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Technology and Orwell’s 1984


Innovation and Orwell’s 1984

“It has ended up being appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humankind.”– Albert Einstein

George Orwell’s unique, “1984,” takes place after WWII in the nation of Britain, now called Oceania. The book has to do with a government (Huge Sibling) that has totalitarianism over its individuals, but not everyone, there is one who makes every effort to retain his autonomy. Winston, the main character, does not believe that the federal government should be able to tell him who he should like and what he must think, he wants free choice, but the antagonist O’Brien who works for the Party (The Celebration is the group of individuals who work for Huge Sibling) wants Winston to think that truth is whatever Big Sibling says it is. The Celebration desires its people to believe and see that Huge Brother is in control and has developed deep space. This is however really simple due to the fact that they have absolute control over history and the new, Winston’s task was to reword the previous news to comply with the Party’s present whims. Big Sibling can change the understanding of truth of a human being with the control of media devices. Big Sibling declares to be above the laws of mathematics and physics since he uses the media to indoctrinate his people. Our society can easily be led down this course of dystopia if we put all our eggs in the basket of innovation and social media.
O’Brien states that Huge Brother is in control of whatever, even over laws of physics. He states that if he wished to float he quickly could, however that is not what the Celebration wishes for him to do (Orwell 215). It’s possible for a powerful government to make its residents think that they can control the laws of gravity and other clinical actualities. Among the tools the party uses is the “telescreen.” The “telescreen” is one of the main elements of mind control in the novel. It is the primary method of brainwashing individuals to think whatever they desire the people to think due to the fact that they are on every street, street, building, and house: “Inside the flat a fruity voice read out a list of figures which had something to do with the production of pig-iron. The voice originated from an oblong metal plaque like a dulled mirror which formed part of the surface of the right-hand wall. Winston turned a switch and the voice sank somewhat, though the words were still distinguishable. The instrument (the telescreen, it was called) might be dimmed, however there was no way of shutting it off totally.” (Orwell 5-6).
One example of how this “telescreen” is appearing in our world remains in our online search engine Google. Google can now track you and see what you are searching. It can limit a list of products for you that they think would be a deserving thing for you to have a look at. Likewise our cell-phones are another example for being a “telescreen”. The federal government can now look and hear what you are stating and can track you any place you are. Our cell-phones and Web is praiseworthy innovation, however it is opening up our doors for people to attack our privacy. Today everyone can get the news, whether it’s the though the regional newspaper, the local news channel, and the Web. Technology today has actually made it very simple for us to see what’s going on around the globe. If I wished to see what the latest talk was in Beijing all I would have to do is go to my computer and browse to find a short article. I wouldn’t have to call somebody, or take a trip to China to see what was going on. Technology has actually also made it really simple for nations to take control of the news through local news channels and Internet web sites by altering short articles with updates. The failure of this is that it is also simple for federal government companies to change the news to their taste and make us believe what is real and what is fiction, just like Winston carried out in the book. He updated Big Sibling’s orders and Party records so that Huge Bro could never ever be incorrect. Even when the residents of Oceania were required to deal with less food, they are told that they are being given more than ever and, by and big, they think it. For example today in Venezuela, the federal government, used a broadcast of federal government propaganda through all personal and public media, for a duration of period.
“Saturday, for instance, Venezuelans tuning into TV or radio were forced to endure a several-hour long broadcast covering Maduro’s street rallies, his politically charged rhetoric and slanderous allegations. Never ever mind that substantial opposition protests were happening all around the nation. These were unnoticeable to audiences. Us Venezuelans are used to this sort of uneven coverage of opposition events, to the point that Henrique Capriles, who got 7.3 million votes in 2015’s governmental elections, has actually been relegated to broadcasting his messages and press conferences through a puny web portal, capriles.tv.” (Duarte 3).
We will continue to live in a world where news is at our fingertips. Society needs to educate themselves that the news can be prejudiced and seek the reality so that we don’t deteriorate ourselves into being naive. The Celebration motto is “Whoever controls the past controls the present, controls the future, manages the past.” (Orwell 32). They control what is going to happen in the future. They control what is going to occur in the future and they can re-write the past. Winston’s task was to re-write news article so it fit the timeline of the Party. For instance, Winston was to modify the record of a speech made in December 1983, which referred to Associate Withers, one of Huge Brother’s previous officials. Because Associate Withers was carried out as an enemy of the Party, it was inappropriate to have a document on file praising him as a devoted Party member. Re-writing the past would not work if you did not assist in the rumor to end up being truth. Social network facilitates enhanced speed and breadth of information dissemination. Our society has ended up being reliant on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Social network has the capability to play a major part in setting in motion, informing and affecting public opinion and shaping consensus of occasions from worldwide. Due to the large nature of info being generated on social media websites, reactions are often instantaneous, without any deep analysis being provided or censorship.
In conclusion, Huge Bro can modify a person’s ability to be able to see what is genuine and what fiction is. If we keep going down this path of innovation and social media and filling our lives with fake sensations and thoughts we end up being computer systems to be configured for future generations. Society is not currently an utopia, however we wish to continue to educate our future generations about personal privacy of oneself and censor right from incorrect. Innovation and social networks can easily lead us to a path of instantaneous damage if we do not examine societies such as the one provided in 1984.

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