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The Cask of Amontillado Analysis


The Barrel of Amontillado Analysis

1. Consider the word “hero.” What does it suggest to you? Does “The Cask of Amontillado” have a hero? Discuss the effects. In my viewpoint, a hero is a personality that equates an ethical requirement that is valued by our society into an activity. During the course of the activity, they place themselves via threats, sacrifices, and even death. A hero puts the interests of the culture as a whole past his/her own rate of interests. On top of that, a hero does not need to have superpowers or greater toughness than others, however they would use their limited power to help the society the very best method they can.

For example, a healthcare worker helps individuals combating deadly diseases, or a small youngster helping elderly going across a street might be considered as a hero also. “The Barrel of Amontillado” does not have a character that fits my definition of a hero. As for Montresor, he instantly failed to be a hero via his revengeful ideas. Montresor did place his rate of interests, namely his family members adage of “No person prompts me with immunity” past whatever including his friendship with Fortunato.

Nevertheless he appears to have a dual requirement for himself as he claimed that “I should not just penalize, however penalize with impunity”. All of which make him not a hero according to my standard. When it comes to Fortunato, the message did not define how or why Fortunato “dishonored” Montresor, so it is actually difficult for us as visitors to categorize him as a hero or merely a victim of a revengeful pal, Montresor.

2. “The Cask of Amontillado” is usually thought about to belong to the horror style. Where, for you, is the “scary” in the story? What elements of it could draw a visceral feedback from the viewers, and also why. “The Barrel of Amontillado” for me certainly would fit flawlessly right into the scary category considering that due to two factors. One being the overall theme and establishing that the story took place, a catacomb.

It is extremely scary and disturbing for anybody to enticed into a dark, close tomb where bodies live underneath the ground. Along with the dark setting, it is definitely terrible for a person to see themselves being hidden active, brick by brick by a person who they assumed was his close friend. By strolling in the shoes of Fortunato, one can certainly comprehend that this whole setup was absolutely scary.

The various other reason was the monstrous mind Montresor was bring. From the initial sentence of the message “thousand injuries of Fortunato I had actually birthed as I best could, yet when he ventured upon disrespect I promised vengeance”, one can currently inform that Montresor is full of hatred toward Fortunato. Keeping that being said, one can already predict that there are no other end results from this hatred apart from someone’s death. Truth horror lies in the truth Fortunato has no idea that he was hated upon by Montresor who he referred as “friend”.

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