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The Catcher in the Rye – Journey


The Catcher in the Rye– Journey

Journey is specified as the act of traveling from one place to another. Catcher in the Rye, by J. D. Salinger, is a journey story itself. J. D. Salinger starts the journey in a psychological medical facility in The golden state. This is where Holden Caulfield, the primary personality, has his flashbacks as well as starts to retell his trip. The physical trip Holden makes is to go from Pencey Prep Pennsylvania to New York City. From this point, he makes his way to a hotel in New York. In the same evening, he mosts likely to the hotel club as well as unwinds. After that he leaves the club and also goes to the lobby.

While in the lobby, Holden thinks about the girl that he likes, Jane Gallagher. This shows his psychological journey. When he would certainly consider her, he would certainly obtain really depressed. After the hotel club, Holden goes to an additional club where he meets a lady that knows his sibling. After he met the woman, he left the club as well as went back to the hotel. When Holden was back at the hotel, he met someone that was going send him a prostitute. Although the woman of the street comes, he is also frightened to do anything, so he kicks her out. This was a humiliating trip for Holden.

Holden experiences an additional emotional event when the pole dancer as well as her pal come back to gather their loan. Holden is discouraged throughout this as well as is abused on. The pole dancers pimp abused on Holden because he refused to pay. That is why he is mentally frightened. Holden calls up a good friend to make sure that they could head out on a date as well as checks out of the resort due to the fact that he is reduced in cash. Next off, he goes to Grand Central Terminal, checks his bags there, and also eats morning meal. Afterwards, Holden goes to Broadway looking for a CD to buy for his sister Phoebe.

He purchases it for her. Then, he takes a taxi to meet his day. While on the date, Holden and Sally had a disagreement and they both left. After Holden’s date with Sally, he chooses his buddy to hang around as well as drink some beers. Hereafter, Holden chooses to go to his household’s house. When he reaches his family members’s home, he mosts likely to his sister’s room, without anybody understanding he’s there. She had not been there, she remained in her various other bro’s room, so he went in there as well as they started chatting. She got mad at him and really did not talk with him for a factor due to the fact that he got eliminated again.

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