a martyr or he can lie and admit to being a witch and be shunned for the rest of his life. In Salem a good name goes a long way. Given that Salem is a small neighborhood, a bad name would arnish a guy or woman’s reputation. Abigail says “There is no blush about my name.” Though she is lying, this quote reveals the importance of name to the city of Salem. Her name provides her regard throughout Salem. “Both [Abigail] and Elizabeth Proctor understand the idea of a ‘white’ name, but 1/ 2 Abigail sees the obstacle to it in terms of her own hot blood, in terms of personal embarrassment” (Curtis).

Abigail understands just how much her name means; she understands what a stained name will do to a person, unlike Elizabeth, who has a pure name, that does not understand what a soiled name can o to a person. The Crucible by Arthur Miller consists of much meaning. The style of light is used to speak about reality and purity and love. The style of weight is used to discuss the problem of reality and authority. The style of name is used to show the significance of track record to the people of Salem.

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