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The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller: A Summary


? Ben O’Connor Mr. Richards English 10 January 11th, 2009 -Crucible Essay- The Crucible composed by Arthur Miller was a story in which occurs in a town called Salem, Massachusets. This story was directed towards the topic of the witch trials of 1692 and how the people were effected by the deaths and dreadful abuse treatments.

The Crucible represented the ideal description of how the time of witch trials were so curropt and unfair. In this time if somebody were to blame another person of something then the individual blamed would immediatly be guilty and tossed in Jail or hung.

Is Salem lots of people tried accusing people of different criminal offenses so that they could gain power aswell as land. Thomas Putnam was greedy for land because more land meant more power. Thomas Putnam had actually giles eliminated because he wanted his land, so he just acused him of something which would result in his death from “pushing”. Likewise in the text a lady called Abigail Williams enjoys a guy called John Proctor however John is married, so Abigail implicates Johns spouse Elizabeth of being in the precense of the devil.

This in the mind of Abigail this will bring her and John closer togather nevertheless it just makes things worse. As many will see this time in Salem was a really terrible time and from 1692 to 2010 we have come a long way in our country broad governmental system. In this period there were many individuals accusing others of criminal offenses so they might acquire land, covet their neighbors other halves, or spouses, and a lot more. A man named Thomas Putnam was a greedy guy and was hungry for land. Putnam rode to the farm of Giles Corey and informed him that a section of GIles residential or commercial property was his.

Naturally Giles objected to this declaration, and Putnam rode off. Thomas Putnam then accused Giles of a crime that would have him eliminated. Giles is brought in and he specifies “Thomas Putnam is connecting for land.” pg. 84. nevertheless nobody thinks this statement and GIles is quickly eliminated by the torture treatment called “pushing”. Fair trials in this town are completly absent and when someone is implicated of something major the chances of them succeeding are really slim.

Throughout the time period of the witch trials there were not just aqusations dealing with peoples land but there was likewise disputes with individuals relationships. Abigail Williams was a females who liked John Proctor however John was wed to a women allready named Elizabeth. Abigail attempts to seperate John and Elizabeth by implicating Elizabeth of being in the existence of the devil. Mary Warren a close individual to Elizabeth and John and she specifies “But i stated I never ever see no sign of you ever sent your spirit out to hurt no one, and seeing I do live closley with you, they dismissed it”. g. 59. Even with this strong declaration with a females who copes with John and Elizabeth, it is still insufficient proof to keep Elizabeth safe. Abigail desperatly wants Elizabeth gone and out of the method so that she can have John, so she brings along numerous other women to assist her cause and this reveals excellent evidence that Elizabeth is guilty despite the fact that she isnt. Abagail’s wishes go unanswered, because John ends up being exicuted due to Abigail’s actions. Mrs. Putnam was a women who had 7 infants, 6 of which passed away extremly young.

She has just one daughter living and she feels that it does not make sense that this many kids could die all around the exact same age, around the exact same time. Mrs Putnam was sad, nevertheless grows upset and searches desperatly to put the blame on someone. “I understood it! Goody Osbourne were midwife to me three times. I pled you, Thomas, did I not? I begged him not to call Osbourne due to the fact that I feared her. My babaies always shriveled in her hands. “. Goody Osbourne is desperate to put the blame on somebodies sholders, so she is going around and blaming everone she knows.

What she did back then which was blame others for her discomfort i believe still exists for individuals today. Today when an individual has a problem much of them pass the blame to someone els so that they can feel better. The time of the witch trials should have been a horrible time in history, especiall for the innocent victims in the town. The way that the federal government ran in that time period compared to now have actually completly changed. In trials now there must be more evidence, and trials are longer for believed process, and time to collect evidence.

In 1692 it was as simple as if you were acused of something then you were instantly looked at as bad and guilty and you would soon be thrown in jail or exicuted. The witch trials were a terrible time in history, and many excellent individuals died just since of peoples jealousy, or their greed for land. After this time period America discovered a fantastic lesson, that all American Citzens have the full rights to a reasonable trial. With out fair trials, and rigorous rules there would be complete a narchy.

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