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The Catcher in the Rye Literary Analysis


The Catcher in the Rye Literary Analysis

Holden Demands Some Help Rollo May, an American existential psychologist claims “Clinical depression is the failure to construct a future.” (May). Mays quote associates with Holden since he has absolutely nothing to eagerly anticipate in life anymore. In the unique The Catcher in the Rye Holden lives each day. Holden never understands what he is mosting likely to do following that makes him in a clinically depressed mood. In the story Holden shows signs of depression. One typical symptom of depression is “Relentless despair, anxiousness, or “vacant” feelings” (“Depression … Treatments. “) Holden shows persistent unhappiness constantly in the story.

Throughout the tale Holden expresses what depresses him the most. While Holden check outs Mr. Spencer he notifications things that depresses him like when he states, “What made it a lot more gloomy, old Spencer had on these really depressing, ratty old bathrobes anyway” (Salinger 7). Holden ends up being sadder when he sees other people who are sad or simply look unfortunate. Holden usually watches the world and life as depressing. In an additional part of the tale, Holden remains on sofa considering the ladies that go by as well as says, “Ladies with their legs crossed, girls with their legs not went across … it was really good taking in the sights, if you understand what I mean.

In such a way, it was kind of disappointing, also …” (Salinger 123). Persistent despair is common for people with anxiety, however in order to get rid of being dispirited, Holden must begin watching the world as delighted not unfortunate. An additional symptom of clinical depression Holden shows is “feeling lonely” (“Depression”). While Holden speak to Ackley, he states “I really felt so lonesome, suddenly. I virtually wanted I was dead” (Salinger 48). If somebody is lonely they end up being sad considering that there is nobody there to comfort them. When Holden isolates himself from everyone he thinks of all the unfortunate points in life as well as wants to dedicate suicide.

While Holden is all alone in his resort area, he says “What I really felt like doing was devoting self-destruction. I felt like leaping out of the window,” (104 ). Throughout this entire story, Holden really feels separated from the world. He encounters between despising the world and then wishing to get in touch with the globe. Another signs and symptom Holden reveals is “Sleeping disorders” (Depression … Therapies). Holden has difficulty sleeping also if it is actually late at night. Like he claims, “It took me a long time to reach sleep- I had not been even worn out- however ultimately I did” (Salinger 104).

One reason why Holden has problem sleeping is because he is as well indecisive, so he is awake all night attempting to make up his mind. If Holden were to clear his mind, he wouldn’t have the trouble of not sleeping. Holden has a minor kind of sleeplessness which could be resolved if he saw a psychiatrist. The most noticeable indication Holden reveals about having anxiety is “ideas of suicide” (Clinical depression … Treatments). Every time Holden is really feeling lonely, he intends to eliminate himself. While Holden is having a quarrel he says, “What I actually felt like, though, was committing suicide.

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I felt like jumping out the window” (Salinger 104). Holden constantly needs to be doing something or else he will have ideas of suicide. Another example of when Holden mentions his death is when he states, “If there’s ever before one more war, and also I’m going to rest right the heck on top of it. I’ll offer for it, I vow to God I will”? (Salinger 141). Below Holden is talking about sitting on an atomic bomb, and if there was another battle, he would certainly be the initial one to sit on the bomb. This is a clear indication that he does not wish to live.

Holden is experiencing Anxiety because he reveals relentless sadness, difficulty sleeping, loneliness and reoccurring ideas of suicide. In the end he ends up being less depressed yet still isn’t material. If individuals show signs or indicators of anxiety they should look for clinical assistance instantly. Work Pointed Out “Anxiety Facility: Symptoms, Reasons, Medicines, and also Treatments.” WebMD. WebMD, n. d. Internet. 22 Apr. 2013. “Depression.” NIMH RSS. N. p., n. d. Web. 22 Apr. 2013. May, Rollo. “Anxiety Prices quote. ” BrainyQuote. Xplore, n. d. Internet. 19 May 2013 Salinger, J. D. The Catcher in the Rye. Boston: Little, Brown as well as, 1991. Print.

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