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The Catcher in the Rye as a Coming-of-Age Story


The Catcher in the Rye as a Coming-of-Age Story

The Catcher in the Rye can be read as a coming-of-age tale. Just how does Holden’s Personality adjustment or fully grown throughout the course of the novel? To what level exist TWO Holden Caulfields in the book, and what is the difference between them? The unique ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ by J. D Salinger is a coming-of-age tale. It adheres to the brief story of Holden Caulfield, a sixteen year old child, who throughout his experiences in the unique, adjustments and comes to be more mature and independent. The story basically has 2 Holden Caulfields, the one informing the tale, and the one that the story is being told about.

This essay will look at the distinctions and similarities between the two Holden’s’. It is evident that the Holden Caulfield who remains in the story, is a much different variation than the one informing you the story. At first, Holden comes off as a little a big-headed tool, and most of the people in his life are obtaining fed up with him. They discover it difficult to spend any type of elongated period of time with him. There are a number of circumstances in guide where Holden is really feeling lonesome, and he attempts to reach out to people, as well as strike up discussions with unfamiliar people, yet time and time again, he is being shut down or closing individuals down. The very first thing I did when I left at Penn terminal, I went into this phone booth. I felt like offering someone a buzz.” (Salinger, 1945-6, p. 53) He then experiences a listing of individuals that he might call, but each time comes up with an excuse or factor not to call them “So I wound up not calling anybody.” (Salinger, 1945-6, p. 53) Holden is looking for a buddy. He is unfortunate as well as lonesome, as well as searching for somebody to reach out to as he remains in desperate need of human communication. Unfortunately sufficient, Holden is not able to make this link with anybody.

Nevertheless, had we as the reader, not understood Holden’s inner most thoughts, the method he talks about others and himself, as well as what matters to him, we would certainly greater than most likely not empathise with Holden. It is Holden’s vulnerability as well as isolation that make him a relatable character. The Holden Caulfield that is telling the story is a much more matured version of the one in the tale. The self-narration of Holden’s life is what provides the reader an understanding right into the means he assumes as well as really feels. It helps you understand why Holden is the way he is.

Without this description from him, you would not empathise with him, or like him significantly in all. It’s the little stories he tells, like the tale about Allies baseball mitt, “… Allie had this left-handed fielders mitt … he had actually poems created around the fingers and the pocket and also everywhere. In environment-friendly ink.” (Salinger, 1945-6, p. 33) or regarding just how he understands Jane Gallagher, “You were never even stressed, with Jane, whether your hand was perspiring or not. All you understood was, you were happy. You actually were” (Salinger, 1945-6, p. 72) that make you see the softer side to him.

Holden’s link with his little sibling Allie was extremely special to him. This appears in the way he discusses Allie. He holds Allie up to these terrific assumptions, stating “You ‘d have liked him” (Salinger, 1945-6, p. 33) and also convincing you just how wonderful he was as well as just how smart and also unique he was. You are currently able to attach and also sympathize for Holden, since he has informed you all about the important things that mean most to him, and also you can’t help however feel a little sorry for him. Although there are essentially two Holdens, there are still traits that remain the very same.

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Throughout the story, Holden really feels the demand to explain and warrant himself, as though people do not think him. Holden tells the tale from his youth, from when he was pals with Jane Gallagher. He starts to clarify that when he was with Jane, they might hold hands and also “All you recognized was, you delighted. You truly were.” (Salinger, 1945-6, p. 72) Holden has this routine of duplicating himself for emphasis and because he really feels as if without it, people do not think what he is telling them. This only leads the visitor to think what he is claiming is incorrect.

Holden does this throughout guide, which only makes you question his integrity as a storyteller, yet also makes you become aware that he has a lot of features that continue to be the same in the Holden informing the story as well as the Holden in the story. ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ is a tale regarding an adolescent boy trying to find himself whilst travelling via New York, lonesome and also trying to find friendship. Holden is a likeable personality since he is a character you can associate with, understand and also empathise with. ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ is essentially a tale concerning a young boy growing up. By Mary Walto

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