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The Cask of Amontillado


The Barrel of Amontillado

The Cask of Amontillado” Unforeseen Endings In “The Barrel Of Amontillado” there are several motifs shown throughout the short story. There are just two major characters in the tale, and also each shows their way of dishonesty. The entire story is based upon dishonesty, and lies. Fortunado is betrayed by Monresor, who ultimately, eliminates this intoxicated man. Montresor was supposedly betrayed by Fortunado, a story of which we are never informed. Finally, we as the reader are betrayed by the narrator, because we are provided so couple of details and logic to support the tale.

Fortunado, Montresor, as well as the visitor are betrayed throughout the short story, “The Cask Of Amontillado”. Throughout the story, Montresor betrays Fortunado. He asks Fortunado to find into his catacombs conscious that he would certainly be eliminating him. He taunts Fortunado by asking him if he wish to go back, since he is sick. Montresor does so when stating “‘Come,’ I stated, with choice, ‘we will certainly return; your health is precious …'” (Poe 535) However, when Fortunado urges he concerns taste the amontillado, he is once more betrayed by Montresor when he consumes even more of his a glass of wine.

He becomes excessively inebriated and once more, has the ability to be made use of. The entire walk through the catacombs Montresor betrays Fortunado by existing to him as well as ridiculing him about being sick. At the end of the story Montresor traps Fortunado by building him right into a small shackled space. “A sequence of loud and raucous screams, breaking unexpectedly from the throat of the chained kind, appeared to thrust me back strongly” (Poe 536). According to Chad Dyer “The tale is created in the form of admission, its reader discovering of Montresour’s malevolent action fifty years after its execution.” (Dyer).

When Montresor kills Fortunando he commits not only a significant criminal offense yet a betrayal that is unbelievable to lots of people. Furtunado is an easier, much less obvious betrayer. He is pointed out in the very starting cause a “thousand injuries” (Poe 533) triggering Montresor to “oath upon vengeance” (Poe 533). In spite of all the misbehavior of Montresor, Fotunado was the beginning, as well as root cause of it all. “It has to be recognized, that neither by word neither act had I offered Fortunado create to question my good will” (Poe 533). As the editorial group on Shmoop cases, “Fortunado betrays himself by not paying sufficient attention to his surroundings”. Shmoop Content Group). Fortunado was so seriously intoxicated he didn’t quit to discover the bodies bordering him in the catacombs, not the reality that he was with a man he has actually never gotten along with. He enabled himself to constantly consume alcohol from the red wine his adversary was providing without even the idea that it could be harmful. Initially of the tale, Montresor tells us “The thousand injuries of Furtunado I had actually borne as ideal I can …” (Poe 533) We nevertheless are never ever given any type of evidence of what Fortunado had actually done to injure Montrsor as long as he declares.

We are never provided a description, and even a minor clue of the misdeed Fortunado had triggered. This leaves one to suggest that maybe the narrator was telling us a complete lie. The story was written to keep us guessing. Throughout the whole go through the catacombs, we had no clue what they were truly going through. We were given obscure descriptions of the bodies lining the walls. When he defines constructing the block wall to catch Furtunado, he defines it in an extremely undetailed summary. Montresor reveals dishonesty, as well as Fortunado, as well as the narrator.

This proves it to be a typical style throughout the tale. It is shown through Montresor when he betrays Fortunado numerous times. When he eliminates Fortunado, he exists to him throughout the story, and plans to eliminate him before he also accepts consume red wine with him. Fortunado’s betrayal, although never ever described, is the start of all the dishonesty throughout the tale. He has actually harmed Montresor in a manner so severely Montresor feels his only retreat it to eliminate Fortunado. As the reader were betrayed throughout the entire story.

We are informed numerous points throughout the tale, however nothing is ever before shown. We have to think the narrator is informing us the fact. The theme dishonesty is revealed drastically with Poe’s eyes. Works Cited Dyer, Chad M. Edgar Allen Poes The Barrel Of Amontillado. Diss. Sphere State, 1992. N. p.: n. p., n. d. Internet. <. Poe, Edgar A. The Compact Bedford Intro to Literature. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2003. Print. Riggs, Kait.

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