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The Crucible Diary


I can not believe that John Proctor! Why has he chosen his sniveling better half over me? I am more of a lady than Goody Proctor. Goody Proctor does possess of the qualities required of a good other half. She is naï ¿ 1/2 ve, simple, and skilled.

However, I possess the qualities of an enthusiast. I am smart, able, and adventurous. To be blatantly sincere, I believe any man would be lucky to call me his partner. Diary, why am I sufficient for any guy, but I am unsatisfactory for the male I desire? I understand why. It is because I want a family man.

Diary, do you agree that John should leave Goody Proctor and marry me? Do you believe I am better than she is? I think I would be a much better wife. Consider it, if Goody Proctor were great to John would he have pertained to me? I do not think so. To me, it is the duty of a better half to keep her spouse pleased and in line.

Nevertheless, if John had not wandered off from his wife, John would have never sought me. If John had actually never ever sought me, I would have never felt love. John might have sought me, however he is still married to Goody Proctor. She is keeping me from my John. Because of that, I loathe her. There is not a single thing worldwide that she can do that I can not. She can prepare, tidy, and pray. I can do all that, and a lot more! I am willing to do anything to be with my John. All I desire is to be with him.

Journal, do you have any ideas to cause completion of the Proctor marriage? I believe I do. I will receive vengeance on Goody Proctor. I will claim that Goody Proctor is a witch! It is a dazzling idea. When Salem town becomes aware of this, the town people will believe it and purchase her hanging. It is genius!

I would be conquered with pleasure to see the body of Goody Proctor hanging. At last, I would be with my cherished John! Oh Diary, I understand it is a terrible to want death upon somebody, however in this case, Goody Proctor’s death is required in order for John and me to be together. Journal, I require to be with John. He enjoys me and I enjoy him. I know we are destined to be with one another.

Diary, I thank you for listening to me. You have constantly been a devoted pal. Besides John, nobody seems to wish to listen to me, Oh, how I miss my John!

Oh no, I fear Uncle has gotten back. I should go. He will be expecting me. I promise I will compose once again soon.



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